11 Best Family-Friendly Games for Android & iOS

Family play nights are something different. There’s something unrepeatable and precious in playing a nice game with your fam members.

Luckily, there are lots of family-friendly games for Android & iOS that will bring your relatives together for a good couple of rounds. PAll these games can be played online so even if you’re not together in person you can enjoy fun playtime. These games come in different genres — from mobile versions of board games to mysteries so there’s something for everyone.

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Here’s the list of the 11 best games in that category you may try. Take a look!



Does this game even need an introduction? Not really.

This app is a mobile version of a time-proven board game loved by millions of fans all over the globe. So if you’re a longtime fan of the original and need something handier to carry around — this app is perfect. The mechanics remain the same — you roll the dice to move tour character around the board, buy and sell real estate to become the riches out of your company.

Herewith, the game covers a quick mode that won’t let you sit up and play for hours and hours like you used to. But if you’re seeking the good-old exp you can always play by the classic rules. The game has both single-player and an MP mode so you can play against the AI if needed.

As for an MP mode, you may rather compete with ransom worldwide players or make a private room for your fam or mates. It needs to be said, the graphics in this game is on the highest level. You get to play on a stunning 3D board with animated buildings and all that. The game has some ads that you can remove with a payment but it’s not too annoying.

Monopoly 1 Monopoly 2

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Here we have another board game interpretation that is great for fam meetings.

Let’s be honest this is one of the most addictive games out there. Once you’ve started playing it seems impossible to stop after just one round. Along with the previous game, this one keeps the rules the same as the original. Herewith, there are lots of different modes you can pick from.

The game has a room mode that lets you invite fam or mates for a play. Beyond that, you get to set the rules for each round by adding some new cards to the deck and more. There are lots of extra rules you can add so the game would match all your standards. You can also set a PvP game if needed.

All the rooms have built-in chat so you can communicate within the game. You can also try the team vs. team mode and cooperate with your relatives against other teams. The game also overs regular tournaments and matches you can participate in to get extra rewards. There are no ads or paid tools or no worries here.


Catan Universe


This is another family-friendly game that will brighten up your evening.

According to the game’s plot, your ship has been through a long exhausting journey and finally touched the ground of an unknown island. Nevertheless, you weren’t the only one and there are other explores who landed to settle on the same island. As you may already guess, your goal here is to compete against other users to become the island’s ruler.

To cope with that, you’ll need to roll the dice and move along the board through various duels and other obstacles on your way. You’ll also get to collect resources and treasures that may help you move along. The game has a built-in chat so you can communicate with your opponents right away.

The game has an MP mode so you can play with two of your mates or relatives in real life (yeah, the amount of people is limited with three which kinda sucks for big fans). However, you can unlock the full various with up to 6 players but you’ll have to work for that. The game also covers several expansions that will level up your exp even more.

Catan 1 Catan 2

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Next, we have an entertaining board game for all ages.

This app is also based on a good-old board game with tons of fans. In case you’re not familiar with the original the game has a detailed tutorial with all the explanations. The game is based on a railway adventure that aims to connect the cities and reach the destination point faster than your opponents.

Herewith, you get to build any strategy you want — you can trick your contests, block them, find new routes before others, and more. The app covers various locations from Europe to India so you’ll have a fun time with it. As expected, there will be various obstacles on your way as well — they may be caused by other players or just be in-game obstacles like tree falls and more.

Plus, you’ll get to collect useful items and treasures to boost your exp. Al the rounds in the game are formed randomly, and they are all different so you can play for as much as you want. As fr the modes, you can go for a single-player mode, the ultimate MP, or a local one with your mates or fam only.

Ticket to Ride 1 Ticket to Ride 2

Family Feud

Family FeudThis is a trivia game to spice up your fam night.

The mechanics are simple — you get to answer trivia questions just like you would on a gameshow. Each quiz you get right brings you coins and other rewards. There are also fast money rounds that bring you 200 coins at once but the bigger prizes take more work so the questions can be tricky here.

As you go through more rounds your exp levels up and so does the complexity level of the questions so keep that in mind. There are also tournaments that let you compete with worldwide users to see who’s the smartest and the fastest one. Beyond that, you can attend private tournaments with your fam as well.

There are thousands of questions covered so the chances are high you won’t get the same one twice in different rounds New ones are being added regularly so it’s almost impossible to complete the whole game by answering them all. The app offers sub packs with some extra features but you can totally do without them.

Family Feud 1 Family Feud 2

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Psych!This is a word game that is great for bringing a family together.

First of all, this is a guessing app that lets you and your fam battle to see who’s the smartest (and the most cunning one). To get along with this game you’ll need to think strategically and bluff to make your opponents pic the extra hard card. In fact, in most cases, the one who outwits the others best in this game — wins.

