8 Best Parking Meter Apps For The USA 2024

Getting tired of looking for a parking meter and constantly losing tickets? This article is here to help!

There are plenty of parking meter apps for the USA that will make your parking experience way better. Now, you’ll get to control your sessions right from your phone by expanding the time and paying online. That’s right, no more coins needed! Plus, these apps will help to find the best spots across the country and get the best deals.

We’ve gathered together the best apps in that category you may try. Let’s dive in!



To begin with, we have an app that will help you park smarter.

It’s an ultimate parking app that lets you skip the actual parking meters and pay right on your device. To cope with that, you’ll need to fill in the zone number from the sign, pick the period of time you’re planning to park and start a session. The app is available in over 3K locations across the US including NY, Miami, Chicago, and more.

Beyond that, the app lets you remotely expand the session time with one tap if needed. You may also set up the alerts to notify you when the time is about to expire. Herewith, you may customize the notification to get vie email, text, and so on. Plus, you may mark your fave parking spots for the next time. Each ACC lets you store up to 5 cars, which is handy.

The app also comes with a car finding feature that will guide you to the places you’ve left your vehicle. It also lets you book spots and garages. The reservation works in over 500 cities for now, and more are yet to come. You may also save up to 50% by booking the spots ahead, so consider that.

ParkMobile 1 ParkMobile 2 

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Next, there’s an app to plan your parking and get past parking meters.

The main goal of this app is to help you find the best pull up spots in any location. It’s incredibly useful if you’re planning to park in an airport, or another crowded place. Plus, it lets you book the spots remotely with just one tap. It works across all the major cities in the US, such as NYC, SF, Boston, and more.

Besides, the app covers some hot deals and lets you save up to 50% while reserving a car spot. It also lets you reserve garages and valets. The mechanic is simple: just enter the time and date you need to book, scroll although the options, pick the best one, and it’s done. The majority of sorts require a pre-payment, so keep that in mind.

Once it’s done, the app will get you to the parking spots as a regular navigator. The app also lets you make a mobile parking pass that will show the time you have left along with the total price. You’ll also get to pay for the session online, which is very convenient. The app is free, but it displays quite a lot of ads.

SpotHero 1 SpotHero 2 

Passport Parking

Passport Parking

This is an app that helps to manage your parking exp.

The central idea of his app is to set you free from the necessity to deal with meters. Thus, you’ll get to save the time you usually spend on finding a meter, and you won’t have to search for it during bad weather. It lets you pay for a parking session on the go with just a couple of taps. Yeah, you’ll need to enter your card details, but the app has high-security standards, so no concerns about that.

Beyond that, there won’t be any price surprises for you with this app. It gets you to view all the prices remotely and see if they’re changed (which sometimes happens with free parking). The app also lets you set notifications to warn you when the session’s time is about to end. If it happens, you’ll get to expend the time with one tap as well.

You will also get all the receipts by email, which is pleasant. The app saves the history of all your sessions, and you get to save the receipts for any of them at any time. You may also mark your fave spots for the future if needed. The app is free and doesn’t have any sub-packs or paid features.

Passport Parking 1 Passport Parking 2 


Best Parking

It’s an app that will help you find and prearrange the spots for the best price.

The main tool here is a spot finder that is incredibly helpful if you’re planning to visit another city or park in some crowded areas. The app lets you view all the parking options in the needed area, compare prices, and pick the one that works best for you.

It works in plenty o cities in North America, and lets you book a spot at primary airports in LA, NYC, Chicago, and more. Above that, the app offers pretty good discounts that let you save up to 40% b reserving a spot ahead. Along with the spots, you’ll also get to reserve garages and lots if needed. Then, the app will build a route to your spot and guide you with directions.

Once the space gets reserved, you’ll get a digital parking pass, which sets you free from using a meter. You may set reminders to warn you when the time is about to end to avoid fees. Plus, you get to expand session time with a couple of taps on your device.

Best Parking 1 Best Parking 2 

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As you may guess by the name, it’s a parking app made especially for Chicago.

This app will help to manage your parking exp with just a couple of taps on your device. It relieves you from the need to find of a meter or run to in under rain or smth. No rush, no stress – just an easy paring with just on app. The mechanics are simple: you just need to enter an app’s sign placed on parking.

Of course, you’ll need to search for parking with such signs, but all of them are marked on the map within the app and there are plenty of options to choose from. You may also set reminders to tell when you’re running out of session time. In that case, you’ll get to expand the time right from the app without effort.

Once you’re done, you get to pay for the session online. You’ll need card details for that, but the app runs on powerful security algorithms, so no worries. Plus, all the receipts get sent via email, which is handy. All your sessions get saved in the app, and you have aces to any receipt at any time.

ParkChicago 1 ParkChicago 2 



This app will help you get the best out of parking across the US.

Its central goal is to help you find parking wherever you go: in major cities, airports, and all that. Herewith, you’ll get to check all the prices to avoid unpleasant surprises, make a comparison and pick the best one. The app also offers plenty of discounts for those who prearrange the spots in advance.

More to that, the app lets you book garages and lots, easy as pie. It works across the US and the new cities get added regularly. Once the book is done, the app provides you with a mobile pass that sets you free from using a parking meter. In case you’re parking inside a facility, the app will also send you an entering QR code.

The app will also send you reminders when you’re soon will come to an end, so no worries. Plus, you’ll get to expand the session with one tap if needed. The app lets you pay for the session online, and all the receipts will get sent to your email.

ParkWhiz 1 ParkWhiz 2 



It’s an app that will show you how to park smarter and faster.

The app provides you with detailed, informative maps with all the paring spots in the needed areas. You’ll get to check all the rates and prices, to avoid unwanted surprises. You may also sub to some spots and set notifications for price updates and deals. The app lets you correspond the prices and pick the best options available.

Plus, the app contains real-time info about the number of free spots on each parking, which is handy. The same goes for the lots and garages. Once you’ve parked, you may set an in-app timer to avoid meters, overpricing, and all. You won’t need a ticket as well as the app will give you a digital one.

Then, you may set reminders to tell you when the session’s time will come to an end. In case you won’t be ready to leave, you’ll get to expand the session time without any effort. Once it’s done, you’ll need to fulfill an online payment and the receipt will get sent to your email.

ParkMe 1 ParkMe 2 

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And lastly, we have an app that will show you all the advantages of digital parking.

First of all, the app lets you find a perfect spot wherever you are. It lets you compare the price, view the real-time amount of fee pots, and pick the best option. Plus, it lets you avoid searching for a parking meter, which can save lots of time and nerves. Once it’s done, you’ll get to view real-time session info in one place.

You’ll get to view the time you’ve left for the session and set the notifications to remind you the time is running out. Herewith, the app lets you expand the time of the session with a couple of taps. Plus, you’ll be able to pay cashless, so no more coin hunting and tickets that get lost easily.

All the receipts get sent to your email, so no worries. The app covers both off-street and on-street parking, so there’s smth for everyone. It also lets you reserve the spots up to a month ahead. The app works across the US, and it recently started working in several major cities in Europe.


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