11 Best Digital Signature Apps for Android & iOS

Modern technologies give people many more opportunities for remote interaction. You can not only communicate over the Internet but also conduct business, make deals, work, or make purchases.

All you need is a smartphone or laptop, as well as a good internet connection. But there are also nuances. For example, you may have legal difficulties, as many documents for business require the personal signature of both parties.

Fortunately, at the moment it becomes real even from a distance. A digital signature is one of the new technologies that has not yet become popular among people. You may use it in collaboration with 11 Best Investment Apps 2020 (Android & iOS).

With it, you can simply sign digital documents without having to print them out or come to the office in person. We decided to find 11 Best Digital Signature Apps for Android & iOS.

DocuSign – Upload & Sign Docs

DocuSign - Upload & Sign DocsIf you want to use your electronic signature in various industries, you will need a quality application to create it.

DocuSign is one of the most popular applications in the world, which allows you to manage your signature and put it on various documents – financial, legal, as well as manage purchases or even create contracts for employees.

From your smartphone, you can sign any document for free, without having to use a scanner or a traditional version of the document. Your DocuSign signature is created with a special pen for touch screen or with your finger.

You can add an ID card with your official photo, name, company, and other information that your partners may need to sign. You may notice that DocuSign fully helps manage documentation that requires your attention or that of your colleagues.

DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs1 DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs2


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SignEasy | Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents

SignEasy Sign and Fill PDF and other DocumentsSign the document directly from the email application? With SignEasy, it becomes a reality and saves you time when you’re working hard. All your documents will be stored in one place on your smartphone, and you can easily get access to each of them.

SignEasy is designed to work on your tablet or smartphone, and its functionality allows you to sign documents in various formats – PDF, Word, Text, and others.

You can either sign each sheet of paper yourself or request a signature from other people. If your contracts or agreements are drawn up electronically, the partner or client can also put his signature on your device without problems.

Date formats, ink, or text style can be changed directly in SignEasy. You can save your signature as a template for easy reuse in the future.

You can also add different logos, mark directly in your document, or change information in one application. Work with the first 3 documents is free of charge, then it is necessary to purchase a subscription for a year or a month.

SignEasy Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents1 SignEasy Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents2


SignNow – Sign and Fill PDF Docs

SignNow - Sign and Fill PDF DocsFor any negotiations to be successful, you do not need to be present in the office. International companies have been using remote communication for a long time, but previously signatures on official documents could be put only in the personal presence of a person.

SignNow will allow you to close transactions anywhere by simply putting your signature on the smartphone screen. All agreements, contracts, and documents can be instantly sent to your partner from anywhere in the world.

SignNow is a simple and efficient electronic signature application, where you can finish working with documentation in a couple of minutes. The application also allows you to make your staff or customers work more efficiently to save time on paper printing.

All documents are downloaded from cloud storage or smartphone memory, so sometimes you don’t even need to connect to the Internet while you’re working. SignNow also provides signature templates so you can use them as many times as you need.

SignNow - Sign and Fill PDF Docs1 SignNow - Sign and Fill PDF Docs2


Digital Signature : E-Signature

Digital Signature E-SignatureDigital Signature is a great application for storing and creating electronic signatures, which allows you to quickly reproduce or deliver it in any situation.

You won’t have to make any extra effort to complete your documents – just open it in the application and run your business remotely. Digital Signature will help you in any situation, even when you have absolutely no time.

There are 2 ways to confirm your agreement with documents in the application. You can manually play your signature each time on the screen to work with documents or other official papers. This method is usually used if you later have to print the contract on paper.

The second option is an automatic signature – a standard agreement from the user. Digital Signature creates here an autograph or the photographic signature which will not be reproduced in a certain place on the document. Everything will happen so quickly that you will not even notice how you finished your work.

Digital Signature E-Signature1


Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe Fill & SignAdobe is the largest developer of document services for various platforms. Adobe Fill & Sign is a free application that allows you to sign official documents without using fax, scanner or even paper with a pen.

You can even take photos of your documents, and the service automatically converts them into the right format for your work.

First, you need to take a photo or upload a document to Adobe Fill & Sign. Then the direct work starts – you can check the boxes, underline something, or specify a date for signing the document. After this stage, the job remains small – just put your signature in the right place and send the form to other users or a colleague.

Any document in Adobe Fill & Sign is easy to fill out and sign, and forms are stored in one place in the application. Forget that you used to have to use a lot of technology to sign documents remotely!

It should be noted that the functionality of Adobe Fill & Sign is more extended in the iOS version, while the Android version is not always supported by devices.

Adobe Fill & Sign1 Adobe Fill & Sign2


Sign Doc – Sign and Fill Docs

Sign Doc - Sign and Fill DocsIf you’re concerned about the security of your own data and don’t want to use cloud storage or automatic email attachment access, you might like Sign Doc.

It provides users with complete data privacy and does not require any registration when you start using it. Here you’ll be able to create or sign your electronic signature in seconds, without having to send a copy to the developers’ server storage.