The game covers thousands of questions in various categories. Wanna find out who knows more movies? This game has you covered. Wondering which one of your family is more educated in terms of an animal word? There’s a pack of questions for you as well. There are also packs related to literature, pop culture, comix, and more. New packs come up regularly so you’ll always have fresh material.

There’s even the naked truth trivia pack but you should only pick it if there are only adults in the room. There’s also a mode that lets you piss off your opponents by adding fake answers to the options list. Each answer you get right will bring you bonuses that you can exchange for hints, bonuses, and other useful stuff.

Psych 1 Psych 2



The name of this game speaks for itself. It’s another word game that is a perfect option for parties.

The mechanics of this game are easy — they’re a word on a card on your head (well, metaphorically on your head) and you need to guess what it is. To cope with that, you need to follow the hints your mates or fam members give you and you need to do it before the time goes out. Herewith, the works may be outrageously random — it may even be word combos that don’t make any scenes.

The fun thing is you can make custom cards that are somehow related to your fam or a company such as some inside jokes. In case you ant a pre-made card, there are over 45 thematic decks and over 400 cards for you to pick from. As for the themes, there are movies, fandoms, characters, celebs, science, literature, and more.

Beyond that, you get to play with as many mates as you want — from one to a hundred. You don’t even need a web connection to play which is great. The interface is quite minimal and intuitive so you won’t have trouble figuring out how it works.

Charades! 1 Charades! 2

Heads Up!

Heads Up

This game runs on the same concept as the previous one does.

It’s a charades game that gives you a card you stick to your head (theoretically, of course). Differently speaking, you’ll be given a word you’ll need to guess by the hints your co-players give you. Herewith, there’s a timer that you need to consider cause the second your time runs out — the course ends for you.

Herewith, the card you get may have anything — from one word to a word combination you may know nothing about. The game covers plenty of thematic decks with hundreds of cards. To be more specific about the categories, there are ones about the HP universe, Friends, DC, celebs, artists, literature, and more.

In case that’s not enough for your taste, you can always make a custom card in secs. More to that, you can make full-on custom decks on whatever theme comes to mind (even the spicy ones). And if you go online you can record vids and share them with all the members once the game is over. The game easily connects with oom and other services like that so no worries about the technical part.

Heads Up! Heads Up! 1



Moving on to the scrabble game — the classiest choice for the fam play night.

Is there anything you know about this game? Not really. It is faithful to the original but has a cute 3D interface and a couple of extra modes. The innovative thing is you can add custom word tiles along with adding some words to your personal dictionary. You can also change board themes and unlock some new ones by exchanging bonuses you get for winning.

This is a multiplayer game so you can face with your fam even if you’re not together. Beyond that, the app has a built-in chat so you get to text each other while playing. As for the modes, there are duels, word drop challenges, anagrams, and a solo one. The game covers various boosters that may help you win and give you extra hints as well.

In case you’re not in the mood for a group play you can go with the AI to train your skills before an actual tournament. The game tracks all your stats so you can see how your skills progress from level to level. The app covers some in-app buyings by they are totally optional.

scrabble 1 scrabble 2

Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic

This is a party app based on doodle drawings.

Although this is a drawing game you don’t need any special skills to play — crazy figures and doodles are more than welcomed here. Here’s how it works — you and your mates draw figures and you will have to suggest what it is. Sounds impossible but there’s more to that. You’ll have letters the word you need to guess consists of and you’ll need to assemble it.

The app has lots of brushes and a large color palette so you can draw whatever comes to your mind. In case you’re a “pro-artist” you can work in layers creating more complex pictures. As you move into the game you’ll unlock new color palettes and brushes you can use for your artwork.

Once you’re done you’ll need to name your pic and your mate will have to guess it. The game covers plenty of words you can use as a theme for your drawing — from animals and nature to pop culture stuff. In case you think the wordlist is not enough you can always add custom words.

Draw Something Classic 1 Draw Something Classic 2

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June’s Journey

June's Journey

And lastly, we have a hidden objects game that is fun to try in the company.

Speaking of a single-player mode, this is a classic mystery game that asks you to hunt for items hidden in pics. But it gets a lot more fun if you’ll play it with mates. You and your fam members will need to take turns and play detectives by finding clues in different settings.

Additionally, the game covers plenty of diverse locations that are beautifully drawn and an authentic soundtrack that adds up to the mysterious atmosphere. Your goal here is to solve a crime by finding all the evidence and hints. The game covers various crime cases so you can kill a lot of time playing.

There are new episodes that come up from time to time so you’ll always have new material. It needs to be said, all the cases go as an actual detective story so it’s like you’re playing within a book or a movie. There’s also a split of romantic and danger for those of you who get bored with just object searching.

June's Journey 1 June's Journey 2

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