7 Best Poker Odds Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Wanna know your chances to win in poker? This article got you covered!

Here’s a list of the best poker odds calculator apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you boost your poker game by counting the probability of winning or losing. You can use these apps at any stage of the game, and estimate the chances of your opponents as well. Let’s dive in!

Evenbet Poker Calculator

Evenbet Poker Calculator

That’s a poker estimator to count your winning probability.

It’s simple yet a functional tool that estimates your chances in poker right away. It works for Holdem and Omaha games and lets you compare your winning chances with the chances of other players at the table.

To do that, you’ll need to quickly input your cards and the stage of the session, and the app will do all the analyses in secs. It works for all stages from pre-flop to river, so you’re all the way covered. Plus, the app supports voice input, which is handy if your hands are busy.

You may also modify the digit of opponents and the type of poker you’re playing. Along with chances, the app also estimates your EV and equity. It also keeps track of your hands’ history. All the features are free, and the app is not overloaded with ads, which is pleasant.

Evenbet Poker Calculator 2
Evenbet Poker Calculator 1

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Enterra Poker Calculator

Poker Calculator enterra

It’s a handy tool to analyze your poker games with.

The app supports various poker types and covers some useful features to estimate your odds. It runs on smart algorithms that provide the most accurate results possible. The app covers several poker types, from Omaha to Holdem.

It works pretty fast, and the estimation takes a few of secs to get done, so you can use it for smarter decisions. You’ll need to input the cards and the stage of the game you’re currently at. The app supports voice input, so you can add your cards without distraction.

As for the game stage, the game covers everything from pre-flop to river There are also in-depth analysis tools that let you estimate fanatical aspects of the game by calculating EV and equity.

Poker Calculator enterra 1
Poker Calculator enterra 2

Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator

Here’s a poker odds analyzer that estimates your winning chances in a blink of an eye.

The app estimates the odds and probabilities in two ways. First, it can make a full odds calculation for up to 9 players, depending on the number of unknown metrics. The other way to generate a report is via a simulation.

You get to manually set up the accuracy, so no worries here. When it comes to post-flops, the outs get calculated for each participant when all the cards are known. At this point, you’ll see the card (or cards) that are needed to win.

All the estimations get saved for quicker results of previously counted hands. The app supports several poker types, so you can pick the one you’re currently playing for more accuracy. It runs on sub-packs: the paid one lets you turn off the ads and cover more games.

Poker Odds Calculator 1
Poker Odds Calculator 2

Odds Calculator for Poker

Odds Calculator for Poker

That’s a poker calc that lets you review your strategy and estimate the winning probability.

The app is not very rich when it comes to features, but it can still be quite useful. All it does is makes multi-way calculation range by range. Herewith, the app covers various poker positions and there are special presets you can switch to maximum accuracy.

As for the presets, you can calculate the chances to win in UTG, middle position, small blind, and more. Plus, you’ll get to analyze the best possible seat at the table to get to act the last after the flop.

More to that, the app lets you estimate the equity by handy range. You’ll also get to estimate the win rate by hand range. To do that, you’ll need to input the cards along with the unknown ones and the app will do the rest. The simulation can estimate up to 10 people at once.

Odds Calculator for Poker 1
Odds Calculator for Poker 2

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Poker Calculator

Poker Calculator

It’s a free poker analyzer that helps you estimate your win chances.

First of all, this app only works for Holdem, the other types are yet to be added. It covers multiple features to compute the winning probability, so you could estimate your chances as quickly as possible. As for the mechanics, you’ll need to import the cards and player hands, and that’s it.

Herewith, the app won’t just check a few random card combos. Instead, it takes all the possible combos into account and estimates probabilities for all of them. The app will cache all the estimates and results, so if ever face smth similar, the results will be instant.

All the margin and threshold settings are there by default, so you won’t need to adjust these manually. You won’t also need to input all the cards and hands at the table, but you can add accidentally exposed cards if needed. The amount of players for calculation is unlimited, and you won’t be able to input the same cards twice.

Poker Calculator 1
Poker Calculator 2

Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator app

This app will quickly estimate your odds and tells the chances of winning or losing.

It comes with a simple and intuitive UI, so you won’t spend much time figuring out how it works. However, the app is fully dedicated to Texas Holdem, so keep that in mind. Your job here is to enter your cards, so the app could tell you how likely it is to win with those.

The calculation gets done by calculating your hands against the table. Herewith, the app also estimates the odds of your opponents, which leads to more accurate results. It works for various game positions, so you can use it at any time.

The analysis usually takes a few of secs, so you’ll get the results right away. All the previously estimated hands will be saved and if you’ll come across the same situation twice, you’ll get an instant report in secs. The app is free, but there are a bunch of annoying ads.

Poker Odds Calculator app 1
Poker Odds Calculator app 2

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Odds Calculator Poker

Poker Odds Calculator Offline

And lastly, we have odds calc app that shows your winning probability.

The app runs offline, so you can use it at any time needed. Your goal here is to input your cards and hands at the table. Then, the app will analyze your odds along with the odds of other players and give you a simple report of the chances.

It only works for Holdem, so if you tend to try other poker types, it may not be that useful. The app covers all stages of the game, from pre-flop, so it’s always there to analyze your chances.

You’ll get to regulate the number of your opponents as well, so no worries. All the previous calculations get cached to provide instant results in the future.

Poker Odds Calculator Offline 1
Poker Odds Calculator Offline 2
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