10 Best Weed Farm Games for Android & iOS

We’ve all played farm games at least once in our lives. But have you ever felt like there’s something missing in the genre? Well, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve rounded up the best weed farm games for Android and iOS you could try. Get ready to build your own cannabis empire with these easy-to-use weed games.

These games will get you through the whole cultivation process from planting to trimming. Plus, you will be able to make deals that will help to expand your business, so all the fun aspects are covered. Let’s dive in!

Weed Firm 2

Weed Firm

Let’s start with a sequel to a popular weed-growing game that lets you run your own weed farm.

This game is a realistic simulator of weed growing but it also empowers you to build economic bounds to sell your pots. Your aim in this game is to make a full-on empire in the weed business. Thus, you can cultivate various sorts of marijuana and even the well-known Alien weed.

You start by seeking your pot for individual clients like rappers, exotic dancers, and DJs. You need to consider that all the clients have their own stories to tell. You can talk to your clients and build bonds that can help in developing your weed empire. At first, you have a small weed shop that is yet to be a full-on business.

When you start selling, you can earn some money that can be spent on new weed seeds, proper lighting, and other supplies that can help you grow your business. Plus, you also need to protect your shop from potential robbers. Besides, you can start growing magical mushrooms and other stuff that will help you expand the shop.


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Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

Wiz Khalifa's Weed

This is the game that simulates the process of growing and selling weed.

In the setting of this game, growing weed is absolutely legal so there’s nothing standing on your way. You start building your empire from the very bottom when you have a small place to grow weed and only a couple of clients. Each order brings you some money and you can spend it on expanding your place or buying new weed seeds or supplies.

The game covers lots of weed sorts that exist in real life. And you get to control the whole process from planting to harvesting the weed. All the weed sorts require their own climatic conditions that you need to consider while growing. The number of customers will grow level by level and you get to control your prices as you want.

You can also invest your profit on unlocking new rare strains and all that. Wherein, you will need to renew the LED lights that the weed needs to grow. You can also invite your Facebook friends to the game and get rewards for it. The game is free and there are no ads but some items can be bought for real cash.


Bud Farm

Bud Farm

It’s a weed-growing simulation game that empowers you to build your weed empire.

Your main aim in the game is to grow marijuana and sell it to customers. You start with a small farm but you can turn it into a full-on business one day. The game covers more than fifteen sorts of marijuana and all of them require different growing conditions.

Herewith, you get to go through the entire cultivation process — from picking the seeds and planting them to the harvest. You also need to make sure you have enough LED lighting at your farm so that all the plants can grow. Besides, you will need to water and trim your plants to get a good outcome product. You start to sell to individual clients at first but you can make big deals with companies later on.

When your farm starts to develop you can also hire workers to help you expand the business. Furthermore, you can build mills, pastures, and even bakeries to get new ingredients and make new forms of products to sell. Yeah, that’s right — you can sell cupcakes and sandwiches with weed! You can even decorate your shops and farms on holiday.




Hempire is a weed-cultivating game that empowers you to build your cannabis business.

This game is not only about growing and cultivating marijuana it also has economic aspects. Thus, you can grow your weed business and interact with lots of characters. All your clients have a story to tell and if you’ll listen to them they can positively affect your business. You start with a small farm of weed but it will grow from round to round.

Each sale brings you money that you can spend on buying new weed sorts, seeds, and LED lamps. You can also expand your farm, buy real estate, and all that. You can also make deals with other players to grow your empire faster.

The game has a leaderboard so you can see who has the biggest weed plantations out there. You will also get rewards and trophies for smart business decisions. These trophies can be exchanged for money or used to unlock some rare cannabis sorts. You can even grow mushrooms and make hybrids from the sorts you already have.


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Weed Inc

Weed Inc

Here is the game that empowers you to grow and expand your cannabis business.

In this game, you are aimed to grow cannabis strains that exist in the real world and sell it to people. Therefore, you will need to control both cultivation and economic aspects. Thus, you will need to pick the seeds, plant it, and take care of it while it’s growing. You need to water your weed, trim it, and make sure the LED lighting is good enough.

You start with a small farm but you can take it to the national market later on. All you need to do is to distribute your profit correctly. You’ll need to expand the farm, buy a new property, and make deals with clients. If you decide to sell on the national market you will need to hire people to deliver the product to the customers.

