15 Best Free Fashion Games 2024 for Android & iOS

Fashion is all around us at all times. Even if you’ve never thought about it, all you have to do is look around or look in your closet and you’ll realize that you are part of the fashion world.

Yet, if you are an integral part of this sphere or just follow all the trends, then you will definitely like these best free fashion games 2024 for Android & iOS.

Dive deeper into the world of fashion with these best dress up games for adults.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist is an unusual game for girls in which you have to work as a stylist and conquer all the fashion shows in the world.

Make the image of the princess insanely beautiful, work as a makeup artist or designer, turn on your imagination, and enjoy the process. Here you will learn how to create unique and harmonious images of clothes for characters.

Besides, the game has a large number of different characters that you can change at will. This program gives you the opportunity to practice before the grandiose shows and various important events.

You will need to make up and come up with the composition of the clothes on the person. Take part in competitions, become the best at what you do, and get rewarded for it. In the future, for the received diamonds you can unlock new playing themes.

Fashion Stylist has a lot of advantages, such as a wide range of outfits, makeup variations, and more. Moreover, the game has a realistic theme. Have fun and enjoy the game, get closer to fashion.


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Fashion Show

In the game Fashion Show, you can plunge into the world of fashion and try your hand at new endeavors. This is a unique game where you’ll be in the role of a stylist to dress models in fashionable images.

Create charming princesses out of the girls. If you have been looking for games similar to Fashion Show for a long time, you will like this app very much. It is liked by girls because here there is everything to create the girl of dreams.

Practice, implement every time new ideas on the girls, and come up with an unforgettable design. Here you will find a lot of dresses, different hairstyles and much more.

For those who have long wanted to enter the world of fashion and experiment with closets, this game will be remembered for a long time.

Besides, you can go through the program with real people from all over the planet, which is very cool. Challenge yourself and test your taste in clothes.

Soon you will reach the heights and become the best-known fashion designer. You can play without the internet and in airplane mode.


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian game will surprise you with its variety of clothes and fashion history. Here you will be able to choose different images and reincarnate movie stars, representing yourself in Hollywood.

Also, you’ll find like-minded people in the program who also love fashion. Correspond and meet new interesting people. The simulator will allow you to start an exciting virtual life.

Become the most fashionable of the others on the catwalk, become famous throughout the world, and live the life of famous stars. You will be able to improve your outfits and place of residence, get married and build a large family.

What’s more, travel without denying yourself anything, buy yourself only the best. Get prizes as the game progresses.

Create your own style of characters for various large-scale events, shoot the result on camera, and take your reward. It is worth noting that the game only works with a network connection.



In the game SUITSME you can practice dressing stylishly, here you can learn to improve the images, making them more interesting.

Are you fond of designing clothes, and creating makeup? Then the program will be indispensable for you. Choose the best things you dreamed of for the heroes of the game, choosing them from your closet.

Take part in the voting for the best outfit and collect well-deserved awards. Combine expensive clothes and beautiful makeup on the model.

Besides, you will be able to use jewelry. Moreover, share your resulting images with other users. Compete and vote for the model with the most harmonious combination of clothes, giving other users style tips.

It is your inspiration to do experiments in the fashion world and become famous. Note that the more you actively take part in voting for the best model, the more awards you will receive in the future.

Be aware of the first new clothing trends. Have fun playing the game.



Glamland is a game with glamorous fashion shows where you can find your own style in clothes and learn how to make beautiful makeup.

Start making up easy images of your characters. Then move on to something more complicated, surprising everyone with your outfits.

A huge selection of dresses, tops, and accessories will immerse you in a magical world. Besides, get coins, and extra clothes as a gift for certain actions.

Become a real stylist and pick up exactly what suits your model. With this variety of games Glamland, you are sure you will not get bored.

Bring to life all the ideas for fashionable compositions of images here.


Fashion Nation

Fashion Nation is a game for creating great looks and your closet. Are you a fan of glamorous clothes? If so, Fashion Nation won’t disappoint you.

Gather a lot of fans, who will be delighted with the perfect clothes on the model. Transform girls into the beautiful covers of magazines. Show off all your skills and finish the job with beautiful makeup for a complete look.

Moreover, take part in the voting for the best model, which in your opinion has the most harmonious image. You too will be one of the participants in the fashion show, so you can raise your status.

Complement each time your closet, buy jewelry. After a while, you will have a definite taste in clothes and you will stick to it. Make a bright impression on people and get fame.

To be the best, you have to win a competition where models will vote for each other. Wear the outfit that suits the event, and be attentive to all the subtleties. Move up a notch in fashion and perform everything you wished for earlier.


Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

This game will immerse you in the extraordinary world of fashion. Become a professional in the selection of clothes and choice of makeup, and visit various shows related to style.

Show all that you are capable of, and earn a large sum of money thanks to the ability to buy things and make high-quality makeup. Do quality work, establish yourself, and soon fans will visit you often for a makeover.

Take pictures of the finished work and show them to people, so that then you were known to the whole world.

The game Super Stylist Fashion Makeover includes a lot of interesting features. You can leave your imprint in fashion, gathering a large client base and thus earn good money. Take care of your visitors, and offer new outfits that they like, which will look delightful at any event.

Moreover, complete the look with jewelry, shoes, and hair. Do your work qualitatively, so that clients will be satisfied and recommend you to their friends as a true professional of your business. Do not forget to take photos of the finished images for Stylagram.

You can also make a significant profit by selling products to visitors bought before. Download and get a lot of emotions from passing the game.


