11 Best Free Deck Design Apps & Websites 2024

The deck – is a place where you want to rest, this is your little sunny oasis in your home. And you have no need to hire expensive professionals for its construction and design! In this article, we will show you the best free deck design apps & websites.

And to find the designs not only for your deck, but the whole house in general, you might want to explore our home design apps.

Whitmer Decks Field Tools

Whitmer Decks Field Tools is an app that will help you handle yourself with the construction of the deck. The app is a set of tools that will help you to keep your home. This mobile app is absolutely free and created by a person who has many years of experience in construction.

So, what is the benefit of this application? In essence, Whitmer Decks Field Tools is a building calculator that will help you in construction calculations. The main functions of the application:

  •  Bay layout calculator
  • Calculator of decorative architectural elements
  • The app will also help you calculate the dimensions of the stairs and the necessary number of steps
  • Floor plan
  • Fractional calculator (helps you calculate measurements in pounds and inches)

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Planer 5D

Planer 5D will help you easily make a layout of the deck or any other site in your house in 3D format!

You are not limited in the possibilities – now it all depends only on your fantasy app will help you create the design of your deck thanks to hundreds of various 3D models (furniture, any interior items), make the layout of the room.

You can even plan the landscape design for your garden. In the app you can edit and create plans (schemes) as in 3D and in 2D mode, thanks to artificial intelligence and AR technologies.

You can create your own and individual design or choose from already available – in the app there is a local gallery with ready-made projects that designers have developed a large furniture directory and interior design items opens up new opportunities in front of you, allowing you to give you the will of your imagination.

 How much would you have to give money for a similar job to the designer? You can do in the app all for free! But if you suddenly want – you can place an additional subscription and get additional options for home improvement (plus new furniture models).



MagicPlan is an app that will help you create a plan for building deck, room or whole floor of the house.  App has a simple and pleasant interface for the eyes, as well as absolutely understandable and easy to operate.

All calculations occur on the basis of the most modern technologies. You can measure and create plans for further construction, create sketches of internal planning in 2D and 3D formats.

Create notes and add photos to them (including 360 degree expansion) a small minus – not all app is free.

On the free version you can:

  • Create projects (but no more than two at the same time)
  •  Work by the group (you can export a file to an external drive or send it to your friends / colleagues to work together)
  • Leave notes and attach to them the photo app also offers you three paid tariffs that include the full functionality (tariffs – Sketch, Report, Estimate). You can choose only one or all for necessary.

Sketch – a tariff in which you can use the planning function and creating a sketch without any borders.

REPORT restrictions – the tariff that allows you to create structured reports, attach photos, notes.

Estimate – tariff Allowing you to count on the number of necessary materials and their cost.

App supports the following laser rangefinders: Hilt PD-I, Bosch GLM 50 C, GML 50 CX, GML 100C, GML 120C, PLR 30C, PLR 40C, PLR 50C, DEWALT, WDM 8-14 and other.


Apartament Layout and Design

Apartament Layout and Design allows you to create an interior design based on your personal taste and wishes. Planning a repair or design for your favorite deck? The app will help you visualize you all your ideas.

Thanks to this app, you will no longer need a designer. Now you are a designer of my house. You can choose anything – choose what color will be the wallpaper or facing at home, choose furniture and decor, wall decorations, architectural elements and many other things.

You will cope even if e is a builder or architect. All you need is a desire and your imagination. The rest will help you. Consider the main functions:

  • You can create a layout for both individual rooms (including deck or your garden) and create a plan for a whole home
  • Everything happens in 3D mode, so you can consider your project from any angle
  •  You can do nothing and just use the finished project from the inner gallery
  • You can share your projects via the Internet with friends or colleagues.

If you want more features and it seems to you that there is little free version – you can subscribe. It opens access to additional furniture models and interior items.


Home Design 3D Outdoor/ Garden

Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden-is an app that will help you in the layout of your deck or your garden. Have you ever wanted to equip a deck or put your garden in order? Now is the time!

Thanks to the app, you can easily create, design, simulate and decorate space outside your four walls. You can:

  • Create a layout for your deck or garden in just a few minutes based on the measurements of your area.
  • Decorate and create a layout using 3D models (2D mode is also available)
  •  In the appendix of more than 100 facilities (garden furniture, decor, flowers and various plants, pools, greenhouses, outdoor leisure items)
  •  Large selection of textures for every taste but remember that you cannot save the project in the free version.

However, you can easily do it by issuing a subscription. In everything else – the functionality of the app is free. A small minus – sometimes the app lags and throws the bugs (the items are superimposed on each other). But it is easy to solve, just reinstalling the necessary item or restarting the application.


Trex App

Trex App is a convenient app for the construction of your deck, which will help you not only construct it, see with your own eyes in a realistic 3D format, but also order everything you need.

Trex is a firm that is a major manufacturer of composite flooring, railing and other products for the construction of your deck. All products are made of recycled raw materials.

The company has developed an app that is currently in question. This app is different from its competitors by the fact that you can not only draw up the layout of your deck, which will go further construction, you can also build builders and suppliers of materials that will help you in construction.

