11 Free Lottery Wheel Generator Apps & Websites 2024

Have you ever wanted to experience hunting excitement and win anything by calculating all the options on the wheel generator? If you are reading this, you have come across something that will help you fulfill your desire. This article will feature 11 free lottery wheel generator apps and websites in 2024.

And if this list isn’t enough for you, you can find more lottery apps in this article.


Today, this website can be called the best in the field of calculating combinations in the lottery. The most striking feature is the “abbreviated wheel,” which allows you to get a combination of numbers of at least one winning ticket.

It should be said that the website provides a free mobile app adapted for the weakest devices. The most interesting option is the ability to tincture lottery matrices, which allows you to more clearly assess the chances of winning.

Also, the site has the function of showing alternative numbers, provided that a ticket with similar numbers has already been won. It is possible to save your created wheels in formats such as pdf or excel.

It is important to emphasize that the app has the most convenient and simple interface, as well as extremely understandable instructions for working with the utility.

Absolutely all combinations of digits in the program are created automatically in accordance with all miscalculation algorithms.

Important is the fact that the rules in the app are very simple in essence deserves close attention: just go to the utility, select the lottery you need, then select a set of numbers and wait for the result. So, go to the website faster and take your first step towards a decent win.


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If you are playing the lottery for the first time, then you should learn one main rule: you need to improve number coverage, for which lottery wheels are used. On LottoExpert, such structures are free, so we can say that you are very lucky.

The site has a huge number of sets of different lottery systems, such as PowerBall or MegaMillions.It is worth noting that it is this service that focuses on one of the most important sciences that make it most likely to win the lottery – combinatorics.

This field of mathematics is engaged in the study of the correct combinations of certain elements for victory. Note that the site provides not only ready-made combinations, but analytics for all derived variants in accordance with the algorithm.

LottoExpert has many systems in its arsenal, but only the most basic of them should be named: balanced wheeling systems, Powerball/Mega Millions wheeling systems and number set wheeling systems. All of these systems are co-dependent on each other.

Each of these structures has a certain algorithm that helps to calculate winning combinations very accurately, and the presence of artificial intelligence almost completely cuts off all doubts about the veracity of the result.



All lottery wheels somehow contain certain algorithms of both winning combinations and losing ones. HobbyLotto is the very utility that will allow you to receive both a number of the most likely winning combinations and those that are highly likely to be useless.

Moreover, the website will provide you with the most detailed explanation and output for each combination. Since this site is as informative as possible, it will be able to both improve your horizons and expand knowledge in this area, as well as raise your logical and mathematical abilities.

The biggest worth is in articles with useful tips for all lottery players, as well as notes with strategies that are selected individually for each lottery, which greatly simplifies the matter. The programs and algorithms of the site are constantly updated to achieve higher winnings.

It is worth noting the HobbyLotto’s section as Pools, in which current employees talk about the pros and cons of this way to win money. In this article all various strategies are detailed and outlined on how to rationally distribute the gains to one degree or another, which not all utilities of this kind can boast of.


Lotto Toto Wheel Generator

Lotto Toto Wheel Generator is the simplest mobile app that allows you to analyze all outcomes as quickly and conveniently as possible, as well as select the most winning ones. The range of numbers in the basic version of the program begins with the digit one and ends with the digit forty.

As an interesting fact, we can note the favorable attitude of developers to your own game strategies. Since this program allows you to group numbers in such a way that a logical system of options is created, the artificial intelligence tries to help you by calculating the most necessary outcomes for you.

In addition, the utility always selects a similar example, which explains why a particular outcome or number is not/is promising. For example, if sixteen is your favorite, then fifteen and seventeen are your “good numbers”. Thus, because of this fact, combinatorics is understood very simply.

It is worth paying attention to such advantages of the app as:

  • high rate of generating combinations of numbers, characterized by one millisecond
  • flexibility in choosing your favorite or random numbers or combinations
  • a fully certified app from developers that does not contain any viruses or malware for your device
  • the program does not ask for any permissions when starting from the device, i.e. your data will remain safe and sound
  • availability of analytics and statistics of winning numbers in popular lotteries
  • the ability of the app to work without connecting to the Internet
  • decent user interface, sampling numbers and more

To sum up, we can emphasize that this app really deserves attention and will appeal to most users.



This website can be safely called the most real warehouse in various tools and strategies for obtaining winning sets of numbers and victories in lotteries. Most of the lottery results presented on this site are updated every minute, and the results of the most popular lotteries are constantly analyzed.

It is also worth noting such an important option as the presence of strategies that are used by successful lottery players. This utility has a large number of different games that are present in most lotteries in the world, such as Daily Keno.

The most important option is the presence of an almost infinite number of different wheel generators, which are mechanized and honed to such an extent that they practically do not give erroneous results. To use them all, you just need to choose a game and start receiving winning combinations.

A lot of users of this website characterize it as the best tool for achieving the desired goal, and you know, they are really right. The domain developers have done really titanic work in order for their brainchild to be firmly entrenched in the field of such topics for the next 10 years.


