5 Best Lucky Numbers Apps for Android & iOS

Do you know what a lucky number is? Well, this term can be interpreted in many ways. In maths, a lucky number is a number that was generated according to a specific rule.

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However, another definition is that a lucky number is a number that was chosen out of the range of numbers.

Lucky Number Chooser

lucky-number-chooser-logoThis application helps you to pick a lucky number out of the range of numbers. What is more, in this number chooser you can share the group of lucky numbers with others meaning you can play the game with other people. 

How does the application work? It is quite simple to start.

  1. In Lucky Numbers, you can set the range of numbers you would like to choose from. It can reach 999. Please remember – the wider your range is, the more likely you are to pick your lucky number.
  2. Set how many lucky numbers need to be sorted out of the range. This will be performed automatically. If you wanna know how the algorithm works, you can read it in the guide. In fact, the app follows the math rules.
  3. Then tap on a button called ‘get number’. Every time you do it, you will get a new figure.

Lucky Number Chooser is completely free of charge. Download it on the App Store and start generating lucky numbers at a tap of a screen!



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Powerball Lucky Numbers

powerball-lucky-numbersHere is an application that might seem a bit different from others. However, it can also come in handy, especially if you are dealing with betting and you believe in numerology.

The app will ask for your name and give you the combinations, which might appear lucky for you. Please keep in mind that the algorithm isn’t based on statistics or betting analysis.

This is why it’s more about entertainment than prediction. However, it is still worth trying, at least for fun. The app is completely free to download and use.

Powerball Lucky Numbers can be installed on the App Store. We recommend using it on your iPad.



Smart Lotto Number Generator

smart-lotto-logoThis is a great application if you love the lottery. However, you can’t always guess the right number. And this is logical – the human brain can’t calculate everything and keep the details in mind.

This is why you should delegate such a hard task to a reliable app! Smart Lotto Number Generator uses artificial intelligence to give you the best numbers that can win.

For sure, the app can’t guarantee you win but it may increase your chances to pick the right number.

Here are the best options you will get for free: 

  • AI collects stats you can study. This will help you see some tendencies and create predictions to test in the future. 
  • Study the lotto results. There is a huge archive of the lotteries that have already been finished. All the data about them is collected in one app – there is no need to browse the Internet. 
  • Lotto Number Generator. This is a smart function that can give you lucky numbers. The algorithm is truly complicated but it uses statistics of past lotteries. 

The app has a basic and paid version. You can use Smart Lotto Number Generator for free but in this case, the number of functions available will be strictly limited.

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You can get the application on the App Store.



Lucky Number


Here is a super simple application to work with lucky numbers. The main purpose of the app is to have fun – it has no connection to math operations and figures.

How does the app work? It’s pretty simple – the app creates a random set of numbers to choose from. What you need to do is to pick a number. You can choose as many as you want.

If the number is lucky, you will be notified. This is a great way to test your luck and intuition!

The app works like a lottery of some kind. You pick a number and if it’s a lucky one, you win. The only difference is that you don’t get money.

Another cool thing about the application is that it is super small – you will need only 3 MB to install and use it.

What’s more, the app is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play. Users appreciate its simple interface and the idea in general.

The app is available for Android users only. Lucky Numbers are free of charge.



Lucky Number

lucky-number-logoIf you are looking for a fun app that could entertain you, try Lucky Numbers. You don’t have to do anything manually to test your luck, just tap on a screen. 

There are two ways of getting your lucky number in this app: 

  • You can do it using your date of birth. Set the date and press enter. You will see your lucky number and color for this day. 
  • Get the number by entering your name. The algorithm remains the same. 

The app has nice animation and a simple interface that will make the process fast and fun. 

at the moment, the Lucky Number app is available on Google Play only. 



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