7 Best Scavenger Hunt Games for Android & iOS

Games in which you have to search for certain items occupy a separate niche in the mobile gaming industry. They add up to several hours of play and help you develop various skills. So, they give you not only the pleasure but also the benefit of the game.

Most of them have bright graphics and nice music. These best scavenger hunt games for Android & iOS have gained attention and positive feedback from many players around the world. Try them all or choose the greatest one for you. 

Instead of searching different things you can search for various words with these best word game apps for adults.

Hidden Objects: Find It Out

Hidden Objects: Find It Out is a children’s game from JaCat Games Studio, which released its creative project a few years ago.

Once in the main menu of the app, users are immediately greeted by cheerful, joyful Christmas music and appropriate design in the style of a New Year’s holiday.

The developers offer several “stories” for passing – Christmas, Arcade, Society, Sports, Halloween, etc. If you want something special, you can play a mini-game, the button of which is located in the upper left corner and animated in the form of a smiling snowman.

Hidden Objects: Find It Out includes many levels in the form of different pictures, but the system will not let you pass them in a chaotic order. To enjoy Christmas, open the levels in order. After successfully completing a task, the game rewards you with local “prizes”.

They can be exchanged for nice compliments after the game. The picture is not animated, but it is pleasant to look at, and the items are easily located almost prominently. Follow the system’s prompts to complete the task correctly.

If there is a difficulty, the app will offer help after a few minutes and hint where to look for the item. Settings include the ability to turn off ads and buy the ability to automatically find an item or unlock all levels.

Here users can also get the Premium level, which noticeably simplifies staying in the game and finding lost items in general.


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Find & Tap Hidden Objects Game

Find & Tap Hidden Objects Game is a children’s puzzle game. The developers have been growing in mobile gaming for several years, offering users new games every year.

This is a novelty in the object search genre. To pass the level, you need to find the objects indicated at the bottom of the picture. To find them, freely move around the living picture.

Animation is simple, but nevertheless, the game will bring pleasant impressions. It will help you to relax, and spend your free time for pleasant entertainment.

Today, the developers offer only a few levels of difficulty, in the near future it is planned to introduce a few more pictures to search. 3 “locations” to choose from – the ocean, a park, or a space city.

Choose the most comfortable picture and start searching for lost items. They are cleverly located throughout the map, hidden by secondary characters. You need to look carefully to find all the items.


Find Out: Find Hidden Objects!

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects! is a new addition to the creative portfolio of Popcore Games developers. Their aim was to bring something new to the genre of searching for objects.

So, for several years, they worked out the plot and the mechanism of the app in detail. The basis has remained the same – children and adults need to find hidden objects on the map, moving through them in a free direction.

The picture is really big, you can walk around it in all directions, zoom in or out. The picture literally comes to life in front of your eyes, turning into an animated cartoon by Hayao Miyazaki.

The success of the game was confirmed by more than 1 million downloads and 40 thousand positive reviews.

To simplify the passing of the game in the settings, you can buy turn-off ads and additionally buy a set of “loops” to quickly find items. If desired, children can play together, connecting to the mode of joint play.


Find Objects Hidden Object

Find Objects Hidden Object is a new game from the developers of Rottz Games for a pleasant pastime when you need an urgent distraction from pressing worries.

It is designed for children over 3 years, the app will enjoy not only the kids. Depending on the difficulty (easy, medium, difficult, and universal level) you need to find the hidden objects.

Their location is variable, the developers have shown cunning, and without attention will not be able to successfully complete the task. Time is limited, you need to find the word written at the top of the screen as soon as possible.

It is not so easy to find them, because the attention of users is given to a whole “heap” of unnecessary objects. Every month, the developers fix minor bugs and flaws in the app.

For example, adding a landscape mode, as well as the ability to earn special stars after passing the level. You can use them later to buy nice simplifications in the game.


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Find it! – Hidden Object Games

Find it! is a children’s puzzle game designed for users over 3 years old. Colorful, simple graphics visually similar to anime style, so kids and school-aged children will not get bored.

The search for objects will cause fun and a lot of happy emotions. The mechanism of the game is simple – the developers offer a background picture on which the hidden things are located.

A list of things to find is located at the bottom of the screen. Use it as a clue, and the successful completion of the task is guaranteed. The system entails more than 100 levels, the minority of which are blocked. Unlock them by the consecutive passage of levels.

Please note, that the complexity of the tasks increases with each new level. It is possible to include hints to make it much easier to find the mysterious “lost”. Find them all to move on to the next level.

In order not to overload the vision, the developers added the ability to zoom in on the picture and examine something small in detail. Be careful, some items are hidden in secluded places or behind something unremarkable.

According to leading educators, the app improves the attention and mental abilities of the child. He or she remembers better and pays attention to details, reducing absent-mindedness.


Happy Find: Hidden Objects

Happy Find is a puzzle game from the developers of NewStory Inc, working exclusively in the genre of children’s games and object finders.

Opening the game for the first time, kids are immediately invited to plunge into a mysterious, fairy-tale world. At first, the process is guided by a system, hinting at the location of things and helping him understand the controls.

The main menu is simple in-app navigation. Players choose the difficulty level, search terrain, and settings for a comfortable time in Happy Find.

The developers have simplified the game’s mechanism so that kids can play without the help of their parents and enjoy the process wholeheartedly. The developers know how important it is for children to understand the toy they like independently.

So, there is no doubt that they will really enjoy the game. Happy Find is a way to occupy a restless child with an entertaining game and get them ready for school entrance exams. By adjusting the voiceover, the fidget gets used to speech better, adapting to unfamiliar sounds is easy and unobtrusive.

Having practiced in the game, the child more easily perceives English words by ear and later demonstrates success in the classroom.


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Hidden Things! Scavenger Hunt

Hidden Things! Scavenger Hunt allows the player to find the missing things right now by downloading the official app from developers Digi-Chain Games.

What sets them apart from other similar games is their huge, unfathomable love of kitties, with a variety of things hidden among them, from combs to cubes. To complete the task, zoom in on the picture and look closely at the details.

Cats are cunning, distracting players from their ultimate goal and drawing all attention to themselves. Instead of hunting for lost things, you want to pet these cute, beautiful animals.

They flirt, purr, and loom before your eyes, shamelessly covering the desired objects with their fur. This is a little animated film about cats, where these cheerful, restless animals are the main owners of the world. They own everything. Everyone will love the game – both children and adults play it with pleasure.

To enjoy the gameplay longer, there are over 100 levels. First, you are offered to find items on the beach, and then other modes will open.

During the game, quiet, not distracting music is automatically turned on. For example, in “Beach” mode, you can hear the sound of the surf and the cries of seagulls.

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