11 Best Games Like Dota 2 for Android & iOS

Dota 2 is a popular game that infatuates you for many hours. It is a multiplayer online battle game that has a lot of powerful characters. You can choose any character or allow the game to choose it for you.

Moreover, Dota 2 has awesome graphics. There 2 parties in the game.  Choose the light or dark side. Each team has 5 players. You need to choose characters that will complement the team. It means that your team has to have a defender, supporter, healer, and fighters.

Every character has unique abilities. The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy’s castle. The team that does it faster will win.

Sometimes, we want to try something new. That’s why we have created a completely new list of Dota 2 like games. You can have new experience playing these games. It diversifies the ideas of battle games.

If you adore the games with an open world, then look through this article. Games with an open world are waiting for you.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

The first game on our list is Heroes of order and chaos. It was reimagined and recreated. The game has a new design and gameplay. Team up and defeat all your enemies. Try to destroy every enemy’s tower and base.

Nothing will stand between you and the victory. Play fast-paced battles in real-time. Every decision matters. The game has its history of the world. There is a mysterious realm of immortal warriors. Join the battleground and prove your power.

The game is addictive. It’s more than fifty unique characters. You can discover the character you love the most. Every character has out-and-outer skills and powers. Win battles with different teams. Every fight improves your skills.

The game allows you to upgrade the equipment of the heroes during the game. The more kills you made, the more coins you have. You should spend coins on upgrades. Create a powerful character that will destroy everything it sees. All actions take place in real-time. You may easily check the map and see what’s going on.

Choose the game mode. Play by yourself in a solo battle. You can also play with friends in multiplayer mode. There are few modes. Choose 3v3 or 5v5 modes. It all depends on your wishes. No doubt, that the game with friends can give you a more addictive experience.

Heroes of Order & Chaos Heroes of Order & Chaos

Don’t forget to create a strategy. If the strategy of the battle is good then you can win. Of course, you have to change the strategy during the games to win it. If you think that you are a master of the Heroes of order and chaos game then try a Fun mode.

This mode is odd and funny. You’ll never know what may happen. The developers of the game have created a spectator more for people who like to watch the battles. Watch your friends’ games in real-time. Use the action camera to jump on any part of the map.

You will be fond of the characters of the Heroes of order and chaos game. Download it now to enjoy the battles in the mysterious land.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Do you want to create the perfect team with your companions in arms and defeat all enemies? Then try this online battle game. It has a wonderful interface with awesome special effects. You will fight against real opponents. It is much harder than fighting with the computer.

The match-making is only 10 seconds. You won’t wait for long. The battles are about 10-15 minutes. It is a perfect period to play and get positive emotions.

Now a little about the game. There are 10 people in the battle. The 5 people are on your team. The other 5 are in another. The map is gigantic. It has 3 paths from one castle to another. There are 4 dangerous jungles and 2 terrible bosses on the map. It also has more than 16 towers that defense the paths.

Every team has its towers. Be careful! The tower can kill you. Sometimes you need just to kill your enemies but occasionally it is not enough. You should choose the strategy. Heal your compares, hide from enemies, or use special skills to defeat the opponents.

The app has lots of heroes. You will choose the for hours. The developers of the game release new characters in almost every update. The platform of the game is balanced. It mead that you can’t train heroes outside the battle. The success depends on your skills and strategy.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The control of the game is simple You can easily get used to the gameplay. You will see the virtual joystick on the left part of the screen. You need only 2 fingers to control the game. Choose the auto-battle customization.

Since the game is only 10-15 minutes you won’t be bored.  Allow the game to choose the hero for you. It can help you to try new characters. Don’t afraid of being dropped out of the game. The app has a powerful smart system of reconnection. You will be back on the battlefield in a few seconds after reconnection.

Moreover, it’ll be hard to kill your character while you are off because it is controlled by AI. The game is free but you can buy boosters and skins for heroes to look more respectable.

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Are you adore a PC online battle game on any device? Then download this app. It combines strategy skills with the ability to think quickly. Vainglory won a lot of prizes and proved that it is one of the best online battle games.

You can choose any game mode you like. Create a party with your friends and defeat the enemy’s castle. Rely on computer matching skills and play with people all over the world. The app has HD graphics and wonderful music. The control of the game won’t be difficult for you.

The screen has two control parts, left and right. The right part is movements and the left part is the attacks. You can also see other useful information on the screen like the time left, the HP and MP, the skills and buffs. The more enemies you kill the higher level of your character will be.

The game mode was built on the brand new smart system that allows the bot to play like real people. It makes the game more realistic and addictive. You are waited by more than 40 unique heroes. Each hero has remarkable skills and appearance.

Every hero has his or her battle style. The vision control allows the gamer to build the plan in real-time. The game has an adrenaline line. It helps the heroes to create strong attacks.

Vainglory Vainglory

The performance of the game is smooth. If you are dropped out of the game, you continue the battle without any problems. You need just to reopen the game. The map is rich and grand. You will discover new parts each time you play. Moreover, the developers update the map and change its design.

