11 Free Text Over WiFi Apps for Android & iOS

In the past, cell phones were intended solely for communication. This was their main purpose – to establish communication between people through messages and calls.

Over time, phones became smartphones, and users began using them for games, social networking, video communication, and other functions. Still, their main goal is to connect people, regardless of third-party capabilities. You may use 15 Free calling apps 2020 for Android & iOS for this purpose.

Standard applications for messages on smartphones are designed for SMS using the mobile network – you will always need to be in the area of access and close to the phone towers. But what if you no longer use SIM cards for communication?

There is also an option with the use of tablets for communication. In this case, you can correspond with your friends and call them over Wi-Fi or with the help of the mobile Internet. Moreover, there are many modern applications for this purpose. We found for you 11 Free Text Over Wi-Fi apps for Android & iOS.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp MessengerNow it is difficult to find someone who would not use WhatsApp Messenger. It is perfectly suitable for everyday communication with friends, and for business, there is even a separate application.

Using it, you will always stay in touch with whatever you need, and you will be able to exchange not only text messages, but also voice messages, make calls, send photos, and other documents.

WhatsApp Messenger is considered one of the best services for communication, as it provides users with extensive functionality.

In order for you to communicate, WhatsApp Messenger uses your Internet connection – including Wi-Fi. Of course, when you do not have such an opportunity, you will need a 4G, 3G, or other connection for the service, which is available on your smartphone.

The most important thing is that you will not pay for such messages, unlike the classical ones, where you need to pay bills from a mobile operator.

You can also send to your interlocutor photos, videos, or documents in the messages that would have been previously required to send via MMS – and now you can do it from anywhere in the world and even to foreign subscribers.

WhatsApp Messenger1 WhatsApp Messenger2

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WeChatWeChat is a complete social network, where you can communicate with your friends and other users around the world. You can chat with them – private and group, call anyone and anywhere, read the latest news and updates from your friends.

Also note that WeChat has its own payment system with mobile payments, which can also make your life easier. In addition to what we have just told you, there are many other features that you may like.

In text chats, WeChat allows you to send multimedia files, classic messages, as well as create full-fledged group correspondence. Such a group chat can include up to 500 participants at a time – classic applications do not have this functionality.

Also, WeChat offers to share your location with friends, so they can easily find you in the crowd. It is possible to post pictures from such meetings in the application so that you will never forget about pleasant moments.

Also note that WeChat has third-party services, which immediately go with the main application – you do not need to install them on your device.

WeChat1 WeChat2

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Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number

Text Me Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone NumberSome messengers are designed to connect users by phone number. Text Me is one such application, which allows you to use your phone number to send SMS and call other people, no matter where they are.

You can also get your new phone number, with which you can protect your privacy and not be afraid that someone will find out about you. Such a secret number is used to keep you anonymous when calling and sending messages, as well as to separate different areas of your life – for example, work and personal life.

Text Me has inexpensive rates for international calls, which cannot but please those people who have previously faced with roaming tariffs. You can also get credits for calls in order to make an important call before you pay for it.

Text Me also allows you to turn your tablet into a real phone that can call and send messages. Configure Text Me in a way that is convenient for you – background, privacy and other parameters.

Text Me Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number1 Text Me Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number2

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textPlus: Free Text & Calls

textPlus Free Text & CallstextPlus is another application that uses your real phone number for your communication. It is necessary for you to be able to communicate with all the people from your contact list – friends, colleagues, family and so on.

This does not require any telephone services from the mobile operator – you will not pay anything for calling to another country or city. In this case, the number of SMS and MMS is not limited to any number – with textPlus you will feel complete freedom in communication.

Your tablet can also support textPlus as a messenger or communication application. This does not even require a SIM card – only your phone number. In this case, all chats and call history are synchronized on different devices – provided that all accounts are set up on the same phone number.

Also note that textPlus uses the technology of free messages and incoming calls, but for outgoing calls, you will need to earn special credits. There are ads in the application, which will help you to earn them and save on mobile communications.

textPlus Free Text & Calls1 textPlus Free Text & Calls2

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KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

KakaoTalk Free Calls & TextKakaoTalk is an incredibly popular application for communication in Asia and around the world. Many users use it daily to send text messages, voice recordings, location data, videos, and so on.

Communication can be more fun if you use different smileys and stickers from KakaoTalk to communicate with friends. Also, note that the application is cross-platform so that you and your family can use it on different devices and stay in touch.

The speed of sending messages to KakaoTalk is incredibly fast – regardless of your network, the message will be sent to the recipient. Just like mobile operators, this application allows you to make voice calls without having to pay for them, while several people can take part in the call.

In KakaoTalk you can also organize your schedule by making a list of meetings, conferences, and lunches – you will always receive reminders about important things.

KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text1 KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text2

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imo free video calls and chat

imo free video calls and chatSome applications have much more functionality than just sending messages. For example, imo is focused on calls and video communication, but sending text messages is just as easy.

Your loved ones and friends will now get even easier to call, and you won’t have to pay a lot of money for communication. In imo you can organize group chats for text communication and calls, which can involve up to 20 people at a time. Now you are not limited to the mobile operator and your tariff.

