7 Free Offline Browser Apps for Android & iOS

People always associate the word “Browser” with the Internet. Of course – without a network connection the browser will surely give you an error and will not be able to load any of the pages you are interested in.

You won’t even be able to find any information, simply because the search will be impossible. But there is such a concept as an offline browser – that’s what we want to tell you about. We also have the list with 11 Best Private Browser Apps for Android & iOS.

The meaning of offline browsers is that the user, when connected to the network, downloads certain web pages, articles, sites, videos, or any other content. It is automatically saved in the memory of your smartphone, so you can use them at any time.

Of course, this does not give you the full functionality of your browser – for example, you will not be able to find anything on your request without connecting.

At the same time, the offline browser will give you the opportunity to read articles and watch videos in the usual interface, even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi and do not enable mobile data. We found for you 7 Free Offline Browser Apps for Android & iOS.

Offline Browser by NiKoDroid70

Offline Browser by NiKoDroid70To view sites and offline articles you can use the Offline Browser application. It is a service that will contain a list of files previously downloaded via the Internet. This list shows the name of the web page you have downloaded, as well as the date of download.

Download the necessary sites with a network connection. When using Offline Browser you will see an icon on the screen of your smartphone that notifies you in what mode you are currently.

As soon as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can immediately find the page that you are interested in and download it. In the future, it will be available for viewing at any time.

Offline Browser by NiKoDroid701 Offline Browser by NiKoDroid702


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Offline Files & Web Browser by Alexander Bon

Offline Files & Web Browser by Alexander BonFor the most part, offline browser is a service for downloading files with different content. These can be documents, full web pages, music, and much more.

Offline Files & Web Browser is just such an application – it is a fast browser with a download function, which is suitable for both smartphones and tablets. Files are imported into it from the shared access of various applications.

You can use Offline Files & Web Browser as a file manager or download manager, finding among thousands of documents exactly what you need.

Note that the application allows you to create folders from downloaded sites – each of them has the option of password protection against unwanted viewing by other people.

Offline Files & Web Browser by Alexander Bon1


Offliner by Epic Apps Ltd

Offliner by Epic Apps LtdDon’t want to spend your mobile data on listening to music or watching movies? Just download it in advance when you have a Wi-Fi connection. For this, you can use the Offliner application, which has no ads and allows you to download any content from the Internet for free.

With Wi-Fi, you can download various web pages, audio and video files, and always have access to them later. The download can take place not only in your browser but also in social networking applications.

Offliner will give you instant access to them even when you are not connected to the Internet. By the way, the download is available in any quality – even HD.

Offliner by Epic Apps Ltd1 Offliner by Epic Apps Ltd2


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HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack Website CopierHTTrack Website Copier is not the easiest tool for downloading web pages. The application does not have a nice user interface, but it is perfect for programmers or people who work with Internet services.

Here you can easily download a copy of a website from the Internet to your local media while saving more than just text. HTTrack Website Copier downloads images, HTML code, and various files from the server to your device.

In order for you to be able to view the content at any time, you will need to save the link and enter it in the address bar of the application at the right time. It will upload for you a mirror site that you have previously downloaded to your device.

In fact, HTTrack Website Copier is a copy of the sites and gives you access to their content at any time after downloading.

HTTrack Website Copier1 HTTrack Website Copier2


Dala Browser Offline Files

Dala Browser Offline FilesDala Browser is a great application with a nice interface, which has some features of classic browsers. You can also set the dark mode here for all sites, set certain page scrolling settings, as well as use different search engines.

Of course, you will search only when connected to the Internet – in this case, you will download the necessary files and pages. Dala Browser acts as a file manager, which will help to group the pages into different folders, rename them for more understandable management, and so on.

The service looks like a standard browser when used – you will even be able to manage multiple tabs at once and adjust your page viewing settings.

Dala Browser Offline Files1 Dala Browser Offline Files2


Offline Internet Browser by CodeBytes

Offline Internet Browser by CodeBytesHave you noticed that articles on Wikipedia are sometimes so long that you just don’t have time to read them all? You can use the Offline Internet Browser app to read the full text at your convenience.

It allows you to browse various sites in your browser without a network connection – of course, you will need to save them beforehand. Offline Internet Browser can also be used as a classic browser, but in this case, its functionality will be slightly limited.

Offline Internet Browser saves certain sites on your request to read offline, without giving out an error if you do not connect to the network. You will also be able to add certain pages to the memory yourself, in the future viewing them through this application.

Offline Internet Browser by CodeBytes1 Offline Internet Browser by CodeBytes2


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Offline Browser by Theis Borg

Offline Browser by Theis BorgYour favorite websites can always be at your fingertips if you take care of it beforehand. Offline Browser offers you to download content from the Internet to your smartphone’s SD drive so that you can view it at any time.

News portals, articles, online magazines and much more can be read even without data transfer. Any site that you save in Offline Browser will be displayed as it was at the time of downloading – the application can not automatically update pages and download them in advance.

You can set your own schedule for downloading information from your favorite sites. For example, Offline Browser can be downloaded every morning at a certain time for you the latest news, and you will read them on the way to work or even much later, not including the Internet.

Offline Browser by Theis Borg1 Offline Browser by Theis Borg2


Perhaps you will find this functionality uncomfortable and you really do not need it. At the same time, how often when you are on an airplane or train did you want to read any article that is posted on a certain site?

Offline browsers are great for fun on the road or for learning new information even when you can’t connect to the Internet.

You’ll need to download web pages, videos, and much more in advance – but you can do it in just a few seconds and leave the review to a later time. We hope that our article has helped you find the right offline browser and now you can access the sites at any time.

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