This app allows you to use your favorite online battle game anywhere and anytime. You need only a good Internet connection and mood for battles.

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Arena of Valor

This M.O.B.A. game was designed specially to play on smartphones. It is a classic 5v5 battle game that can kill lots of hours. The game is addictive. The map has got 3 lanes from one castle to another. Your task is to demolish the enemy’s castle.

Your party will have tons of barriers on the way like towers, monsters, and heroes of another castle. Be careful and watch out! Your opponents hide in the bushes or make traps. Try to explore the jungle to get more rewards.

The control of the game is intuitive. It was designed especially for smartphones. The screen has got several control zones. The left part of the screen is a battle zone and the right one is the movements zone.

Every battle match has a rank. The more you kill the higher you on the leaderboard. The app has more than 100 heroes. Each hero has unique abilities and specialties. Try to create the perfect party. Team up the best fighters and defeat your enemies.

The battle has special rewards like the first blood, 2x kill, or 3x kill. These rewards help you to upgrade the hero during the battle. The app has several game modes. You can try the 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes. Invite your friends to be a well-coordinated team.

If you want a completely new experience then try hook wars mode. This game mode allows the players to choose any hero but the hero can have any skills. For example, if you choose the angelic paladin with the sword, he gets the magic skills or the archery. It is the challenge of your knowledge.

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

The match-making is quick. It won’t take more than 15 seconds. The battle is only 12 minus. It is the perfect time for the battle. You won’t be tired and have enough energy for a new fight.

Create or join a guild. It can allow you to have more companies and take part in special events. The app has a voice chat for guilds. You can communicate with your team at any location. Plus, you can create a league. Invite your friends and become the best.

Every hero has his or her path of evolution. Make your favorite heroes more powerful. The developers upgrade the app every 1 or 2 months. They add new heroes and open new seasons. Download this app and accompany more than 10 million users over the world.

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Heroes Arena™

Are you ready to earn glory and become the best in a league? Then, try this app. It is a classic MOBA game that has HD graphics and nice music. It is a new world with its own story and characters. You will experience new battlefield feelings.

There are few battle modes like 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. It allows you to diversify your time and improve battle skills. Climb the ranking board and become an unbeatable hero. Hordes of goblins, minions, and monsters will bother you on the way to the enemy’s castle.

The match-making is fast, The smart technology of match-making allows to avoid the queue. The multiplayer is global. You can meet different people all over the world. Create a guild and find new friends. The app automatically searches for the players in your area.

The app has a user-friendly interface and intuitive control. You will get complete control of heroes. Use boosters and special equipment to get an advantage on the battlefield. Buy equipment and potions only on your base.

No need to run there again and again during the fight. You flying pets. They bring you everything you want.

Heroes Arena™ Heroes Arena™

The communication in the team chat is easy because of the smart translation. You can send any message and the AI translates it so your teammates can understand you. Choose the strategy of the battle and try to win.

The app records every battle so watch it and find out the mistakes. Heroes arena has 20 awesome characters. Their animation is realistic. Enjoy the graphics during the battle. Every hero has epic abilities.

There are 5 special abilities and 3 leader abilities. The app has got 6 hero classes. Do you love mages or fighters? You can try them all. The developers of the app release a new hero every month.

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Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG

It has lots of heroes with unique abilities. You can have only 3v3 battles with puzzles. Use the perfect strategy to win. You need to find the best combinations to defeat the opponents.

All heroes are in the cards. You need to win battles to unlock more heroes. Match minimum 3 magic blocks. The more blocks you match the more damage you can inflict.

There are thousand gorgeous heroes in the app. Moreover, it’s easy to evolve them into the ultimate level.

The app has a grand community of guilds. Find the best guild and join it. If you are a member of a guild you can get more rewards and take part in special events. Find new friends and battle together.

Legendary Legendary Legendary

The app is now boring and monotonous because the developers create a new theme every week. Try to get a premium hero card during the event. Collect new cards and fight new bosses. You can also get legendary rewards passing the dungeons.

The graphics are of high quality. You will enjoy the special effects and music. Try this app and you will play it constantly because it is addictive.

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Bug Heroes 2 – Action Defense Battle Arena

This app is a completely new view of the battle mode. There are no heroes and monsters. There are a lot of bugs. Yes, you will play for bugs. Your task is also to destroy the enemy’s castle.

You will battle in a tiny world. Choose terrible ant warrior or bee archer. The app allows you to fortify your castle and upgrade the bug hero, Explore new abilities and buy unique equipment during the battle. The app has 10 unique bug heroes with special abilities,

Choose 3 heroes and start the battle. The more battles you win, the more coins and other items you can get. Level up your heroes to increase their skills and abilities. Don’t forget to create the strategy to win all battles.

The app is interesting because you will explore something new every battle. There are more than 50 enemy types. Every enemy has a bug style. Search the map for food to boost your bug hero.

