7 Free Roulette Odds Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Looking for a way to give you an edge in roulette without cheating? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Casino games are all about odds, and we’ve rounded up the best free roulette odds calculator apps for Android & iOS you could try. These are must-have gambling apps that help you stay on top of the game with minimal effort.

These apps use smart tools to estimate your chances of winning and help to increase these, too. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these apps are game-changers when it comes to roulette. Let’s get into it!

Roulette Dashboard

This app is here to become your constant gambling companion. It works with roulette, online and offline casinos, so whatever your interests are, it will come in handy. The good thing is, the UI of this one is pretty simple, so even if it’s your first time trying such tools, you’ll quickly figure it out.

All you need is to enter the roulette numbers into the app and use one of the features to analyze the odds and build a strategy. The app supports 3 types of roulette wheels: European, American, and a random one. As for the analyses, you can use a frequency distribution to identify the segments of the wheel that were hit more often than others.

Plus, there’s a tool that shows you the neighboring numbers of the last number hit. The app also lets you practice with an interactive roulette table. You can use it to recognize which chances were hit at the same time. And if that’s not enough, there’s an instrument that shows the hot roulette numbers (aka the ones that were hit most recently).


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Roulette Bet Counter

It’s an app to help you win a big roulette. It’s a smart tool that lets you count, analyze and predict the hits and become a more successful player. The app works with both online and offline casinos, so you’re all the way covered. The mechanic is simple, you add the hit numbers, and the app will count and predict which fields you should play in the next round.

The app will suggest the numbers at a higher possibility and warn you if the zero came out a while ago. It will help you estimate your odds and submits fields and numbers for you to choose from. You can also set up alert levels for certain roulette bests if needed.

The app helps you develop a personalized roulette strategy that will help to increase your winnings and reduce losses. It gives recs tailored to your individual needs, so you have a complete guide to help you hone your skills and become a master of the game. With this app, you can easily identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions to maximize your success.


Roulette Predictor & Calculator

This app provides reasonable predictions that help to increase your chances of winning in roulette. You can use it for both online and real-life casinos, which is handy. The recs the app gives are not random, but if you’re worried about the accuracy (fair enough), make sure to test it out with online vids of roulette sessions.

Of course, the app is not always right, so don’t consider it to be a magic pill or smth. The app is based on math and kinematics, but you don’t need any extra skills to use it. All you need is to input the numbers on the roulette, and the app will analyze it and give you the odds. You’ll get the success rate in %, and the app lets you customize a couple of metrics for better accuracy.

Plus, you can use the app by pressing the button every time the ball passes 0. This helps the app to count up the speed and acceleration, and it can predict numbers you should play based on it. There’s also a paid version that lets you use the offset if needed.



Here’s an AI-powered app that will increase your chances of winning in roulette. As for the concept, it’s a classic odds calculator, just with AI tech integrated. It’s all about simplicity, so you can use the app without any advanced skills.

What you should do here is to enter the last 10 numbers. Once it’s done, the app will analyze the pattern and predict the next number using AI. As you may guess, the more numbers you add, the better the app gets at predicting the numbers for every specific situation.

You can use it for both online and offline sessions, but it’s recommended to test the accuracy of videos first. The UI of this one is pretty sleek, and there are no bugs there. The app saves all the numbers you enter automatically, so even if you’ll close the app accidentally, the info won’t get lost. It’s also free to use, so there are no reasons not to try it.


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Roulette Calculator

That’s a handy app to calculate the odds for your next roulette spin. The app is not made for roulette checking, though, its only goal is to increase your chances of a success rate. Of course, no calculator is able to provide a 100% accurate prognosis, so don’t rush to use it without testing first. At least try it with online outlet games that don’t deal with real money.

All you need to do here is to enter the numbers, so the app could analyze them and predict the probability for the next spin. The app is easy to use and tends to get the job done well enough. It will analyze your game and help to come out with strategies to optimize your chances of winning.

The app works with several types of roulette, and you can use it for online sessions as well. Beyond that, the app will give you tips on how to get better at gaming in general. There might be some standard tips for betting on the outside of the wheel, but they still can be useful.


Smart Roulette Tracker

Looking for a simple way to get better with roulette? This app can help. It’s a smart tool that will analyze your session and help to boost the chances of winning. The app supports American and European roulette times, and you can switch between them seamlessly.

Plus, it comes with an overview of git numbers and the overall hit bet stats for you to use. And don’t forget to set up alerts to be notified at the right time and make a smart choice. The app works great if you want to build a personal strategy, too. The app also covers various types of bets, from columns to liners, and all that.

It covers several betting strategies for you to learn and tells you when is the best time to use each of them. All the strategies get explained in detail, so you’ll quickly get to use them. It takes literal secs to calculate the odds with this app, so no worries.


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Roulette Inside Number Counter

As you may guess by the name, this app is here to advise you on how to play roulette smarter. It’s an analytical tool that will constantly track the number stats and give you hints according to it. The app will estimate winning odds and suggests the numbers for you to play with.

You’ll get two lists of numbers: one for the ones with the highest winning chances and one for the non-recommended numbers as well. The app overs stats info about the numbers, so you’ll get to see when you last came out, the percentage incidence, occurrence number, and all that.

Besides, you’ll get to set up monitoring for two alert levels: red and yellow. And don’t forget to adjust the settings for the app to fully match your preferences. The app supports American and European roulette and works equally well for online and online sessions.

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