10 Best Weather Apps for Android

As autumn keeps showering with cold rain and winter is approaching weather forecasts are becoming more important than many other things in life. Now, we all have phones with dozens of functions. It is just common sense to use those phones to get weather broadcasts. Here are the Best weather apps for Android.


This could be both an app and a widget. This is probably the best app on the whole Google Play since it is not only lightweight and dimple in usage, but it also gives you detailed information on hourly weather.

You can view the weather on the maps, you can just check the weather locally by entering the name of your location (or use GPS as well). Thus, you will get the forecast for the 10 days ahead. Also, as was mentioned before, here you can choose whether you want to have this app as a full software or just a widget.

1Weather has around 25 radars across the planet so it is getting the actual information about any changes basically, each hour. Another interesting point is that it even allows you to view the super local weather – for example, you can choose the location “Central Park” in New York – and then the weather will be displayed specifically there.



The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has the most recent update, that would be November 2, 2016. The layout is slicker and simpler than ever. The previous UI was ditched for one long continuous scroll.

As you scroll you get to more detailed information, like daily forecasts, radar, even social options, and what the weather is like in some ski resorts. The Weather Channel is one of the most well-known sources of weather information on planet Earth. But you can’t buy an adblocker here, just keep scrolling through the stuff.




Probably the best app, AccuWeather offers everything you need plus impressive service history. It’s usually accurate and is filled with great info including the must-have RealFeel index (which tells you what the outdoor temperature really feels like, not just numbers on your thermometer).

Accuweather comes equipped with graphs, maps, radar, and even video weather forecasts for your region. A comprehensive app is what it is.




An app for determining the wether hyper-locally. It is extremely fast and the data is renewed every 30 minutes. You probably know that the problem that often happens with the weather forecast is that meteorologists give the wrong ones and then when it is updated, it’s already raining (and you had no idea).

Because it is so precise, the most distant date that you can get the forecast on is 7 days ahead. By the way, compared to all those extremely specific weather forecast apps, this one stands out for actually having a nice design. Its interface user friendly and the app can be converted into a widget.



Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather looks just as great and up-to-date as years before. The forecasts are accurate and the weather can’t play any tricks on you as the forecasts are updated on an hourly basis.

Following the awesome graphics, you find even more info. The data, like precipitation and wind pressure, are displayed with clean line illustrations and friendly animations. An interactive map shows overlays for snow and rain. Basically, you keep scrolling for beauty here.



Weather Radar and Alerts

If you are in a region that is often affected by extreme weather, we recommend you check out Weather Radar and Alerts from NOAA. This app delivers the latest news straight from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

No wonder it provides the most critical information on mainland storms, cyclones, tornadoes, and other severe weather. This app offers real-time satellite views of key areas and a news feed, in addition to comprehensive marine updates.



NOAA Weather Unofficial

For those who are looking for a more serious weather app, check out NOAA weather. It will provide you with the most detailed information on the climate conditions in the whole world, with the hourly forecast of weather with all such factors as humidity, wind, and so on.

Just one thing for those who are not a fan of overcomplicating things and who’s not a fan of extra detailed weather forecasts – this is not the choice for you. Moreover, the app lack the fancy design features. On the other hand, it doesn’t make it less functional and the real fans will appreciate it.



Weather Underground

Weather Underground aggregates the combined services of more than 33,000 weather stations to offer “the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts”. Limitless customization  is said to produce a more personalized experience, tailored to your real-time location.

You can join those enthusiasts by reporting through the app your local sky status as well as hazards like power outages or flash floods. The interface is highly detailed and shows everything you could ask for, on one convenient and useful page.



CARROT Weather

Another weather app with a funny name. Apart from that, the most prominent feature of it is the possibility to search for the information that the weather was like in a certain area, let’s say, 50 years ago.

Moreover, one more distinctive feature of Carrot is the longer you use it, the more personalized it gets. After a while, the app can start preparing something especially for you, for example, discover to you unusual and exotic locations (not really sure what it is needed for, but it sounds fun).



Appy Weather

If you want to have a fin weather app that will be delivering a positive mood for you every single day, then this is a perfect choice. In fact, this is probably the most authentic weather app on the whole list.

Starting with the fact, that you will be receiving personalized reports each morning on which kind of weather you should expect on this day, ending with funny emojis which are attached to each forecast.

The interface is extremely user-friendly, and you can see all the additional details, like time of sunrise and sunset, the graph of temperature, and many other things.


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