Furthermore, you can hire staff to help you with the growing process. Herewith, you can make various products out of your cannabis — from classic pots to cookies and all that. The game also gives you rewards for entering it every day so don’t forget to do that.


Bud Farm

Idle Tycoon

It is another weed cultivation simulator that allows you to rule a cannabis business.

This game is basically like the farm but with weeds. The game takes place on the island where the family runs a cannabis farm. Your main aim in the game is to develop a family business and take it to the international level. Plus, there’s a billionaire guy who wants to take the farm from your family and you need to stop this from happening.

On top of that, you can grow your weed farm empire and start taking down serious figures in the industry. Once you’ll start getting real profit you can spend it on unlocking new strains of cannabis. You can also grow mushrooms and make hybrids from the strains you already have. You also need to oversee all the LED lighting is on and the plants get all they need to grow.

There are also regular bongo battles that empower you to compete with other players and get some extra rewards. Besides, you can make deals with other businesses to get your product into new territories. The game can be played offline also you can reach it wherever you are.


Weed Shop The Game

Weed Shop

This game allows you to build your own weed empire.

You start the game with the small shop and a few strains of weed to grow. Plus, you won’t have that many clients at first cause you’re a new player in the weed market. Each sale will bring toy money that you can spend on expanding your business.

Herewith, you can buy new weed strains, supplies, and LED lamps, and renew the look of your shop. When you start getting real profit you can expand your shop and buy a new property for that. You can also buy farms to grow weed. You can also promote your shop with fliers and other stuff.

Once your business is big enough you can hire staff to help you with growing and selling. You can also please your customers with free joints and all that. However, you also need to keep all your properties protected from thieves and envious competitors. For every smart business move, you will get rewards that can unlock rare strains for you. And if you’ll get stressed with the business you can always smoke a joint or two to relax.


Ganja Farmer

Ganja Farm

That’s a simulator that lets you develop your cannabis farm. Your aim in the game is to grow the greatest plantation of marijuana and build an empire around it. The game is filled with colorful characters that always make funny jokes and comments. As for the visual aspect of the game, it’s quite decent but not outstanding in any way.

All the characters you meet in the game have something to deal with you. You can make deals, sell your weed, or make connections that can be helpful in the future. Each sale brings you money that you can spend on expanding your business. You can buy new appliances, new weed strains, and LED lamps.

Once you get enough money you can buy other properties like shops or farms. You can also hire people to help you with growing and selling your products. Plus, you can break the beds, plant the seeds, water them, and trim the plants. You can also put your cannabis in various forms like cupcakes.


Kush Tycoon

This game lets you build your own virtual pot empire. The premise of this one is simple: you’re in desperate need of cash, and you need it as quickly as possible. What do decide to do? Grow a weed farm and earn the money Breaking Bad style (but with a better ending, hopefully).

You’ll get to grow all kinds of herbs and sell the products to locals. You start small, as always, but there are all the tools to turn it into a full-on empire. Take care of the herbs, make sure your product is good and you’ll be fine.

There’s a vast variety of seeds to grow, and all of them need special conditions, too. Make sure to read the instructions properly or you can kill an entire harvest. However, most of these only require proper lighting and a little water, so nothing too complex to worry about.

As your clients spread the news about your products, you’ll see your business developing in no time. The better the quality is, the more money you’ll get and the faster you’ll grow. With time, you’ll unlock more seeds and will be able to hire staff. The game doesn’t require any real money investment, so no worries.


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Hemp Paradise

Lastly, we have a farming sim with a little bit of a spicy twist. The mechanics of this game are pretty similar to other farming sims, but instead of plants and veggies, you’ll get to grow hemp.

The game also has some city-building and business elements, as you’ll need to expand your empire and try to make as much profit as you can. It covers diverse marijuana strains and tons of quirky (but sometimes questionable) characters you’ll fall in love with.

Raise the hemp resort of your dreams on this new city-building weed-growing game! Farm your favorite marijuana strains, enjoy the sight of paradisiac beaches, cash in your pot to build dope buildings, and join a cast of questionable awesome characters looking for some of green happiness.

The game lets you build a full-on hemp paradise and turn your island into a 5-star hemp resort. You can decorate it to your liking and cultivate all kinds of seeds needed. There’s everything from white widow to blue dream here.

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