Trex allows you to view how your deck will look in real time – you just need to go outside and put the camera to the desired site. The company will kindly provide you with samples of building materials from their catalog (which at the time of order will be available).

To order, you only need to go to the desired tab within the app. In addition to the fact that you no longer have to suffer with searching for suppliers with high-quality materials, you will no longer have to spend time in search of responsible performers.

You can find professionals inside the app. In addition to a specially developed app, there is also a website where you can also familiarize yourself with the services provided, view the catalog of goods and materials.


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Deck Planner Software

Deck Planner Software is an app in which you can plan and equip the deck to your taste. This will help you already built-in drawings, hundreds of furniture and decor (3D models) as well as your creative potential and fantasy.

Once you decide on the choice of furniture, design and other arrangement of your deck, you can use the calculator built into the app.

It will help you calculate the required amount of materials for building a veranda, will calculate their cost, after which it will generate pages to feed permissions and lists of materials, which would you begin to build as soon as possible, imagine!  

It is much more convenient if you had to separately hire a designer and the scheduler in order for them to descend your deck, and then you would have to sit on the Internet for a long time and tediously, in order to find proven suppliers with high-quality materials. And so the app will do everything for you!

All you have to do is just download it and watch your dream deck embodies.



Fiberon is a convenient site with a lot of useful information that will help you to build a deck easily and simply, without any effort to bring your dream to life about everything in order.

As soon as you go to the site you meet the main page with all the necessary tabs. Here you already choose what interests you. You can how to make construction yourself, and order a service on the site. If you want to build on your own, the following tabs will help you:

  • Tools for the design of the deck in this tab you will find important information, as well as useful functions:
  • Design deck
  •  Product Visualizer (using a special virtual reality function You can go out and see how the deck will look in the finished form right in front of them)
  •  Material selection manual (read and select the material that suits you most)
  •  Calculator cost (help calculate the required amount of material for construction and its cost. It is convenient because you can plan the entire budget in advance)
  •  Search by color (the site will offer you the best color combinations and solutions for your project)
  •  Gallery of inspiration (many attractive pictures in which you may find something of interest to you)
  •  Gallery of goods (here you can view the products that users take most often for their projects)
  •  Plans for the deck (in this section there are already ready-made plans and drawings for construction. You can just download the favorite, order materials and immediately begin work. This option will suit those who have a bad with a fantasy or if you just don’t want to strain)
  •  Make yourself (in this section you will meet useful tips and information on how to build a deck on your own completely or anyone it element.)

If you do not want to bother and engage in the construction yourself – the site will help you. Contact a hotline specialist or in a special tab on the site. You will be helped and everyone will explain, advise a good specialist with work experience, help with the choice of material.

All your wishes will be taken into account.

Employees are polite and competent if you do not want to seek help – you can make an order for a builder and materials yourself by going to the Start Your Project tab What to order materials, first you can order samples from the site, choose the options and Already then place an order.  

Or you can drive up to the nearest retail store of this company and buy there. In addition, the company gives a guarantee on its products and the work


Mitek Deck Designer

Mitek Deck Designer is a free website with a built-in interactive program that will help you to build just such a deck, which you want! Recently, the site has been updated and it has become much easier to use it.

The site has a computer version (Windows and iMAC) and mobile. To create a layout for the deck, you will not need anything besides a smartphone or computer with a mouse. Oh yeah, for sure, do not forget please inspiration.

Program Features:

  •  Created designs can be saved (absolutely free) and send to mail.
  • During the process, you can import photos of your home – so it will be more convenient for you to design, leaning on the style of your construction
  • You can install your preferences on the site, then the program will automatically offer you materials, layouts and models, relying on your taste
  •  The program configured the internal dimension function – you will know the exact measurements of each site and fragment in advance
  •  You can export a completed project to an external drive or send to mail to print it to further.

The entire functionality of the site is absolutely free. What to use them, you just need to register. Registration is free, it is necessary to save your designs and feedback with developers.  

Registration also helps the site to determine your location and based on it to provide you with recommendations for construction in your region (based on local standards and trends)


Big Hammer

Big Hammer is a free online website that will help you create a project of your deck for the minutes. Develop a plan on your own or choose from existing. Going to the site you can develop a project yourself (thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence program you will not have to suffer from measurements)

In order to independently develop the project you need:

  • Upload photos of your home to the program on the site
  • Describe a deck (using ready-made templates and models) Considering your measurements
  • Save the finished project in three-dimensional expansion and print well, if you want to build a deck based on ready-made templates, everything is much simpler. You just need to attach the finished three-dimensional image to the photos of your home.

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Decks.com – a simple and free site that will help you in construction. All for free, you just need to register via email.

The site allows you to create a unique design for the deck will help you with the search for inspiration, calculates the cost and number of materials, will provide you with access to more than a thousand teaching aids for construction and much more.

 On the site there are all you need:

  • More than a hundred already ready templates (you can be as inspired by them, so used for construction)
  • Create your own design
  • There are more than a thousand helpful reference materials with practical recommendations (articles, books, etc.) that will help you in the construction process.
  • Calculator for calculating the number of materials and their cost
  • Calculator for calculating stairs also the site helps you with search for materials. Enter your zip code and the site will offer you a place near you.
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