5 Free Hair Analysis Apps for Android & iOS

Hair is a great reflection of the state of the human body. Also they are constantly exposed to the external influences of the environment. There are specialists who are involved in examining the condition of the hair and treating it if necessary.

You can choose a simpler way by using modern services. For those who want to heal their hair or just keep an eye on saving it healthy, we have reviewed these free hair analysis apps for Android & iOS. Try them all or choose the best one.

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Hair Routine

Hair Routine is a personalized hair improvement program. It will lead to better results through the development of healthy habits: daily personalized hair care. It is based on the characteristics of the hair and lifestyle of the user.

Before getting started, you need to fill out a short but informative questionnaire. It contains several questions about hair type, desired results, and daily routine.

After analyzing the questionnaire, the doctor will create a schedule of procedures, which are so necessary to improve the quality of your hair.

There are times when taking care of your hair becomes a problem. The section on leading methods of care will help to develop healthy habits, no matter what. Each treatment contains information about the recommended product. You can navigate to it or use your own.

Also, all users will get a customized scalp-washing calendar that goes along with the grooming treatments. The notifications will ensure that the plan to save hair is 100% executed.


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Keune Scalp Analysis

Now a professional system to assess the condition of the scalp and hair, to improve their condition is in your smartphone.

Keune Scalp analysis is an indispensable app for every woman. It is intuitive and easy to use. The laconic design will not distract your attention. At first, there is registration and familiarization with the user and evaluation of the initial indicators.

As the recommendations are implemented, progress is tracked and compared to the initial condition.

The app independently selects care products. You can buy them or use your own. A special feature of the app is a qualitative and fast diagnosis of the scalp and hair. The wishes and ultimate goals of each user are taken into account.

The following main indicators are assessed: skin moisturization, the intensity of grease pollution after a certain period of time, the density index, and the presence of dead skin cells.

Based on the results of the survey and questionnaire, the service creates a plan for hair rehabilitation, taking into account individual preferences and lifestyles.


EODIS Hair & Scalp Scanner

This is an app that, in competent hands, can replace an expensive visit to a trichologist. It works only in conjunction with the device AramHuvis API-202. The scanner is a smartphone camera.

The app automatically analyzes the condition of the scalp and cuticle of the hair along its entire length. The procedure does not take much time. Each user has an individual account.

After the diagnostic examination, the app personally selects treatments to improve the condition of the scalp and hair. The visual analysis can be trusted because it is performed using two magnifying lenses. Not a single scale will be left without attention.

The maximum magnification is two hundred times. The following indicators are evaluated: the intensity of hair loss, skin characteristics, density factor, individual hair thickness, scalp sensitization, sebaceous glands activity, and cuticle condition.

This excellent hair rehabilitation program provides advanced diagnostics and correct care.


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MyHair Choice

MyHair Choice is a next-generation scalp and hair condition assessment app. It is continuously improved and updated.

The app measures several hair and scalp condition indicators to get a comprehensive assessment. The program is supported on your smartphone or tablet and works without interruption.

The basis of analytical abilities is the work of artificial intelligence. It is able to cover a huge amount of information and perform analysis with accuracy. The reliability of the results is guaranteed.

The following indicators are investigated: the intensity of hair loss, sebaceous glands’ work, the coefficient of hair density, skin pollution after a certain period of time, and the presence of dead skin cells.

It is better to use new models of smartphones with functional camera lenses. This way the image is clearer and the analysis is closer to the truth.

There are some useful extra functions. They allow you to compare the results before and after hair care procedures, to get personalized recommendations, including the degree to which the cosmetic product meets the needs of the user.


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Hair check up: iHairium

iHairium is a home hair and scalp care app. It is based on artificial intelligence. It quickly researches the presence of possible problems and personally selects hair care products.

The first step is to fill out a questionnaire. The app will then automatically select recommendations, and experts will adjust them if necessary. The final result will depend on careful adherence to the care regimen.

The tool was created with the participation of a team of experienced doctors. The service allows you to know the initial condition of the hair, identify problems, get a treatment plan, effectively track the dynamics of change, and find the best scalp and hair care products.

The app will help when there is no trichologist nearby or no funds for one, it is difficult to choose cosmetic or medical methods, and there is a need to check the condition of the hair. It is used by both men and women.

Despite the scientific approach, the information obtained is purely informative and does not compete with medical advice. Diagnosis consists of filling out a simple questionnaire and attaching photos. This is faster than searching for information on your own.

Recommendations will be derived from two hundred indicators analyzed by artificial intelligence. There will be no complicated and incomprehensible words. Links to suitable care products are also included. Tracking of intermediate results by weeks and months, and viewing the activity of the work is available.

The app will self-set and remind you of the date of your next checkup. In the profile, you can indicate information about allergies, and acute and chronic diseases. There may be contraindications, so it is advisable to consult a specialist.

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