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13 best free movie apps for Android & IOS in 2016

Movie theaters are everywhere these days. But there is a little problem with those Pentagon size IMAXes. They only show so many movies on one given day (or week). Everything else we have to stream or download. Check out free movie apps for that. Let’s not forget that modern times are TV series and sitcom times. They are not available in theaters either. To stream videos you need data connection, obviously.  Check your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection before tapping “Play”. Once you get that sorted out you can enjoy any of these apps.

Flipps HD

app-logo  We are positioning this app first because it can do so much with it! You can watch viral videos, listen to music and stream movies not only on your Android phone but also on your TV as well. There is a crazy feature of live streaming sites simultaneously in your smartphone and TV in no time. That you will probably never use.

This can give you another thing you crave for: DOWNLOADING. Check first though, maybe your particular movie cannot be downloaded.

Updates never really cause a trouble. Glitches and unintended exits from the apps are not about this app either.

unnamed (3)

The variety of content will probably make you lose your job: anime, sports, news, kids series, your regular cartoons and other things you will type into that search box.

The sad thing is the one little glitch is when the screen indicates “No Content”.


Download size: 10.80 MB, may vary with devices.

Play Store rating: 3.9*, 1+ million downloads.

Google play free download here

iTunes free download

Android version: 3.0 or later.

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ViewSter is basically the best streaming website. Lucky us, an app is available as well. viewster-logo

With ViewSter app, you can easily watch movies online, stream TV series, and more. The navigation is every user-friendly, and no need to sign up nor to create an account. Best part it is compatible with Chromcast, through which you can enjoy streaming videos with highest quality on your TV.

In a fast spinning world where 1 second buffering feels like eternity very minor freezing issues of ViewSter could be quite irritating as the movie freezes too. Have a little patience: you are watching a work of art of for free!

The interface looks a movie geek heaven. Want to choose genre? Sure thing!

unnamed (4)

Tired of keeping in your head all the movies you want to watch? Or you know people who are always behind the latest releases (like parents and grandparents)? Create a Watchlist!

unnamed (5)

And without anime video services do not look complete these days.



Download size: 8.40 MB. just tiny!

Play Store rating: 3.4*, 5+ million downloads.

Google play free download

iTunes free download

Android version: 4.1 or later.

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Crackle is one more excellent app for you.

скачанные файлы (3)

Easy navigation here, browse for whatever you want. Crackle supports streaming to bigger screens as well. It can run for days without any issues at all.


Even if you go to anime category Crackle interface is quite dark. Some light-hearted fans will probably prefer more colorful apps.


Here is a movie I like. DRIVE.

images (4)

Gaming consoles are the new TVs. Crackle will be with you on consoles as well. But quite a few commercials will be with you as well, on any platform.

On iPhone you can use the app without logging in. But if you need such an option it is there.


Download size: 11 MB.

Play Store rating: 3.7*.

Google play free download

iTunes free download

Android version: 4.0.3 or later.

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The first of the apps I cannot pronounce. Is it “who you be”? But pay attention. Hubi can download any videos from the web. 

Hubi can work with Android 2.2. For old phone fans. (How is the battery life, guys?)

скачанные файлы

This app works with servers in a very efficient way. You can choose the link that works faster. That is crucial when it comes to downloading.

Interface has a kind of “lush blue and black” palette.

скачанные файлы (4)

And it creates a movie history. At least you will not forget the titles of films you have seen.

One little thing: ads in free in version can catch your eye too much. Paying small fee will make Hubi cleaner.


Download size: 7.73 MB. Smaller than small.

Play Store rating: 4.1*, 1+ million downloads.

Google play free download

Android version: 2.2 or later

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tubi-tv-logoThis movie app is similar to the website but, some of the optimizations done for its mobile version make it very easy to work. You can stream movies of all genres. Tubi TV provides a large movie cover, no need for user to tap them to watch. Whenever a movie is chosen, it provides you complete description showing you the release date, duration, rating and genre. You can get your TV shows here too.

This app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-ray players etc.

TubiTV has an ironical but useful “Not On Neftlix” category.



Download size: 13.14 MB.

Play Store rating: 4.1*, 1+ million downloads.

Google play free download

iTunes free download

Android version: 4.1 or later.


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ShowBox was the top dog of movie apps. It is still is for many users but, we hear, sometimes it just stops working.


Well, this app is a treasure for people who like dark colors. And it shows TV series as well.


South Park’s light fresh colors make the cartoon even more desirable in the middle of ShowBox’s gothic palette.


You can choose video resolution as well. In fact you can stream up to Full HD (1080P) quality videos.

Screenshot_2015-12-15-19-29-17-576x1024Ant-man is fun stuff by the way

Without paying a dime you get to download videos and films for free.