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Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

Hollywood Story is a game where you can feel the atmosphere of Hollywood. Do you like glamour? Do you want to become like famous stars? If so, then this game is definitely for you.

Make business plans, attend fashion shows, make friends with celebrities and have fun in clubs. What’s more, come up with your own clothing style, make a movie about your busy life, and thereby attract fans.

Put all your imagination, create unique images, add a touch of perfume and leave a vivid impression of yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from experienced designers, they will help you pick out what’s right for you at the beginning of your journey.

Moreover, you will be able to visit different places like Las Vegas, Manhattan, and many others. More opportunities and locations will be available as you progress through the game.

Prove yourself and become popular, so that in the future you will be filmed and published in famous magazines.


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Project Makeover

Project Makeover game will immerse you in a world of luxury clothes, unusual hairstyles, and bright makeup. Here you will talk to good and bad characters.

Think and make up the best clothing combinations. Practice by alternating between different clothes, choosing the best fit for your ideal look. Pay attention to the fact that people will be coming to you.

Your task will be to pick those things that fit and really like your character, they will give an incredible feeling of self-love. Do your best, the client will remember you and recommend you to friends, you will have a lot of visitors.

Besides, there are interesting tasks, in which you will have to solve all the problems you have. It will also be possible to pass the exciting levels with pleasant bonuses.

Don’t forget to work on your personal avatar to make it look spectacular.


Girl Squad

Girl Squad is an app in which you will learn how to dress fashionably and make stylish hairstyles for different images. The program will allow you to choose the race of heroines before working with them in airplane mode.

Dress up stars, actresses, rich girls with daddies, models, and other famous people. Become more fashionable, shop at expensive stores, and take girls to clubs.

Girl Squad game has a lot of features, such as the ability to dress up 5 people at once. Choose the usual and expensive clothes for some special events. Remember that the girl should have a purse and any other accessories that you can choose.

In the process of the game, you can take screenshots of the obtained outfits and send them to your friends. So you will show how well you know modern fashion.

Make up a lot of looks from the huge number of available items and make the girls the best for the red carpet shows and printing in magazines. Complement the beautiful image with the appropriate makeup and hairstyle. 


Fashion Empire

In this game, you will become an experienced expert in fashionable outfits. This free game is designed for anyone who likes to follow all the clothing trends.

It is worth noting that the app has a good interface, it often receives new updates. Here everyone can find something special for themselves. For example, you can buy jewelry and make a complete composition of the decorations for your boutique.

Experiment with cosmetics, and use all the material provided to get a beautiful result. Solve virtual problems, and appear at fashion shows daily. To start the game, to become a good designer, you need to work on the first pink dress that people should like.

Then you will develop your store and buy everything you need there. Your boutique will gradually grow. After you need to find bona fide staff, you will learn everything about the life of the person you want to invite to work.

Develop, consider the measure of the growth of your business and move to big cities with lots of opportunities. Get a good reputation and get to the top of the game rankings.


Fashion AR

Fashion AR is a free game for people who want to learn about fashion, and inventing every time a new appearance that is not like the previous one.

Here you can become a real stylist, who knows all the subtleties. You will be faced with the task, of which of the models presented to you to choose.

Upon completion of the image, models need to shoot on camera, the location can be chosen at will.

In the game you will get new clothes for stylish outfits, gather a large collection soon. Live the busy life of a fashion designer, visit interesting places on the planet and take part in shoots.

Watch who you make beautiful images, you can see what a model does and how she lives in the real world. 


Covet Fashion

Immerse yourself in the virtual life of fashion in the game Covet Fashion, where you can shop and dress attractively.

Here you have to choose all the clothes you like, you won’t limit yourself. Show off your outfits for all to see and get admiration from people.

Besides, for winning the vote for the best model image, you can get awards. Vote only for the one who really on all parameters fits your taste preferences.

Make the girl a real model with a glamorous look, using all the famous brands of cosmetics. Come up with a hairstyle that fits well with the clothes, and add jewelry.

Don’t forget to replenish your closet and buy only the best things from famous manufacturers Camilla, Badgley Mishka, and many others. Always stick to your style. 


Pocket Styler

The unusual game Pocket Styler is designed for people who are fond of trends in the modern world, where you can create unique looks.

Do you like to follow fashion, and use new and interesting accessories? Then the Pocket Styler app will really appeal to you.

Show everyone your abilities, compete with other players in dressing up and show your great taste in clothes. It is worth noting that you will always be able to buy luxury items in famous stores.

Turn on your imagination and turn your thoughts into reality by doing a beautiful makeup look with a beautiful image from your clothes. Find the best things you like best and compose most of the looks with them.

Also, take the opportunity to win at fashion shows among other glamorous beauties. Climb the career ladder and beat the competition. Prove once again what you’re willing to do and get in the end.

Pocket Styler has many features, such as a huge selection of clothes, and items for makeup. Often items are added to make the game even richer. You can win prizes by completing certain tasks.

Become what you dreamed of before and have a fun adventure through a stylish world.


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Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is a program for creating compositions of dizzying outfits of models. The game is very popular with girls who love to try on new things.

You will become a personal stylist of the girls and will realize their dreams in images. You will perform at famous venues around the world and show results.

Buy clothes in boutiques, practice your work as a designer and collect perfect images for future shows.

Fashion Fever features various options. For example the ability to choose a clothing style, you can also create a special strip to track your career in design. Aspire to become known throughout the world.

Get new emotions, passing the stages of the game. Download the free Fashion Fever app and get into the extraordinary fashion world.

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