7 Best Prom Games for Android & iOS

Summer is the time of graduation when the long school period is behind and all exams are passed. It’s time to relax, buy your best dress, invite boyfriend or girlfriend, and go to the celebration of one of the most important events in the life of any teenager.

Are you still in anticipation of graduation? Or it’s been many years since graduation and you want to remember those pleasant emotions? If so, we recommend you these best prom games for Android & iOS. Try all of them and choose the greatest one.

Prom Queen: Date, Love & Dance

Prom Queen is a simulation game that allows players to create their own look for a prom princess. You can try different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to make your princess a true prom queen.

One of the main features of this app is the ability to create your own queen using different clothes and accessories. Players can choose their name, hair color, eyes, skin, and other appearance details.

The app also has various activities in which players can take part. For example, they can attend the school prom and take part in beauty contests and fashion shows.

Besides, in the app, characters can make new friends and even go on a date with a guy. They can choose their partner to also prepare him for the prom. Players will have to dress up not only the princesses of the ball but also their soulmates.

An extensive assortment of different costumes and accessories will also be available for this. One of the features of this app is the ability to choose different answers in the dialogues.

Players can choose how they respond to questions and comments from other characters. This allows them to control the course of the story and influence the outcome of the game.

The app has a store where you can buy new outfits, hairstyles, and accessories for your characters. Earn money by participating in various mini-games or buying them with real money.


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Sweet Princess Prom Night

Sweet Princess Prom Night is a game where you can create your own prom princess. The app allows you to choose any outfit and accessories to create a unique and unrepeatable image of your character.

Change the appearance and other image details. Besides, in this game, each user can choose the most suitable princess for themselves.

There are 4 different heroines, each of which has its own special appearance. The game is a thought-out plot, so you have to try hard to get an invitation to the ball and start getting ready for the celebration. To do this, you should play mini-games.

As a reward for winning, they will be given hearts. Once the necessary amount is accumulated, it can be spent on the invitation. To create the image, players will be available to a wide range of different cosmetic products, accessories, clothing, and hairstyles.

You can experiment with different shades of makeup because you can erase old makeup and apply new one until it’s perfect. Also, you can change the clothes of your character until you’ll find an appropriate one for the upcoming event.

In the game, you will have not only to go to the ball but also to take part in it. To do this, you will need to dance with young people and show your beauty through participation in various mini-games.


Prom Queen Dress Up Star

Prom Queen is an app for girls who dream of becoming a prom queens. In the game, you will be able to create your own character, choose stylish clothes and hairstyle, as well as decorate it with jewelry and accessories.

Here you will be able to choose for yourself the most suitable model, and then create for her a unique image for the prom.

There are six girls of different nationalities in the app, and you can choose one of them absolutely free. Change your models right after creating the first image.

To share your work with friends and other players, you can take a picture of your girl. To change your character’s style you should choose the hairstyle, make-up, shoes, and clothes.

Also, there is a wide range of accessories and extra details in the image. You can also choose the location where your model will be photographed.

Everything in the game’s range will be available to you completely free of charge. There are no paid features and versions in the game, so you can enjoy the dress-up game to the fullest without any restrictions.


Prom Night Princess Makeover

Prom Night Princess Makeover is a dress-up game in which users can create a look for their heroine and collect her for the prom. It provides the opportunity to create your heroine and turn her into the real star of the evening.

The user can choose stylish clothes and hairstyles, as well as decorate their image with jewelry and accessories.

The game contains many interesting tasks that allow you to prepare for the ball. Here you can feel like a real hairdresser, stylist, and visage specialist because you will have to create the image of your heroine from scratch.

The app is a virtual beauty salon, where the player can choose different procedures and hair and skin care. It is also possible to try on different images from a variety of stylish options.

The game allows you to go through all the stages of preparing the model for the prom. You have not only to clean the skin of the client but also to apply beautiful bright makeup. Elements of training will allow you to learn the skills of a makeup artist in real life.

In this game, you will be able to change not only the elements of the image but also the appearance of your heroine. Here you will even be able to try colored lenses to change the color of your character’s eyes. All the elements of the image will be available to you absolutely free of charge.

You can choose different models and details so that the images turn out to be unique and inimitable. After you prepare your character, you can send her to the prom.


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Prom Night Dress Up

Prom Night Dress Up is a game in which you can create different images of princesses for a real prom. In this app, you can choose one of four heroines to start the transformation and preparation for the celebration.

Each model has different features of appearance, which makes her unique and unrepeatable. Yet, you will be able to make her even more attractive with bright and dressy clothes, beautiful hairstyles, and various accessories.

There are more than 200 items presented here. Each of them is available absolutely free of charge. You can choose several options at once, changing and selecting the most suitable for your image.

To go back to the previous stages of the gathering, you can click on the arrow, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

To change your character for another, you can go to the main menu and start the preparation for the prom again with a new character.

Capture your work and the beauty of the model in the picture. To do this, click on the icon with the camera, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can download the photo to your device or share it with other users and your friends. To make the photo even more vivid and compelling, you can choose the most suitable location for it.


Prom Night Hair Salon™ Beauty Queen

Prom Night Hair Salon is an app in which you will have to do your hair, choose clothes, and other image details for your heroines.

You will have to do it from the beginning, starting from the skin preparation. To create really unique and inimitable image, you will have to choose certain items, cosmetics, and products for skin and hair care.

Change the color of your hair and eyebrows, and make an unusual bright coloring. It is also possible to drastically change the shape and texture of your hair in the app: you can straighten or curl it.

After your makeup is ready, you can go to the next stage of the heroine’s preparation. A page will open where your character will be in the closet.

There you will be able to choose the most suitable outfit for the model. To do this, you can open any section and choose: puffy dresses, lightweight and cocktail dresses, accessories, shoes, and other details of the image.

Each of the elements will be available for free, so you can experiment with your images as much as you like. Once you have fully assembled your model for the ball, you can take a picture of her.

To do this, you can take a screenshot, after which it will automatically be saved on your device. Then you will be able to create images again, but with other characters of the game.


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Prom Queen Hair Stylist Salon

Prom Queen Hair Stylist Salon is a dress-up game for girls in which you can invent and implement images for your doll characters.

Experiment with different hairstyles, cosmetic products, and clothes to get really unusual and unique images.

There are also a huge number of hair and skin care lessons in the app, through which each player can learn the basic knowledge and skills of a makeup artist.

You will have to go through many challenges to become the real star of the evening. You have to prepare for the ball, create your unique image, and take pictures at a bright and eye-catching location.

In the game, the characters can visit a beauty salon, where they will be offered a variety of procedures and hair and skin care. Here it is possible to change not only the type of hairstyle but also the color of hair.

Also, you can decide which hair is more suitable for your heroine: curly or straight. Also, you will have to decide the cosmetics you will use for your makeup. You may choose your lipstick, shadows, and other products to make your heroine irresistible.

When you are done with your makeup and hairstyle, you can choose the clothes, shoes, and jewelry you want to wear. In the closet, there is a big variety of things that help you to create a really unique image. Capture it in the photo.

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