12 Free Photo Label Apps for Android & iOS

Content is the main way of distributing information. One of its components is media, including various images. Many Internet users are intended to copy other people’s content for their own use.

We also recommend trying these free apps to geotag photos to view and edit plenty of geotags to your images.

If you want to protect your photos from plagiarism, we advise you to use these free photo label apps for Android & iOS. They will also give you the opportunity to add your own text, stickers to the pictures and edit them as you wish.


Phonto is a photo editor in which you can attach any label to a photo. The color palette and font library are constantly updated with new products. Each update improves the app and adds style to it.

Captioning of photos helps you make sure the photo is protected from plagiarism. The simple execution and quality library allow you to perfect your photo in a couple of minutes.

You will also be able to create postcards with your own image. Using the toolbar at the top of the main screen, you can quickly navigate your way through the processing.

If the hundreds of types of writing didn’t seem enough to you, you can expand the list by adding a new library.

You can create your own template or font by specifying basic characteristics. For example, text size, width, color, slant, stroke, transparency, and other parameters. The interface of the program is well-executed and handy.


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The PicLab app allows you to edit photos, add filters, stickers, and captions. You can also create a collage using one of the ready-made layouts, or create many layers.

To use the app, you need to provide access to the files stored in your phone memory. After that, you should select the image to be processed.

The utility contains more than 20 filters with which you can change the color scheme in one click. You will be able to add bright colors or give a vintage effect to your picture.

Furthermore, the app allows you to add text and emoticons to the picture. You will get access to a large collection of stickers.

It is also possible to change the font and select the size of letters. Use the functions of changing the image size and aspect ratio. The ability of adjusting such parameters as brightness, exposure, and contrast is available.

When you’re done editing, the utility lets you save the photo to your phone’s memory or send the image via email. Besides, you can immediately publish the picture to Instagram and other social networks.



The PixelLab app is one of the most famous text and photo editing apps in the world.

This app allows users, even those with no experience in the world of design, to create interesting work to publish.

Some of the features that we find awesome for you are the three-dimensional text feature that you can insert into your photos. There are over 100 types of effects, colors, and letters, as well as hundreds of stickers you can add.

Besides, one of the fascinating features of this app is its ability to erase the background on your photos. Use the ability to import and export images. Free drawing allows you to make your content even more eye-catching.


GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is a photo and video editor. It allows you to create a variety of content for social networks using built-in templates and tools.

The app offers about 1,700 templates for creating posts in a variety of styles. There are ready-made layouts for quick design development.

Edit videos from clips and photos, combining them with text and graphics. Video trimming is implemented. You can also use embedded video clips to insert into your videos.

There are a variety of filters for photo editing. Tools allow you to adjust the saturation, brightness, and contrast of images. You can mask flaws with the eraser. An eyedropper is provided for color correction.

You can apply captions and add graphics and text to your images. These tools will help you personalize your images. Moreover, this app allows you to create logos and flyers. There are templates and a variety of fonts for this purpose, about 600 in total.

The app has built-in wallpapers, canvases, and backgrounds, as well as a huge number of ready-made graphics. The utility stores your projects. There is a separate tab for this. GoDaddy Studio integrates with social networks and allows you to publish posts in them without leaving the app.



Already by the name, you can guess that this app has a connection with Instagram. Well, at least in terms of user interface and navigation. It is one of the best apps for photo text editing.

It has pretty comprehensive features and the customization options are pretty high as well. So, in addition to simplicity, you can still create content that is unique and disparate from the other.

In addition to the text editing feature, Textgram also provides some great features that a lot of other apps don’t have. For example, unique filters, outstanding frames, and superb stickers.



Canva is a program for designing social media profiles. It helps to implement through templates a unified concept of a working profile or a blog.

The app has all the professional tools you need. One of the things that makes this app amazing is combining text with photos. You will be able to create a personal design or use ready-made templates.

You can create images from scratch or choose one of the many options from real professional artists. Sign personal photos, comment on the events occurring on them, adding bright emotions.

Different color and font options are available. This will also help you make your photos personal and protect them from plagiarism. Place the inscription wherever you want.

Professional photo processing is available. There are many options for effects and filters, adjusting brightness, contrast, and more. This utility is available for use on your PC and on your phone. Thus, you can design anywhere you want.


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The PicsApp is suitable for processing photos and creating selfies. The utility has filters, stickers, professional tools, and image editing techniques.

