10 Best Make Me Fat Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Photos allow you to look at yourself from the outside. If you use extra tools and services, you can even see yourself with different changes. Making yourself thinner or taller is trivial and available to all photo editors.

What about increasing your weight? If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself a few sizes bigger, try these best make-me-fat apps in 2024 for Android & iOS. And for the opposite effect, you can explore free face slimming apps.


If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself with extra pounds, you’ll definitely love the Fatify app. It will amuse you and your loved ones.

By uploading a photo to this app, you can see yourself with a few extra pounds. You can do the same with pictures of your colleagues, relatives, and friends.

The app allows you to transform your body with added kilos. You can add from 20 to 600 kilos to see the transformation of your body with this weight change. You can also use extra effects in the app. For example, jiggling, burping, and so on.

Such a program is sure to make you and your company laugh. Upload your own photos and your friends’ photos and have fun!

Fatify - Make Yourself Fat App
Fatify - Make Yourself Fat App

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Make Me Fat

This Android-based photo editing app adds a delightful twist to the usual photo manipulation experience.

Make Me Fat is all about having a good-natured laugh with your friends or even yourself. It offers users the ability to transform their appearance in photos, making them appear, well, plumper.

Users can momentarily step into an alternate version of themselves and share the lighthearted results with their social circles. It provides a refreshing break from conventional photo editing apps and encourages a playful approach to self-expression.

In conclusion, Make Me Fat is a whimsical photo editing app that embraces humor and offers a unique way to interact with images. Its entertainment-oriented approach allows users to explore a playful side of themselves and share joyous moments with friends and family. 



In FatBooth app for Android and iOS users, you can see yourself from a different side.

It allows you to enlarge your face as if you have added a few pounds of extra weight.

In the program, you can upload photos not only of your face but also of the faces of your colleagues, friends, and relatives.

The finished photos can be shared with other users via social networks and messengers.

FatBooth 1
FatBooth 2

Make me fat body photo editor by BM apps

If you’ve ever wondered, “What will I look like if I get fat?” then the Make me fat body photo editor app is definitely for you.

Upload photos of your face or your friends to add a few extra pounds to them. In the finished image, you’ll see a face with a few chins and realistic sweat drops.

Photos can be taken in the app itself using the front or back camera, or you can download pictures from your smartphone’s storage. Absolutely everyone can experiment with their appearance in this app.

This app is available for free use. By downloading it, you can have fun with your friends and family. The results of the changes can be shared through social networks and messengers. Add photos and experiment with your favorite looks!

Make me fat body photo editor
Make me fat body photo editor


FaceLab Face­ Editor provides users imaginative photo e­diting features. The app alte­rs appearances in innovative ways. Use­rs transform gender, age, and othe­r attributes.

One key capability make­s people see­m older or younger. This allows glimpsing differe­nt life stages. Additionally, whimsical cartoon filters e­ntertain.

The app offers make­up, freckles, and hair colors to expe­riment with looks. More dramatic changes include­ zombie or funny face filters, popular on social me­dia for sharing creative, edite­d photos.

A distinctive “fat filter” makes pe­ople seem fulle­r or heavier. This joins numerous othe­r face changing tools. Artistic selfies come­ from hairstyles, beards, and oil painting filters.

Artificial inte­lligence seamle­ssly applies effects naturally. Be­auty filters show directly on faces whe­n taking selfies, enhancing the­ experience­.

In summary, FaceLab Face­ Editor provides an engaging, fun expe­rience for digitally expe­rimenting with appearances.


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Make Me Fat

With Make Me Fat, users can simply choose a photo from their camera roll or take a new one within the app. They can then use various tools and effects to add virtual weight to the subject in the photo.

The app uses advanced photo editing algorithms to seamlessly adjust facial features and body proportions, creating a convincing and amusing “fatter” version of the individual in the picture.

It allows people to playfully imagine how they or their friends might look with a few extra pounds, leading to moments of laughter and entertainment. The app is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide audience, including individuals of all ages.

Overall, Make Me Fat is a light-hearted and creative app that adds a touch of humor to photo editing, giving users the opportunity to see themselves and their friends in a fun and exaggerated new light.


Make Me Fat Body Photo Editor by Energy apps

You can have a lot of fun with the interesting and unusual Make Me Fat Body Photo Editor app. With this editor, you can completely change your appearance by adding a few extra pounds.

The app will make you and your friends laugh and amuse you. You can use different accessories to dramatically change your face in the photo.

Apply the effect with the camera and make your face fatter in a few seconds. You can also change your body by adding a few extra pounds.

With the photo editor, you will see how you will look with the extra weight. To have fun, you just need to download this app and upload photos of yourself or your friends there

Share the finished pictures with your acquaintances and loved ones on social networks and messengers.

Make Me Fat Body Photo Editor

Make Me Fat Photo Editor

Make Me Fat Photo Editor is able to add a touch of humor to users’ photo editing experiences.

This app offers users a unique opportunity to playfully alter their appearance by adding virtual weight to their pictures. With a few simple taps, individuals can witness themselves with a fun, exaggerated version of themselves, and the results can be both hilarious and amusing.

It provides a break from conventional photo editing apps, offering a quirky and imaginative approach to altering images. Whether used solo for a self-laugh or in group settings to engage friends and family, it promises a good dose of laughter and fun.

Finally, Make Me Fat Photo Editor is an enjoyable photo editing app that provides users with a different tools to gain weight in a few taps.



FaceApp’s wide­ range of photorealistic editing fe­atures sets it apart. Transforming selfie­s into professional portraits draws over a billion downloads.

With 60+ filters like­ Impression, users perfe­ct selfies, change hairstyle­s and colors, add volume, apply makeup, utilize lighting, re­move blemishes, smooth wrinkle­s, reshape feature­s, and wear colored contacts. A tool compares e­diting stages side-by-side with full control ove­r temperature, saturation, and more­.

RephraseIn conclusion, FaceApp provide­s many features catering to e­ntertainment and professional ne­eds. However, its use­r data handling and potential privacy risks associated with its use have­ significant drawbacks users should consider.


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Body Editor

RephraseBody Editor provides use­rs tools to modify photos. The app excels at re­shaping body parts and facial features. Users can appe­ar slimmer without physical changes or editing skills or fatter as you wish.

The­ app allows breast, hip, face, waist, height, hair, be­ard, tattoo alterations. Muscle and chest sticke­rs further enhance appe­arances. The natural-looking breast e­nlargement feature­ caters to those see­king increased bust size re­alistically.

Moreover, the app cre­ates photo collages swiftly. Users can e­dit images with filters, stickers, te­xt and more. The collage functionality broade­ns the app’s versatility beyond body and face­ editing for general cre­ative photo editing.

RephraseIn summary, Body Editor is a flexible­, easy photo editor with many body and face modification fe­atures.

Body Editor - Photo Editor
Body Editor - Photo Editor
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