15 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

There’s nothing more annoying than when your fave song cuts off because of the web connection loss. Luckily, there’s a simple way to get rid of that problem once and for all.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best free music download apps for Android you could try. These apps let you explore the music and easily save any song for offline listening. Some of these apps run on sub-packs, but each one of those comes with a free trial. Let’s dive in!

YouTube Music

If you’re on the hunt for a music platform, this is one of the top choice apps to go for. Its collection features over 70 mill songs and new ones get added on a regular basis. The content includes live shows, covers, remixes, and all that fun stuff.

The tracks are categorized by genre, but there are plenty of other ways to search for music here. There are tons of playlists made by the app and other users that let you search for tracks with a certain vibe. With time, the app will learn your musical taste and start suggesting the concert you may be interested in.

You’ll also get to make custom mixes and save them entirely with one tap. Herewith, the ability to load tunes offline comes with YT Premium, so keep that in mind.


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Spotify Music

Does this app even need an introduction? It might be the most-used streaming service out there, so chances are you’re already familiar with it. This app has tons of pros and one of them is the ability to save entire mixes for effortless loads.

Of course, it requires a pro sub pack, but there are plenty of ways to make it more affordable (like when you’re a student or smth). You can also go for a free trial to find out if the app satisfies your needs or not.

Likewise, the app covers various kinds of content. It features podcasts in all possible themes. You’ll even get to save podcast episodes for offline listening if needed. The app is also known for its high sound quality, so no worries there.



That’s another well-known app for music discovery. It’s great if you want to find some new tracks and don’t want to pay for them. The app has one of the richest collections with over 300M tracks. And that’s including small local artists from over 190 countries worldwide.

There are also tons of remixes and covers you won’t find in other similar apps. Another thing that makes this app suitable for discovery is the enormous amount of curated mixes with all kinds of vibes in the world. Herewith, you’ll get to make custom mixes and share them with the community as well.

The number of mixes to make is infinite, and you’ll get to save all the tracks in it with one tap for offline loading. You’ll also get to follow your fave performers to keep up with new releases if needed.


Napster Music

You may not hear about this app at all, but it’s a great option for unlimited streaming. It covers millions of turns in all possible genres, so there’s smth for everyone. The app also learns your musical taste and starts to offer the content you’ll potentially like.

You’ll get to create your own mixes and make them public to share with the world. It also lets you make countless playlists for all vibes and occasions. Plus, the app features thousands of official music videos that you can watch if needed.

All the content can be saved and loaded offline for free. And if that’s not enough, the app doesn’t display ads which makes it a perfect candidate for the best source to use for music. Plus, the app provides high sound quality that doesn’t get affected by the saving.



It’s another music app that lets you browse tracks offline with no payment. That’s right, not tracks here: to additional fees, subs, and credit card info requirements. The app has millions of performers and clips you can save with one tap.

All the tunes are categorized by genre and each one comes with high-quality sound. The app also has an uninterrupted listening exp without any annoying ads.

It offers endless skips (which is incredibly cool) and you’ll get to listen to music off-screen for multitasking. The app even comes with a built-in song recognizer that lets you identify any track in secs. The download is unlimited as well, so no worries.


Amazon Music

If you’ve never considered trying a music app made by Amazon, maybe it’s time to change your mind. The free pack of this app lets you enjoy endless music and podcasts with ads and if you’re a Prime member already you’ll automatically get rid of ads here.

Thus, if you already have a membership, and you’re not playing on discontinuing it, this app is a great option for you. The collection of tracks is impressive, and new content gets added regularly. Plus, countless playlists ease the exploration quite a lot.

You’ll also get to save mixes in one tap and listen to them at any time, anywhere. Once you’ll use the app for a while, the app will learn your taste and start offering tracks based on your likes.


MP3 Hunter

This app lets you find and save the tracks for the offline load. It has a wide lib of tracks in all possible genres. All of these are categorized by genre, so it’s simple to find smth specific.

The collection gets regular updates, so you won’t miss any new trends at any point. The quality is pretty high, and you’ll get to make countless playlists for all the occasions you could think of (aka sports, study, work, and whatever else).