Lottery Wheels

Lottery Wheels is one of the very best wheel generators, allowing you to create many variations of lottery number sets and then structure these combinations to achieve a winning result. The user-friendly interface and ease of use make this app one of the indispensable for gambling players.

According to the developers, the site offers more than forty different developed lottery wheels that can be used for games such as Cash Pot and many others. In order to start winning, you will need to take a few simple steps.

Select the game, then select the algorithm based on the number of numbers, and then enter the numbers you selected. Next, artificial intelligence will create you many effective combinations that will give you the highest probability of winning.

An additional pleasant bonus is the fact that in addition to winning, you can count on a special prize thanks to the significant developments of the founder of the website. In addition, the site contains the main types of lotteries and full instructions for them, which even a novice player can figure out.

Accordingly, if you want to play the lottery not blindly, but being scientifically savvy, then you just have to go to this site and make sure of everything yourself.


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Lotto Strategies

The developers themselves dubbed this website the most extensive service for all those who at least a little monitor such an area as lottery games. In addition, this utility is one of the few that is truly personalized at a decent level, as well as licensed by any authoritative source.

Lotto Strategies is very well designed, staffed on all sides and easy to learn and use. It is worth noting that the user will not need to download any additional software to update the winning numbers in the lottery.

Winning numbers are updated automatically and do not require any other web tools. It should be added that for more erudite users in this area, there are separate, more complex tools, the work of which can select a much larger number of combinations than basic tools.

So, Lotto Strategies in this regard will create competition for almost any site.

As the most important functions, it is worth noting the personal calculator of your chances of winning, as well as the ability to quickly or slowly select numbers for a certain algorithm.

If you still doubt whether you should use the help of this site, then the options and functionality presented above will help you find an answer.


Lotto – Logix

Lotto – Logix is one of the earliest wheeling generators ever created. As a kind of site – a mastodon of this sphere, it keeps a brand of quality up to the current moment.

The utility gained the greatest fame due to the fact that it has almost the fastest speed in the selection of winning combinations among all sites as a whole.

Separately, it is worth mentioning how the winning combinations are located. The winning numbers are placed from top to bottom, from the highest chance set to the lowest chance set, which makes it possible to judge the individually developed algorithm on the part of the developers.

This website can be called a good alternative to various lottery systems. The website has a number of different structured algorithms for selecting winning numbers, for example: Front loaded economy Pick – 6 Wheels, Beginner and Advanced Wheels and a number of others.

The site contains articles that help both beginners and seasoned players to learn something new.

The opportunity to create your own developed algorithm deserves special attention, which will then become the basis for the new Wheeling Generator, in fact, this function is unique in its kind.


4D ToTo Lotto Wheel Generator

This is another simple app, but therefore no less interesting way to increase your chances of winning, which has been very popular among users for more than a year. This utility easily allows you to both generate a random set of numbers and use a slot machine to add new numbers to existing ones.

App developers carried out selection at high level and revealed that the figures which are most often used by players are two and four. Thus, the program allows you not only to generate combinations, but also to carry out the analysis and monitoring for additional obtaining chances of a victory.

Of course, like other apps of this kind, this tool guarantees at least one winning combination, so you will definitely not be left with anything. If you do not trust this fact so many times, then download the app and make sure for yourself.


Lottery Wheeling

Lottery Wheeling can be called most the simplest utility for selection of advantageous figures on mobile devices, the app interface will be clear even to the most unsophisticated user. This tool will help you to increase significantly chances of receiving prizes in a lottery, and, it is possible even to break a jackpot.

It is worth emphasizing that without app you will play almost blindly, i.e. your chances of a victory will strikingly decrease, than in case of use of the utility. Thanks to the program you will be able many times more professionally and rationally to approach an opportunity to win.

In fact, in any lottery it is necessary to use this app. This is the axiom, no more. Besides, app can interact with combinations even up to 16 numbers that gives the chance to participate in more large-scale lotteries with not less high quantity of prizes.

Having summed up, it is necessary to tell that app doesn’t guarantee an absolute opportunity to win any given lottery, and only increases chances. And still, you became interested? Download the program and try to check the good luck.


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Lotto Wheels

Lotto Wheels is one of the most quite good alternatives to websites if you use phone more often, than the PC. It is app it is possible to call really progressive method of calculation of lottery numbers which have the highest chance to be advantageous.

The main objective of the utility is to increase chances of a victory. Accordingly, it has the following properties:

  • smart system for generating winning numbers, taking into account absolutely all factors and combinations of numbers in a particular lottery
  • selection of different games, such as four, five or even six digit combinations in order to win in a lottery
  • a high level of artificial intelligence study, for example, out of three combinations, it is able to make as much as six with different probabilities from the least to the most winning
  • probability to share combinations in network or with friends thanks to the built-in share function which allows to lay out your advantageous rooms both in social networks, and in messages

It is worth noting that this program is chosen by the very players who want to cover the largest number of all possible combinations. The app almost 100% probability guarantees that at least one combination of numbers created using the utility will be winning.

In rare cases, Lotto Wheels gives the user the opportunity to hit the jackpot. Thus, for hazardous players with cleverer and professional approach, app is the real find.

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