7 Best Live Frame Apps for Android & iOS

Digital frames quickly gained popularity when they launched. It felt so cool to be able to place not one or two — but lots of pics in one frame and enjoy a slideshow.

However, now you don’t even need an actual frame to get the same experience — there are apps that can cope with that. There’re lots of live frame apps for Android & iOS that can turn your device into a digital frame. These apps let you set the slideshows as you want and import the pic from various sources including your social media!

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Here’s the list of the best apps in that category you should try. Take a look!



Let’s start with an app called Frameo. This is an app that empowers you to pick and send pics to your live frame.

The main goal of this app is for you to easily share your pics with people. The app does everything for you to share your pics as quickly and simply as possible. The only trick here is you so need to own a Frameo digital frame for it to work. What this app does is lets you send your pics to all the synced frames in secs.

Therewith, you don’t have to be near the actual frame for it to work — you can easily send your vacation pics right on your mom’s frame at her house. Plus, you can send the pics to multiple frames at the same time so you can cover all your mates and relatives at once.

It needs to be said, the ending process doesn’t affect the quality of the pics at all so no worries about that. Another cool thing about this app is it empowers you to make the pics you send more personal by adding captures to them.

In case you’re sending one pic to several people you can adjust all the captions individually if needed.


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Fotoo – Digital Photo Frame


Fotoo is an app that lets you make stunning slideshows for live frames.

Basically, it’s quite a classic slideshow maker but with a simpler user interface and digital frame-ready resolution. This app enables you to load the pics from cloud services, your gallery, or even take them with a built-in cam if needed. Once you’ve picked all the photos, you can get to editing.

The app covers multiple transitions you can adjust and lots of colorful filters as well. There are also plenty of display effects like zooming or moving from side to side. Along with that, you may add various captures and pic info such as time and place it was taken and all that. You can also add weather stickers if needed.

Plus, you get to adjust the time each pic will be presented and choose a screensaver. The app doesn’t affect the quality of your pics and the outcome slideshow comes in HQ as well.

When you’re done you can save the outcome in multiple formats and load it to your digital frame. You can also try the mode that will play the slideshow on your device when you don’t use it.




 As you may guess by the name, LiveFrame is an app that will turn your mobile into a live frame.

Along with the previous one, this app can also use the pics from several sources such as a gallery, a cloud service, or even your SM accs. You can even load the entire albums from your gallery if needed. Therewith, you get to chose to save the pic with hashtags while importing from SM.

Plus, there are useful features that let you use all the pics from the last day, week, month, and all that — it may be incredibly useful if you want to quickly share the latest moments with family and mates. You may even import the pics from a year ago this day if you want to refresh some memories.

Therewith, you get to pick the transition effects, the display animation, and all that. You can also set the time each pic will be shown and add a color correcting filter.

Additionally, you may add the time and date the pic was taken and even attach the weather mark. Once you’re done you can save the slideshow and load it to your digital frame.


Digital Photo Frame Slideshow

Photo Frame Slideshow

 Digital Photo Frame Slideshow is another app for making cute vids for your digital frames.

The app has minimal UI and it’s not overloaded with features so you’ll quickly figure out how to use it. Plus, the app can work with pics from various sources — from cloud services to your phone’s gallery. You can also load the pics by pre-made folds or select the date range if needed.

Besides, you can adjust the way each pic will lay on the screen — there’s a classic full-screen option, collage one, and random one. In case you’ll stick with a college, you get to choose a layout and place all the pics of your will. Once all the pics are chosen, you get to adjust your vid by adding shifts, overlays, and display effects.

Furthermore, you can regulate the displaying time for all the shots and adjust the fading. You can also add weather marks and memorable captions to each of your pics. Then, you can pick the format you want to save your vid in or share directly with your mates.

All the formats are suitable for digital frames so you won’t have problems displaying your project.


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PhotoCloud Frame Slideshow

Photo Cloud

PhotoCloud is another app that turns your device into a live frame.

Frankly speaking, the concept of this app is the similar to previous one (only this one is for Android). This app is made to turn your old tablets into live frames to entertain you and our close ones.

It needs to be said, the interface of the app looks a bit old-school but it works great and this is not that much of an issue. The app empowers you to load pics from various sources such as cloud services, a local gallery, and even your IG. Plus, the app supports various photo formats and even GIFs so no worries about that.

You can also set the display time for all the pics and pick the fading effects. Therewith, you also get to pick the transition and the display animation if needed.

Another cool thing about this app is that it empowers you to translate the vids on your TV as well. You can also save the vids and load them into actual digital frames if needed.


Digital Photo Frame Slideshows

Digital Photo Frame

And lastly, Digital Photo Frame is an app that can turn your iOS device into a digital frame.

First of all, this app can upload pics from your gallery, iCloud, and other cloud services and even from your SM. You can also load the entire albums from the gallery if needed.

Plus, the app supports sounded slideshow and it can sync with your iTunes to get bg sounds. You may add as many pics as you want — there’re no limits for that.

Plus, you get to set the display time for all the shots. You can also adjust the way the pics are presented— from full screen to collage and more. It’s also possible to resize the shots and flip them. Besides, you can add animation and various effects such as blurred bg and so on.

You also get to pick all the transitions and fading. Additionally, you can also choose to display the time and day the pic was taken. Plus, you can attach weather marks and captures if needed. You can also set the timer and adjust the schedule for the vid.


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Live Dual Frame Photo Editor

If you need to quickly and accurately manipulate a photo, use Live Dual Frames. This app lets you make a creative collage in just a few minutes.

Each user will find a category with frames to their liking. Choose bright and unusual frames from categories such as nature, love, animals, cars.

Delight your other half with an unusual gift. A creative joke is sure to raise the mood at the party. You’ll get a full-fledged photo with the desired effect in just a few clicks. Just choose a live frame that is perfect for your plans and download it to your phone. 

Don’t forget to share the resulting image with your friends and followers. Let them appreciate your efforts. Besides, you can make explanations by adding text notes. Take your pick and get the perfect photo with Live Dual Frames.

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