In imo you can send various attachments in chats – for example, photos from family holidays or reports and documents. Free stickers will help you in communication even more accurately express your emotions, and voice messages will help you to do this.

In order for you to use imo on all your devices, the developers have optimized it to work on your tablet – now you can also connect to the service from different devices at the same time. Try this service for text communication and longer voice calls – perhaps it will completely replace your mobile operator services.

imo free video calls and chat1

googleplay appstore

YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging

YAATA - SMS MMS messagingIn case you are looking for an application that will look as much like a classic message application as possible, you can pay attention to YAATA. It can be personalized and customized by you, but by default, its design resembles the most standard service.

It fully supports a variety of media files, including pictures, greetings, GIF files, and much more. You have to bring YAATA to your own ideal so that the service will be pleasing to you both visually and functionally.

YAATA works the way you are used to working with classic messages. Here you can set up notifications of message delivery – of course, if you need it. You can also convert messages into different formats, set up delayed sending, mass mailing, and so on.

It should be noted that YAATA has a Premium version of the application, which gives you access to many advanced features. This version is paid for, but if you really use all the functionality that YAATA offers, it is worth trying it.

YAATA - SMS MMS messaging1 YAATA - SMS MMS messaging2


Textra SMS

Textra SMSTextra SMS is a great alternative to your classic message application. You can fully customize and personalize it to make it visually pleasing to use the service.

For this purpose, Textra SMS has more than 100 different topics that can change text boxes, icons, fonts, and so on. Of course, as in many modern similar applications, in Textra SMS you can send audio messages, create groups for communication, and so on.

Those people who used a classic message application know that it is impossible to highlight only part of the text. Even from a large message, you will need to copy all the text to move a part of it somewhere.

There is no such problem in Textra SMS – you can easily copy, move, and modify messages. In order that your friends can also use the application for communication, you need to invite them or just tell them – so you will all use the same service together.

However, we can notice one drawback. Textra SMS is completely free, but for this reason, there is a small amount of advertising, which can be seen when using the service.

Textra SMS1 Textra SMS2


Text Free: Free Text Plus Call by Pinger, Inc.

Text Free Free Text Plus Call by Pinger, Inc.Text Free is an application that will be your second major application for text messages and free calls. You don’t even need to use just your real number – the application gives you another real phone number in the United States so that you can send messages to anyone – even if they don’t have the application.

This is not just for text messages – you can send MMS with pictures, correspond with people in other countries, make calls, and so on.

For all the variety of functions, Text Free is a free service. Yes, you can really call and write to other people without paying a cent for a mobile connection.

Text Free will also allow you to choose the phone number that will be used by the system – you can choose a memorable number, city code, and so on. The number of those messages that you will send per day is not limited – as well as the duration of your calls.

Text Free allows you to remain completely anonymous and confidential, however, we would not recommend you to use it with evil thoughts. You can just chat with friends in groups or personal chats without using your SIM card.

Text Free Free Text Plus Call by Pinger, Inc.1 Text Free Free Text Plus Call by Pinger, Inc.2

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Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private MessengerSignal is a fully private messenger that is used by millions of people around the world. This popularity is due to the security and privacy of users, who may not worry that someone will see their messages.

In the application, you can send and receive messages, call someone (friends, relatives, colleagues), exchange voice messages. Signal uses advanced encryption algorithms that will provide you with complete security – in every call, every message.

Note that Signal’s application has the incredible speed to send and receive messages – all you need is an Internet connection, no matter how fast. The application works perfectly even in difficult conditions and when the signal is missing.

As with many other services, you can fully personalize all notification settings and the appearance of the application. For example, for each contact, you can set its own sound of notifications about new messages. Also Signal allows you to use your phone number to communicate with all people from your contact list.

Signal Private Messenger1 Signal Private Messenger2

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Messages by Google LLC

Messages by Google LLCGoogle provides users with many different services with functions that are convenient for communication and information exchange. The Messages application is the company’s official service for the exchange of SMS and MMS by connecting to the network rather than by a mobile operator.

In it, you can conduct group and business correspondence, send photos to your parents every day, and even use it from your desktop or laptop. You will have access to your dialogues from any device with the Messages application installed.

In order to respond quickly to messages, you do not even need to open the application itself. In the status bar of your smartphone, you will have the possibility to respond quickly in the Messages application.

You will also be able to search for information on the history of messages, correspondence with a particular subscriber, and so on. Messages allows you to use Google Pay system to transfer funds between you and your contacts directly in the application.

It is also impossible to ignore the interface of the service: it is simple and intuitive, and much better than the classic application for messages.

Messages by Google LLC1


In the expanses of Google Play and App Store, there are many different applications, among which you can sometimes find interesting ones. Those services, which we told you about today, are excellent for regular and business communication.

Many of them have an interface similar to the classic applications for SMS, which are already pre-installed on all smartphones – but they are different in functionality.

These applications will allow you to communicate via Wi-Fi and the Internet, which makes you always available for messages and communication. Your friends will always see you in the network, as well as be able to contact you.

The most important thing is that you can choose the most convenient and pleasant service for yourself, adapting it both in appearance and functionality.

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