Sign Doc can also be used to create PDF files from documents that you have in real life. All you need to do is take a photo of a piece of paper, and the application will automatically detect its edges and convert it into a file.

After that, you can easily add text or your signature to the document, sending the final version to the recipient. Set file sizes and contracts, and convert everything into archives to save space on your device.

Sign Doc - Sign and Fill Docs1 Sign Doc - Sign and Fill Docs2


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DottedSign – eSign & Fill Documents

DottedSign - eSign & Fill DocumentsDottedSign is a complete service for signing documents, as well as the ability to work with multiple users. With its help, you can assign a task to several people who have signed, as well as monitor the status of the document in real-time.

DottedSign works both in web browsers (for computers and notebooks) and as an application on smartphones – it has the same functionality everywhere.

With the service, you can send any document to other users, and in the end, after receiving all necessary permissions, you will simply wait for the delivery of the final document.

You just need to import it and send it to other partners – your workflow will be simplified severalfold. DottedSign lets you both upload documents from cloud storage and email, and take photos of them by sharing your group.

From your contact list, you will need to add users who you will be communicating via DottedSign. Signature order, dates, fields, and other information are manually configurable by you – but can also be set by default.

DottedSign - eSign & Fill Documents1 DottedSign - eSign & Fill Documents2


SIGNificant E-Signing Client

SIGNificant E-Signing ClientA couple of clicks on your smartphone screen – and now all the documents you needed to sign have been returned to the place of demand.

SIGNificant gives enterprises and businesses a great way to optimize their documentation work while fulfilling all official obligations. To be able to sign any document, you only need your smartphone or tablet, as well as the document file itself.

SIGN offers you to reproduce your signature on your smartphone screen so that it can be attached to the required place on paper. As you write, you will notice that everything is absolutely realistic – it’s like writing on a normal sheet of paper.

It is also possible to fill out ready-made forms of PDF files or other formats – just attach there a ready-made version of your signature.

You can work without an Internet connection, the main thing is that the document itself is in the memory of your smartphone. You can also add any text to the contract or agreement, editing and supplementing it.

SIGNificant E-Signing Client1 SIGNificant E-Signing Client2



PDFfiller1PDFfiller is an application that is designed to fully and officially work with PDF files. Here you will not just sign – you can also modify the text, rework it with additional items, as well as immediately share the finished version with other users.

PDFfiller has proven itself perfectly in the work with contracts and resumes, where the employer will need your real signature. Business operations and work items will be much easier for you.

Each contract has its own structure, which is subject to a specific template. PDFfiller has over 10 million such templates that you can fill out on the go.

Documents obtained as a result of the work are easy to structure and view later from the application, as everything is located in folders. You can also upload them to cloud storage so they don’t take up the memory of the device itself.

In PDFfiller, you can authorize your regular business partners so that all your joint agreements can go through validation stages much faster.

PDFfiller2 PDFfiller


Fill: PDF Editor, Form Filler & e Signature app

Fill PDF Editor, Form Filler & e Signature appIf you are looking for a tool with which you can fully organize the documentation work on your smartphone, you can use Fill to do it. This application is designed for filling in, signing, and annotating files on the go.

You do not get distracted from your main tasks while signing the next document or adding details to the contract. Editing is very easy, and the intuitive interface and tools will help those who do not understand complex applications.

Fill can automatically detect the document fields that you need to fill out or sign. For this reason, the application is easy to work with the forms and templates you receive for review. Fill also has an automatic document scanner, which allows you to convert a sheet of paper into a full PDF file using a camera.

To receive finished files, you can integrate the application with your cloud storage or computer to automatically see them on your smartphone screen. And of course, you can create your own electronic signature here to quickly fill in the necessary documents.

Fill PDF Editor, Form Filler & e Signature app1 Fill PDF Editor, Form Filler & e Signature app2


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PandaDoc – Track & eSign Sales Docs

PandaDoc - Track & eSign Sales DocsThe PandaDoc service can be used to track the mass signing of a document or agreement, as well as the conclusion of electronic offers.

It is a standard document management application that offers you complete monitoring of the entire document approval process. Here you will see what happens to the file after you have sent it to the recipient, as well as receive real-time push notifications about the process.

PandaDoc requires an electronic signature for full use, which has real legal effect. It must meet the requirements of federal laws in order for all documents to be truly signed. PandaDoc also has a web service that expands your options.

With full synchronization of your accounts, you will see the documents used previously from all devices. CRM systems can be integrated into the application and sales teams can be connected, so that your customers will feel the full extent of your professionalism.

PandaDoc - Track & eSign Sales Docs1 PandaDoc - Track & eSign Sales Docs2


Such applications will be a great way to save time. The agreements and contracts you need to sign won’t need to be printed and scanned – everything can be digitally signed and emailed.

It is worth noting that you certainly will not use such services every day – it is unlikely that you are the head of a huge company. But even in the everyday life of an ordinary person, there are moments when it is really necessary to have such an opportunity.

We offer you just in case to install one of the most convenient applications on your smartphone so that you can always easily put your electronic signature on any document.

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