Categories are defined very specifically.

shobox categories


Download size: 10.51 MB.

Play Store rating: 4.1*, 1+ million downloads.

Google play free download

Android version: 4.0.3 or later.

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Free movies

This app is going for a record with over 10 million downloads.

images (5)Another achievement is that it works with ancient Android Gingerbread, that is Android 2.3 -2.3.7. Cheer up, old phone fans!

Those old phones have memory shortage issues. This app is 994 KB, less than 1 MB.

Just like with other apps reviewed here there is no need to install any flash player in your android device.


Download size: 994KB.

Play Store rating: 3.2*, 10+ million downloads.

Google Play free download

Android version: 2.3 or later.

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Big Star Movies

Another free movie app for android with more than 1 million downloads count. And specially for people and lovers of Latino culture: BigStar Latino!!! Rated 18+


It is one of free Android app which provides free movie streaming in tons of movie categories like film noir, horror films, etc. Not each and every movie listed in this app is not free, but still there are hundreds of titles which you can watch for free without adding any credit card info.

Though, this app is free to use but if you want to access full catalog of this app, then you have to signup to their premium plan which costs 4.99$ per month.


Download size: 3.46 MB.                                              For BigStar Latino: 3.84 MB

Play Store rating: 3.6*, 1+ million downloads.  For BigStar Latino: 3.0*, 1k +

Google play free download

For BigStar Latino

iTunes free download

The variety offered makes you feel like in a shopping mall where making choice is difficult as thousands of options are all over you.

unnamed (6)screen322x572 (1)unnamed (7)

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It is one of the best movie apps for android but the reason we listed so low is that it is available for few devices currently.


Watching free movies on your Android gadget with Yidio is very easy.  Check out the navigation menu.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

There are many free movies and TV series in this app but for some movies and TV shows, you have to pay.


With the help of its good filters and advanced search box, you can find your favorite movie by Genre and producer. Yidio offers a request movie option too using which you can request any movie. You will get a notification once that movie is available on Yidio.

There is a nice little option for forgetful people or people who watch too many series. I mean there are at least 20 good shows per week, right?



Download size: varies with devices.

Play Store rating: 3.9*, 1+ million downloads.

Google play free download  

iTunes free download

Android version: varies with devices.

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1527de9f433049b95e496490b287ee74Don’t you forget YouTube!

In fact you can’t because it comes out-of-the-box with your Android device. On Apple devices it is available through Safari browser for sure.

All kind of videos are present in its database, and movies as well.

Its interface that’s become classic should be preserved in prominent museum on a VIP spot.



Download size: 12.25 MB

Play Store rating: 4.1*, 1+ billion downloads.

Google play free download

iTunes free download

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If you have not heard, Netflix video streaming website is about 1/3 of internet traffic in North America. This is the original cause of binge watching epidemy.


Very generously the company offers 1 month free trial.

The interface looks as expensive as it can get.




User can start watching a video on one device, then resume the same video on another one. IT magic.

Screenshot+Media+Orange+is+sthe+New+Black2014-06-07+13.25 Orange is the new black. Netflix is the new TV.

Reminder: only the 1st month is free.

Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix membership fee at the end of the free month unless you cancel prior to the end of the first month. Your Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Go to “Your Account” on the Netflix website for cancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partial monthly subscription periods


Download size: 14.60 MB

Play Store rating: 4.4*, 100+ million downloads.

Google play free download

iTunes free download

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Popcornflix is a 100% free movie app.


PF offers a variety choice from a big database. You get genres like Action, Comedy, Horror, Romance and so on.


I bet some of you will be very happy. Check out the category we circled for you. Popcornflix offers Espanol!!!

But there is strong evidence that it has problems working with Roku (Roku 2 and 3).

PF also play tons of ads. Might take time to get to the actual movie. And some categories offer a scarce choice. 


Only for IOS (iPad and iPhone).

Size: 16.1 MB

iTunes free download

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The free movie app for SnagFilms is available on most devices, easy to use, and lets you share films over social media. The list is quite long: Windows 8, Amazon Kindle, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Panasonic Blu-ray player. Plus your regular Android and IOS.

On the iPhone app, you’re able to scroll through the genres and view popular, recently added, and other sections of movies on the main page.

скачанные файлы (5)

Ads here can be annoying as well.


And big titles with huge box office are rare commodity here.

Download size: 22.4 MB

Play Store rating: 3.6*, 500k+ downloads

Google play free download

iTunes free download


They do not sell Full HD and 4K phones and tablets for nothing. You can lose or reinvent yourself surfing through streaming world in your screen. At least one of these apps will be a proper guide to that world.

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