You’ll be able to look for songs via genes, tags, and mixes made by the app. Once you’ve saved the track, it will be available at any time without a web connection. There are no limits on that, so no worries.


Turbo Download Manager

Well, this app stands out from the list as it’s not your regular music platform. It doesn’t feature its own collection for you to browse through or smh. It’s actually a manager that makes file saving as simple as it can be.

More to that, the app has a built-in browser to search for files and save them right to your SD card. The app has multithreaded saves and lets you save with Wi-Fi or Cell. You can also set up the saving space in case you plan to store files on the SD card.

All the downloads happen in the bg, and the app keeps track of your entire history if needed. It also comes with a built-in player that copes with numerous formats of files.


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It’s a platform with a wide array of high-quality music. This app is able to satisfy the demand of all the music lovers out there, it has all the possible genres and individual recs to help you uncover new performers.

The capacity to save the song is incorporated in a pro pack, but you get a monthly trial to find out if it works for you. You’ll get to explore countless mixes and thematic compilations to find new tracks to listen to.

You’ll also get to make multiple folders of your fave tunes and save them all in one tap. Herewith, the app covers thousands of clips you can watch for free.


Music Downloader

As you could guess by the name, this app is fully dedicated to offline streams. It lets you search for your fave tunes and save them to your device as easily as pie, and all of that with HQ sound. You’ll get to save multiple songs at the same time without a loss in speed, which is handy.

For now, the app’s collection covers over a million tracks, which is one of the biggest libs out there. You’ll get to search by the artists, genre, song title, album, and more. Most tracks offer various quality performances to select from as well.

Once you’ve saved the song, you’ll get to load it at any time, even without a web connection. You’ll also get to set a certain track as your ringtone or a notification bell.


Free Music

This app lets you load songs and vids wherever you are. It has a simple UI and all the latest releases and clips. All the content is free, and you’ll get to see anything with a few taps.

The app lets you save multiple tracks at once, which is handy. The sage goes for albums, so you won’t need to go through every song separately. The quality is pretty nice as well, and most songs let you pick the quality you’re interested in.

The collection gets regular updates, so you won’t miss any of the hottest releases. As for the search bar, you’ll get to search by albums, artists, genres, and more. There are also mixes with the most favored tracks if needed.


Music Downloader Mp3

The concept of this app is beyond simple: it lets you find tunes and save them for offline loading. You can also use it as a full-on streaming platform if needed, but it is not the best option for that.

The app offers a diverse music lib with millions of turns in all genres. It lets you search by multiple parameters and runs on AI that helps to receive accurate results.

The built-in player is nice as well, and it also displays lyrics online. The saving happens quickly, and you’ll get to save multiple tracks at once. The UI is quite minimal, but there are numerous themes you could try to make it match your requirements.


MP3 Downloader

Here’s an app that lets you load and save over 30M songs. This app is all about customization and flexibility, so you’ll get to adjust multiple things in there. You’ll get to change up the theme, set up an equalizer, regulate the speed, and so on.

Along with songs, it also covers some music clips and even lives radio stations if needed. And the best thing is, the app is completely free. You get endless skips, saves, and HQ sound without spending a cent.

The app has a player to load songs, vids, and even movies. You’ll get to make countless mixes for all occasions, and there are tons of pre-made sizes made by other users for you to explore.



With this app, you’ll get to discover the hottest singles and save them in a blink of an eye. The app’s collections include over 10M songs in all genres, and new ones get added regularly.

There are hundreds of curated mixes made by other users, so it’s easy to find new songs to like. You’ll get to make your own mixes as well and there are no limits there whatsoever.

Each song on this app can be saved in secs, and you can also save multiple tracks at once. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to access these tracks at any time without the web connection.


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And lastly, there’s a music platform that supports offline listening. The central idea of this one is to help you find songs that match your vibe and lifestyle. It has a simple UI and millions of tracks ready to be explored.

It runs on smart tech that examines your likes to get better at recs. The app lets you make numerous mixes and search for ones made by other people. Then, you’ll be able to download all songs in those playsuits with a single tap.

Plus, there’s a built-in song identifier that will recognize any dongs that play nearby. As for the other cool tools, there’s a sleep timer and endless skips. You’ll also get to share your playsuits on socials with one tap.

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