9 Best pink theme apps for Android

Our phone is practically our whole life enclosed in one device. That’s why it’s so clear why we want to make our smartphone individual, unlike any other and as comfortable as possible for us. Accordingly, the interface must also meet your requirements.

Every person has their own requirements and design wishes. If we are talking about something nice and tender, then we immediately imagine the pink color in all its variations, teddy toys and other things that are associated with it.

We decided to find 9 best cute pink themes that will decorate your Android device.

Pink Themes Free For Android

pink themes for andrThis application allows users to change the theme of their mobile phone to something fantastic and cool. Inside the Launcher you can see the visual effects that you can apply to your screen.

You can customize everything yourself – if you want, change the main fonts, as well as application icons, making them unusual and non-standard.

Once the application is installed and downloaded, you only have to make a few steps. In order to start applying the downloaded themes, you will need to install the Launcher application (it may already be on your smartphone by default). Next, you simply configure all the settings that you would like to change in pink!

pink themes for andr1 pink themes for andr2


Pink Cute Piggy Theme

pink cute piggy themeThe new theme can make your smartphone completely unrecognizable. Would you like to buy a new phone or are you just tired of the old one?

We suggest you install the Pink Cute Piggy Theme and you will notice how much your experience of a smartphone will change.

Cartoon characters have always looked cute, especially if they were well-drawn. In this app there is a cute little Piggy, that can turn your smartphone into a real cartoon, besides just decorating it.

The cute little piggy will cheer you up every time you turn on your smartphone – just because you cannot avoid smiling at her.
Pink Cute Piggy Theme gives you a fantastic change in app icons, and each one is even more fantastic than the previous one. Not happy with the pink default icons? Then create them yourself in Pink Cute Piggy Theme!

pink cute piggy theme1 pink cute piggy theme2


Pink Cute Mushroom Theme

pink cute mushroom themeIt seems that mushrooms can’t be cute – well, what could be cute about mushrooms? But that is unless you’re thinking about cartoon mushrooms.

Pink Cute Mushroom Theme presents to users cute live wallpapers, the main character of them is a pink mushroom. We hope you’ll find it nice and cute.

The mushroom itself is presented as a small house decorated with flowers. Of course, as soon as you install this theme on your smartphone, your app icons will change.

Each icon will be decorated with something – for example, flowers. Even the lock screen will change! If you used to have a PIN code, now all numbers will be pink as well.

You can choose their appearance – they can be either with cute lace ruffles or simply placed on a bright background with patterns.

pink cute mushroom theme1 pink cute mushroom theme2


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Cartoon pink cute butterfly theme wallpaper

cartoon pink cute butterfly themeTo be frank, we are a bit confused about the name of the application. Even though the word “butterfly” appears in the name, the insect itself is not represented here. But the application itself can really be called very nice and cute (even if there are no butterflies in it!).

After you download the app, you will get a nice pink theme for your smartphone, and it is also free. Such a theme will be an additional decoration for your smartphone, especially since all the images are presented in HD quality.

The application may be especially appealing to children or teenagers – cartoon decor is touching and uplifting. Do you think that your day was very bad? Unlock your smartphone and admire these cute images.

cartoon pink cute butterfly theme1 cartoon pink cute butterfly theme2


Pink Black Minny Bowknot Theme…

pink black minnyIf you talk about something cute, you immediately think about all kinds of bows and flowers. If they’re also pink, it’s twice as cute.

In Pink Black Minny Bowknot Theme you can find exactly this variation – cute pink bow will immediately attract you and you won’t want to change the theme again.

There are only two basic colors in the app – black and pink. This is done to make the pink bow look even brighter against a dark background. The theme will be the theme of your home screen, so you will change both the application icons and the desktop background itself.

A bow and zipper will appear on the black background along with the lace. Like the developers conceived, the black color beautifully shades the brightness of pink, and each launch of the smartphone is accompanied by a glow and sequins.

pink black minny1 pink black minny2


Pink Cute Cartoon Bear Theme

pink cute cartoon bear themePink Cute Cartoon Bear Theme will put a cute teddy bear in your smartphone, which you definitely don’t want to change to another screensaver. If you like pink, and you also enjoy watching something cute all the time, then this app is almost perfect for you.

Here you’ll be the owner of the Bruin bear, who will love you right away. He will decorate your smartphone with a variety of live wallpapers, and you will enjoy a happy mood every day.

Because the app is designed for children and teenagers, you can also change the various children’s app icons to other apps that you think are cuter. Pink Cute Cartoon Bear Theme also features pink styled widgets – weather and watch widget.

pink cute cartoon bear theme1 pink cute cartoon bear theme2


Pink Cartoon Lovely Girl Theme

pink cartoon lovely girl themeWho wouldn’t like a very nice girl who always looks friendly? Then you can install Pink Cartoon Lovely Girl Theme and she will always be with you!

It’s a pretty fancy and unusual theme for smartphones, but it is guaranteed to win your heart and satisfy your taste.

There are several options for HD quality wallpapers in the app, especially for those who like cute screen savers. Each app will have its own personalized icon, that integrates into all the main elements of your smartphone.

Pink Cartoon Lovely Girl Theme also supports live wallpaper mode and is regularly updated. Do you like pretty girls who look like they’re out of anime? Then you need to try it out!

pink cartoon lovely girl theme1 pink cartoon lovely girl theme2


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Pink Diamond Teddy Bear Theme

teddy bear diamongSome time ago, Teddy Bears became incredibly popular. Many people used to put them on their smartphone screensaver, buy them as toys and decorations at home, and just draw them everywhere. Now you can put the cute Teddy Bear on your smartphone as the main theme.

No matter what kind of animal you prefer, Pink Diamond Teddy Bear Theme will surely seem very cute to you. This pink animation theme has already attracted a lot of users and you can become one of them.

Since the theme is a diamond bear, your smartphone will shine once you set it up. Rhinestones are displayed everywhere – on application icons, on the screen saver and even on the bear itself.
The icons are designed for over one hundred of the most popular apps, so they’re all personal to each service.

teddy bear diamong1


Pink Don’t Touch My Phone Theme

pink dont touch my phoneWe hate it when strangers touch our phone! It could be your friend, neighbor or even mother – in any case, it’s quite an unpleasant situation.
If you want to make your phone cute and keep people out of your apps, then you’ll like this theme.

The excellent pink design is combined with the warning message “Don’t touch my phone!”. You can make live wallpapers by yourself or even add something new to your app, and its main feature will remain the same.

Like many other similar apps, you can find stylized widgets here. Want to add a little pink to your everyday life? Then download Pink Don’t Touch My Phone Theme and don’t let anyone touch your smartphone!

pink dont touch my phone2 pink dont touch my phone1


Of course, you don’t have to be a girl or a kid to use pink themes as the main display of your smartphone interface. You can really download one of the presented apps and without obstacles turn your phone into something nice and very peaceful.

All you have to do is browse through all the apps and choose one (or maybe even several) of the ones you like the most.


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