 Bug Heroes 2 - Action Defense Battle Arena  Bug Heroes 2 - Action Defense Battle Arena

The map has got multiplayer mode so you team up with your friends. The graphics of the game is HD with cool special effects. The music is thematic. If you have dropped out of the app during the game don’t worry. The smart auto-saving system allows you to continue where you have finished.

Install it and defeat all bug enemies. You can become bug master!

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Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale

This is an updated version of Survival Heroes. What’s new? The developers added weather changes, teleport, new maps, and heroes. Now you can use more than 1 weapon to kill enemies. It was also added new skins and frames. Let’s look over the app for more details.

The app has traditional D.o.t.a control. It is easy to master movements. Explore the map and search for new weapons, kill monsters and try to defeat real opponents. Use any strategy you want to become the best.

Be careful! There are a lot of dangerous creatures around your heroes. You can choose any place on the map to spawn. Do you like hot deserts or icy forests? You can start the battle wherever you want.

Don’t think about gears. You don’t need to buy them anymore. It all depends on your luck and skills. There are tons of items and weapons. Do you like swords or magic wands? Find everything you like in hidden places. Learn and use magic to destroy your enemies.

Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale

The app needs a strong Internet connection to work properly. The app weighs only 55MB but you need about 2GB for perfect performance. Try different game modes. There is a new game mode in the app. It is called Canyon Lord. You need to be the only 1 survivor at the end of the game.

Your hero will have the bag for items. You can enlarge the bag to have more items. Download Survival Heroes and join the large community of more than 1 million players.

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Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena

Do you want to try something new? Tank A Lot is what you need. It is a new level of Dota 2 like games. Create a team and defeat all enemy combat machines. There are a few game modes. Try 3v3 mode and fight with opponents.

The time is limited. You have only to minutes to make more damage. The team that kills more tanks wins. The app shows you the enemy’s HP on the screen. The advantage of the game is the creating of your tank. There are no heroes, You can create a brand new killing machine.

The app has lots of parts and upgrades for tanks. Create a unique machine. Choose the gun and wheels. Update the armor of the tank. Add special items like mines, bombs, and grenades.

The app has got 2 game currencies. It is coins and gems. Buy boosters and upgrades. Team up with your friends and become the best. Try ball mode. It is funny because your tank needs to score a goal.

Tanks A Lot! - Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena Tanks A Lot! - Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena

Fast-paced battles are addictive. You will want to play and play again. The developers update the app. They add new items for tanks and maps. If you are sure that you are a master then try deathmatch. It is the mode where every man for himself. You need to be the 1 at the end of the game.

Install the app and you can become a part of the 10 million tank community.

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Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA

There are a lot of games like Dota but this one is worthy of attention. Meet Heroes of SoulCraft. It is a completely new world that is full of magic and fights. You can become the legend of the arena. Your main task is to destroy the chaos and create order.

The world of SoulCraft is grand. There are 2 races angels and demons. Choose the team and defeat the opponent’s castle.

Use tactics and strategy to win the battle. You can hide in the bushes and attack unnoticed or you can go right through the enemies.

The app has 2 ga,e modes. They are 3v3 and 5v5. If you want a quick battle then choose 3v3. If you want to fight longer then 5v5 mode is all you need. Moreover, the matchmaking is quick. There is no queue. It takes only a few seconds to start the battle.

The app teaches you the game rules within 5 minutes. The control is clear. There are also 2 control areas on the screen. They are movements and attacks.

You can do several things at the same time. Buy new items during the battle and fight with the enemies.

 Heroes of SoulCraft - MOBA  Heroes of SoulCraft - MOBA

There are more than 20 heroes in each race. Customize every hero. Every hero is unique. Do you want to have powerful support during the battle? Then you need to unleash the titan. It can be a giant monster or a powerful fairy.

The design of the game is nice, Navigation is easy. Try to explore the world of SoulCraft.


🔥Angry Brawl – PVP 5v5 MOBA games in battle lands

Do you like zombies? Try this app. It is a cool 5v5 online battle game. Team up with your friends and try to kill all the enemies. The app shows you all the important information on the screen. You can see the HP of your comrades and the time left.

You will see the points of damage when you hit the enemy. Your task is to kill all the monsters and real opponents. Change the weapons during the fight. The app has got tons of weapons such as bats, pistols, machine guns, knives, and more.

You can see who is the leader of the battle. The more damage you make the higher your rank. You can see the map on the right side of the screen. Red dots are the enemies and green dots are your allies.

🔥Angry Brawl - PVP 5v5 moba games in battlelands 🔥Angry Brawl - PVP 5v5 moba games in battlelands

There are a lot of bosses in the battles. Kill bosses to get more rewards. The app has a quest system. You need to complete quests to get rewards and money. You can spend money to upgrade the weapons or heroes.

There are some characteristics in the weapon upgrade such as damage, accuracy, critical, ability, and attack speed. Try this app and you can get a new experience.


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