10 Best Pedometer apps for Android & iOS

Today’s hectic pace of life makes many of us wondering how is it possible to stay in shape and be healthy without going to a gym.

Well, one of the solutions is to increase the general activity of a body. In simple terms, to move more – get up from a comfy chair once in a while and take a walk or, at least, use the stairs instead of taking a lift. It’s easily said, of course, but not easily done.

Fortunately, now there exist lots of pedometer apps that are designed to motivate people in their intention to lead a healthier way of life. Such apps measure the number of steps you make every day, give you recommendations on how to increase it, and even count how many calories you burn.

We perfectly understand your aspiration to acquire a taste for walking, which is why we decided to make up a list of the most useful apps to help you achieve your goal. Choose the one you like best and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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Pacer is a perfect pedometer that works no matter where you prefer to keep your phone – whether you put it in a pocket or in a backpack, the app will successfully manage to track your steps.

And not only steps! The time you spend being active and the number of calories you burn are recorded as well. What is more, Pacer provides you with statistics of your activity and allows you to get in touch with friends who also use the app. Download it now and get healthy habits for life!

By the way, if you are driven by the desire to get in shape, check out our article on what apps are the best for helping you to become slimmer.


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Argus is an app that claims to start a revolution in mobile health and fitness. It is for the people who are obsessed with healthy habits – my favorite kind of people! – for the ones who love themselves and treat their bodies appropriately.

Argus will transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamt of. It will wake you up softly in the morning, record what kind of food you eat for breakfast, count steps you make throughout the day and so much more!


Map My Walk

Map My Walk – GPS Walking & Step Tracker is another pedometer app that is able to record your routes. Apart from this feature, the app also has different so to say ‘tracking’ features.

It tracks all kinds of stuff you do every day – the amount of sleep you get, the time you spend on workouts, and, of course, the steps you make.

As for workouts, Map My Walk can boast with a wide range of activities to choose from: running, walking, gym workouts, cycling, yoga, and so on. What is more, it creates a 24/7 graph using all the gathered information, so you can see how active you really are.

Being aware of your daily habits is undoubtedly the key to changing them for the better. So download this app now and start making changes!



Accupedo is a very accurate pedometer app. It tracks your steps, burned calories, records the distance and time of your walk. All the data is saved and shown to you in a very eye-catching way.

You can view the history of your physical activity, share it with friends, and much more. If you’re looking for accuracy, Accupedo is exactly what you need!


Pedometer ++

Pedometer ++ is an excellent app for Apple’s clients. It looks just gorgeous as an application badge. The badge lets you view the number of steps you’ve made without opening the app itself.

It is quite convenient if you like listening to music while walking or just live in a way that is very active. Many of us are checking messages all the time, so why not keep in check physical activity?

The app is also renowned for its capability to work without consuming too much battery charge. So if you face the problem connected with your battery, pick this one!



Stepz is one more app for iPhone users. This one has a full package – it lets you track steps and calories very accurately, works without draining your battery and even has achievements to encourage you to move more.

Do you feel that being aware of how many steps you make on a daily basis is not quite a motivation for you? Then download Stepz and start finally walking instead of reading this article!


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Still here? Alright! One of the last two apps must definitely be par for the course. Now we’re going to review the app which probably should be the first on this list. This is the app with the most primitive name a one could think of – Steps.

Steps. Simple and clear. Just as the app itself. The creators also bothered to make it less battery-consuming, so that the eternal problem of iPhone users could be avoided.

If you are fond of minimalism, this one will most likely suit your taste!



You might ask why should the regular fitness apps be better than the ones which are made to be specific pedometers and that will be the right question. Most of the fitness apps really are not oriented on walking – rather on the general diet and exercising.

But there are some that allow measuring the walking distance more specifically and MyFitnessPal is one of them. Using this fitness app, you can set up goals for walking and track your progress. The app will count how many steps you made and which distance you have walked through a certain period of time.

In addition, MyFitnessPal will count how many calories you burnt while you were walking. Overall, this is a pretty standard fitness app with a nice user interface, and it will probably be good for the general public.


Charity Miles

This is an unusual app that not only helps you to get in shape but also helps others in need by simply counting your steps! Great idea, great realization.

It was found in 2012 and has gathered more than $3 million for charity purposes since then. The idea is the more you’re walking (or running), the more money you are making in the app.

All the money that you “made” will go to the charity organizations. Can something be more innovative? Moreover, the more friends you bring to this app, the more money you’re going to make. Well, actually, many people make money and donate them by doing marathons or races.

But you can do the same just walking by your casual route for hiking. Another cool thing is when your friends sponsor you they get a chance to win cool prizes, like a trip to Hawaii. So set the goal, count your steps, and be motivated by a higher purpose!


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There are many apps like this one on the market nowadays but Fitbit stands out for its amazing quality. Here you will find a really cool and convenient pace tracker that you can always leave running in the background – so you don’t have to switch on the app each time you want to keep track of your pace.

Another advantage of Fitbit is that it is not just a pace tracking app, it is the whole fitness platform that contains more than 240 videos with workouts. The app allows you also to keep track of calories and exercise in general.

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