In the app, you can select a photo from your phone gallery or take selfies with the camera. It contains a set of filters to modify photos.

The editor allows you to crop photos and change the background. Choose blur, color, gradient, or texture patterns. Adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, light, shadow, hue, and sharpness.

The editor also has masks for processing portraits. With the app, you can crop photos in a shaped way and replace the background with any color.

Besides, you will also be able to add stickers and text. There are creative ways of processing here. Neon spirals, geometric shapes, frames, animals, and other elements can be added.

The app has a “Blob” effect. You can use it to turn a photo into a dripping image. Process selfies as a sketch and replace the background.

The utility supports photo modification using mirror reflection. There are vertical, horizontal, and combined options for applying the effect.



The PicShot app has a variety of photo editing tools, including all kinds of filters and special effects. There are options for changing the background, creating collages, applying texts, and so on.

To work on photos, the main page of the utility offers options for editing, creating collages, and formatting frames. The last item allows you to export photos of the desired shape and size to various social networks.

A wide range of templates is available for collages, and different types of bokeh are available for portraits. The editing section contains filters, options for rotating, compressing, and enlarging photos.

You can also apply special effects, add fun stickers, work with textures and color correction. Text overlay helps you add labels to all your images.

The app is able to process photos from the gallery and take pictures. To do so, it asks for permission to access the phone’s gallery and work with the camera. Separate tabs are responsible for changing the background and mirroring the frame.



Cymera is a photo editor and filter camera for creating photo masterpieces.

It allows you to perform many operations on your images to enhance their uniqueness and recognition. Change the parameters of your face and body in selfies and full-length photos.

When you first start the program window appears with an outstanding design. The top small part is occupied by the program name and the menu button.

Below there is a photo with the app’s logo and the colored buttons. Among them, there are the photo beauty-cam, photo editing, collage, blur, camera, and gallery. On the bottom, there are the panel buttons to add a photo from the gallery, share, and a button for a new photo.

The collage tool allows you to add many images to a photo and arrange them in any order. The blur tool can shift part of the image to the other side.

The workspace contains the photo and a radius bar below it. To make changes, you need to tap your finger on the desired part of the screen and move it to the side.



The Lovi photo editor allows you to crop your photo, use the light correction function, and insert a caption.

You can also add a motion effect and a music track. Use it to enhance your photo and share it on social networks.

The program allows you to change the size and colors, as well as add text and emoticons to the picture. To do this, select an image stored in the phone’s gallery.

You can select the color and size of the text. A large number of frames for photos is also available. Moreover, this utility allows you to create a video or slide show from your personal frames.

You can choose a soundtrack from a catalog or record your own audio track. Using the app, you can immediately share a photo with your friends on social networks. It also supports fast video uploading to YouTube.

The utility allows you to see the works of other users. The most frequently viewed images and clips are shown on the main page. There is an opportunity to like and write a comment.


LogoLicious Add Your Logo App

LogoLicious is an editor app for creating and editing your special mark or logo on photos and videos. It is designed for users who want to put their unique mark on pictures to draw attention to their brand or company.

With this app, you will be able to create and edit your existing logos as well as add them to your files. Upload your own logo or choose one from the suggested ones in the app. Edit your unique mark by changing its size, transparency, and placement on the image.

The app supports various file formats, making it convenient and versatile when working with your logo. The app’s simple and concise interface allows you to quickly start using it, even without editing experience.

Choose colors, outlines, and even fonts for your logo. Add stickers or frames to make your watermark more distinctive and attractive. Save drafts and finished artwork to share with others later.


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Photo Studio by KVADGroup App Studio

Photo Studio is a handy mobile photo editing app that allows you to turn ordinary photos into real works of art. With its help, you can upgrade and improve images, use various effects and filters, and change the parameters of picture colors and other settings.

Adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness settings, adjust the color balance, eliminate the red-eye effect, and much more. Use the app’s free tools, which are available on the convenient control panel.

Try many special templates that will help you create stylish images and portrait photos. Filters that mimic different types of film are available in the app, as well as effects that change the focus and add blur. You can transform your shots in any style without any limitations.

Combine several photos into one canvas, add frames and borders to them, and set backgrounds and captions from any fonts. Save your finished works in a convenient format and share them with other users. Export edited images to any online platforms and social networks.

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