9 Free Deepfake Voice Generator Apps & Websites in 2024

Deepfake appeared quite recently and has already gained wide popularity among all Internet users. Services with this feature provide a unique opportunity to transform yourself into a completely different person. No one will suspect that you have used the tool.

It is especially interesting to apply this to your voice, to prank your friends, or for any other purpose that interests you. Most of these services are paid, and you can’t be sure of the result beforehand.

We have reviewed these best free deepfake voice generator apps & websites in 2024, you can be sure of their functionality. 

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SpeakPic is an interesting program on your phone that gives life to the faces on the pictures. This utility works with deepfake function.

You write text, and the service, based on the AI finds the mouth of the person in the photo, animates it, and substitutes a voiceover speech.

The voice you choose in advance, from a dozen, is suggested in different languages. If you do not like the voice, you can adjust it. For example, increase or decrease the speed, timbre, pitch, and frequency.

The app works quickly and reliably and you can hardly tell the difference between the real person’s voice and the voice produced by the utility.

Every detail of the original voice is rendered with excellent results, which indicates the high quality of the program. The animation turns out as realistic as possible.

Sometimes it can be a little blurry or sluggish, but the app is constantly improving, and there are fewer such moments. Also one of the big advantages is that this tool is available for free.


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Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer

This is a special tool for changing voices. Unlike its competitors, this utility can make changes right on the recording.

You don’t have to write text to be voiced. All you have to do is upload your video and choose a voice. Then the software will use artificial intelligence to find your voice and start changing it.

The choice of options is huge. If you don’t like any of the variants, you can play with the settings yourself to lower the tone, speed, or pitch. If you are a man, you can try a female voice, and vice versa.

The utility is fast and clear, and the voice is similar to the real speaker. All the features and nuances of the host are transferred to the generated voice, which can indicate the high quality of the app.


Voice Over

This is a versatile voice spoofing utility. The rhetoric is simple – you write text, choose an option, and then you get the voice-over text.

The advantages are high operational stability, minimal load on your device, and free access to all functions.

The program supports more than ten of the most popular languages, including the voices of the most popular personalities.

The app’s interface is as simple and laconic as possible, you will definitely not get confused in it. The speed of voice acting is high.

If suddenly you are not satisfied with the voice, you can edit it – change its speed and pitch. The utility includes synchronization with different authorized devices.


Celebrity Voice Changer Parody

This is a tool to change your voice to a different one. This utility can quickly change your voice to any of the presented ones, whether you are an actor, a politician, or a singer.

This program professionally changes your voice with the help of AI, so it’s hard to distinguish it from a real person. This confirms the high quality of the voice acting.

New voices of celebrities are added regularly, which is also a huge advantage. Also, more than a half of all features are available for free.

Good ratings and positive reviews confirm that you will definitely like this app.


Fake Voice Changer

Fake Voice Changer is a great app to change your voice.

What makes it different from the competition is that it has the most flexible settings, you can literally do whatever you want with your voice. You can enter some settings and check their work right away.

There are also ready-to-use settings that you can plug in. For example, you can apply a rabbit or parrot effect to your voice and many others.

You can share the result through any app you like. This service is available for free and does not limit its users in any way, which is its obvious advantage.


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FakeYou is an innovative web-based utility for changing the voice on recordings. This program can offer some of the best conditions in contrast to many competitors. For example, the app is free.

At the same time, users themselves can recreate the voices of celebrities, actors, and singers. The program is rapidly developing, here are the voices of different people, and their quality is noticeably pleasing.

All the voices are elaborated, well substituted, and pleasant sounding. Sometimes it is even difficult to distinguish them from the original.


Resemble AI is a web-based program that converts your recording into the voice of a celebrity and voices the text you have written.

The voice is generated by professional artificial intelligence with high accuracy. So, in the output, your text will be clear and pleasant. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a fake from the original, which shows the high quality of this utility.

It is possible to change the voice in real-time, for example, during a phone call. There are many free voices that work perfectly. They guarantee high quality and full consistency with the real prototype.


Respeecher is a utility that allows you to voice the text you write with the voice of a celebrity. You have the ability to create a speech that will not differ from real people. It will be useful for creators of games and other content.

The voice comes out clear and natural, which is a huge advantage. Choosing the voice of any person, all the nuances and features of his or her speech will be present in the final result, which is really nice.

This service uses advanced technology and one of the best artificial intelligence. In the end, the result will be difficult to distinguish from the original, which shows the high quality of the web tool.

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Lovo.ai is a web-based tool for creating fake celebrity voices. There are about 180 voices to choose from in 33 different languages, you’re sure to find the voice you want.

Besides, several new, super high quality and elaborate voices are added every month. Each one fully replicates the voice of the original host. You can be assured of high-quality results, fast creation time, and minimum system load.

Also, the AI can distinguish emotions that were created with punctuation marks and transfer them to the final result. The most important advantage is that you will be able to experience all the functions of this program absolutely free of charge.

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