11 Free Fonts for Instagram Apps (Android & iOS)

Instagram is a huge platform that helps people to fulfill themselves. You can promote your brand, appearance, product, and also make money using Instagram. You can even become a popular blogger, model, or millionaire thanks to this social network.

The competition is great. We advise you to stand out from the crowd and try different fonts for your posts. This is unusual and interesting.

You will be able to attract a lot of attention and get more likes, views, and subscribers. We’ve created a list of the best fonts for Instagram apps for you. Decide what suits you best and install it.

If you are looking for quotes for your Instagram posts then check this article.

Fonts – Emojis & Fonts Keyboard

This is the first app on our list. It is perfect for newbies on Instagram. The app changes the keyboard of your smartphone by adding new fonts. Customize your keyboard. Open the app settings and select the fonts you want.

Place a checkmark next to them and the app will display the fonts on the keyboard. Write quotes using custom fonts. This will grab the attention of new users. The app has over 30 fonts.

You can use the new fonts not only for posts on Instagram but also in messengers and other social networks. The app has one problem. If you want to return to the normal font, you will have to scroll through the fonts for a long time to find the normal one.

We hope the developers will fix this problem soon. Believe it or not, but the app is only 3.1MB. Download it and you will be able to embody all your unique ideas with text design. The app has been installed over 10 million times.


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Cool Fonts for Instagram – Stylish Text Fancy Font

This is one of the apps that has over 140 different fonts for your Instagram. You can create a cool and unusual post. The app also supports other social networks, not just Instagram. You can stand out from other Instagram bloggers.

Original fonts will grab the attention of a new audience. The operation of the app is very simple. Choose a font you like and write what you want. Changing the font has never been so easy.

Cool Fonts for Instagram - Stylish Text Fancy Font Cool Fonts for Instagram - Stylish Text Fancy Font

The app has an intuitive interface. Don’t be afraid of annoying ads. The app doesn’t have it. Copy and paste text with a unique font. Try mixing different fonts. You can also unlock fonts for Instagram bubbles.

Change the font in your profile bio. This will make your page memorable and unique. The app doesn’t work in the background and doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 10MB. Cool Fonts for Instagram has been downloaded over 5 million times.


Fonts for Instagram Keyboard

If you want to add some style to your Instagram then this is the app for you. It will allow you to change the font in bio, comments, direct, as well as in the description of photos and stories.

Dozens of different fonts are waiting for you. You can choose a font from the app or create your own unique one. The app runs directly from Instagram. You don’t need to copy and paste text from third-party apps.

The app can be completely personalized. Choose a theme for your smartphone keyboard. More than 20 topics are waiting for you.

Fonts for Instagram Keyboard Keyboard Fonts for Instagram Keyboard

The app has a simple and intuitive interface. You can change the fonts and keyboard theme directly in the app. You can print text with unusual fonts to occur in any app. Typing is fast and without braking. The app is 39.4MB in size.


Handmade Fonts for Instagram

In Handmade Fonts for Instagram, users can generate their own fonts and stickers.

Once you have passed simple installation, you will get to the menu page filled with the following sections:

  • Templates
  • Fonts
  • Stickers
  • Backgrounds

Choose a preferred template or font from the extensive collection and double-click on the text to adjust it. Here you can change the text size, customize the color, rotate, etc.

On the right top, tap on the sticker button to add stickers or backgrounds. When your creation is completed, press the Save button and it will be instantly saved in your media library.

Lastly, open Instagram and create a story by tapping on the «Aa» button. Then, choose a sticker button and download the picture from the library.




Fonts Keyboard & Cool Art Font

Would you like to impress your friends or Instagram followers? Then download this app to get brand new fonts. The app has more than 50 stylish fonts that can be used in any social media, instant messenger, and email.

Moreover, you can write cool fonts directly from third-party apps. This will significantly speed up your work. The app supports portrait and landscape mode. You can try the reverse function to write text backward. This will make your posts on Instagram unusual and mysterious.

Fonts Keyboard & Cool Art Font Fonts Keyboard & Cool Art Font

The app doesn’t have a specific design because it changes the built-in keyboard on the screen of your smartphone. The developers update the app weekly with new fonts and bug fixes.

Using stylish fonts on Instagram will allow you to reach popularity and become famous. Personalize your Instagram profile with cool fonts!


Fonts for Instagram – I Fonts

I Fonts is a multifunctional application that comes with an extended set of fonts, stickers, and templates.

When you have launched the app, tap on the screen to add text. Scroll through the screen to monitor all the fonts and choose the favored one. After that, users can adjust the text color and select the desired position.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find multiple useful tools. So, here you can choose a template, add a background, snap a picture or download an existing one from the library.

Once everything is ready, tap on the Save button right bottom, and the app will automatically save your creation in the media library. Or, you can also instantly share it with your friends on various social nets.

As for the drawbacks, many users complain that some fonts are not compatible with certain foreign languages.




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Fonts keyboard-font and symbol

This app will allow you to use over 100 fonts on Instagram. Come up with original posts and stories. You won’t need to copy and paste the text. The app is built into the smartphone keyboard. Create a memorable bio for your profile.

Come up with an original name for the highlights. The app works not only on Instagram. You can use stylish fonts on any social media. Create inspirational quotes and use fancy fonts to keep your quote bright and memorable.

Change fonts just like you change the keyboard language. You can choose your favorite fonts to always have quick access to them.

Fonts keyboard-font and symbol Fonts keyboard-font and symbol

Try an emoji font. This is a great way to cheer up your followers or add something unusual to your profile. The app has over 300 characters. Choose something exotic to draw attention to your posts.

Forget about copy & past. You can make all the changes right on the keyboard. A little tip if you want more fonts. The app will give you access to all fonts if you write a positive review in the Apple store.


Cool Fonts

All Instagram bloggers should have this feature-rich app. You will get the most customizable keyboard for your smartphone. Several dozen fonts are waiting for you to add variety to your posts. Use fonts to grab the attention of a new audience.

You can type text with original fonts not only on Instagram. The app works on all social networks. Customize your bio to make your profile unique.

Send messages and see the reaction of your friends who never knew that you can use different fonts. Add originality to your social media. You can change the font at any time. Just click on a button on your keyboard. Add fonts to your favorites to instantly access them.

Cool Fonts Cool Fonts

The app will allow you to personalize the design of your smartphone’s keyboard. Indeed, it has a huge variety of tools for creating unique keyboard designs. You can choose themes that are already ready.

The app has over 40 keyboard themes. Join over 10 million people actively using different fonts for Instagram aesthetics and promotion. Download the app and you won’t regret it.


Stylish Fonts for Instagram bio, captions, stories

This app is a font generator for Instagram. It is easy to use. You just need to paste your text into the app and choose a font. The app will allow you to use cool fonts on any social network. You can also use this app as a translator of other people’s fonts.

Diversify your profile with fonts and attract more followers to your posts. This app is an indispensable tool for promotion. It has over 100 fonts. Let your imagination create the perfect bio for your Instagram profile.

Stylish Fonts for Instagram bio, captions, stories Stylish Fonts for Instagram bio, captions, stories

Stylish Fonts for Instagram has an intuitive interface. It’s easy to choose a font. Open a huge list and choose the one that you need. Check the box for your favorite fonts and they will be at the top of the list.

Download this app and you will be able to show your account differently. It only takes up 4.6MB. The app doesn’t require permissions and doesn’t run in the background. This is what a beginner Insta blogger needs.


Font ⋅

This app will allow you to personalize your smartphone’s keyboard. You can add your favorite fonts and use them in any app. Use unique fonts all the time. Try creating Instagram Stories with unique fonts. You will see your reach increase.

The app also has 15 categories of stickers. Use them to decorate your bio. If you want to completely impress your subscribers, try the symbols font. Create puzzles for them. It will also increase the reach of your account.

This is one of the largest font collections. Fonts are one of the quickest ways to gain popularity on Instagram.

Font ⋅

The app is over 170MB. Perhaps you will consider this a disadvantage. We advise you to try this app anyway because it has high ratings in Apple Store. It will save you tons of time since you don’t need to copy and paste the text.

The developers periodically update the app by adding new fonts and symbols. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times. Install it and create a unique style for your Instagram profile.


Stylish Text – Fonts, Keyboard, Symbols & Emojis

This app has a lot of features. Now we will tell you about them. Firstly, it is a great generator of fonts for Instagram. Secondly, you can personalize the keyboard. Choose the theme of the keyboard to make it more pleasant.

Create a new text style or edit app fonts. Copying of the text occurs quickly even if the text is long. If you don’t want to use this app with others, you can block them. Use this font generator only for the social networks you need.

You can adjust the use of fonts in the settings of the app. We warn you that the app supports Android 8.0 and higher. More than 120 stylish fonts will be available to you. Don’t worry if your Android version is lower than 8.0.

The app will work but some fonts won’t be available to you. Your smartphone won’t support them. Some fonts only have uppercase or lowercase letters. This will allow you to come up with a unique design for your bio or Instagram photo description.

Stylish Text - Fonts, Keyboard, Symbols & Emojis Stylish Text - Fonts, Keyboard, Symbols & Emojis

This app will help all Insta bloggers to promote their profiles. You can create eye-catching descriptions or stories. This will boost your views. The app is free and has no annoying ads.

It takes only 8.1MB, which doesn’t affect the performance of your smartphone in any way. Stylish Text has been installed over 10 million times. Try it and you will see that it really works!


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