10 Free Platformer Games in 2023 for Android & iOS

Platformer is one of the first game genres and it has billions of fans still. Due to this, it may be hard to keep up with the best representatives of the genre.

That’s why we’ve gathered together 10 free platformer games in 2023 for Android & iOS that will blow your mind. These games come with various themes — from the classic dungeon and fantasy ones to some psychedelic ones. Plus, the majority f these games have multiplayer mode so you can invite your buddies to join.

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Let’s start with the classics. This game has been around for ages and it probably will be for ages more.

This is a classic Mario platformer that lets you run through different locations, just from one platform to another and all that. The game covers various tricks such as jumps, spins, and more that you can combine to get over incredibly hard areas. As you go you’ll need to avoid barriers and collect coins on your way.

It needs to be said, the variety of locations in this game is quite impressive. We have cages, forests, horror houses, fantasy spaceships, and more. There are 24 files in total but you can only go through 14 for free. The goal is simple — to save the princess and get the highest score possible.

However, even if you’ll rescue the princess the game won’t be over — there are nine more special arenas for you to go through. The game has an MP mode so you can invite your business to join for a couple of rounds. If you do you’ll get to compete for the leadership in your group so make sure to gather all the gems you see.

Super Mario Run 1 Super Mario Run 2

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Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill

At some point, this game can be called a classic too — a classic representation of platformer games.

This game brings you into the good-old dungeon setting filled with spooky sounds and creepy dark corners. The visual sends us back to the first platformers — the heroes are made from pixels and the field doesn’t have many details. In fact, the whole field is just a bricked grey wall with wooden platforms.

However, don’t think this game is boring and primitive — it has plenty of obstacles that will level up the difficulty of the levels. There will be deadly thorns and spikes, fiery traps, axes falling from nowhere, and so on. the game has an MP mode but you don’t need to compete against your mates there — you need to cooperate.

You get to play for 3 heroes with unique abilities — a wizard, a knight, or a ranger. The magician can freeze this, the knight has his sword and the ranger can climb walls. As you cooperate you get to sacrifice your team members to get through the round. And even if one of you gets it to the end of the level — your team wins.

Total Party Kill 1 Total Party Kill 2

Top Run

Top Run

Next, we have an endless platformer game with an authentic retro setting.

To be fair, it’s a runner game with platformer elements but you won’t notice a difference. You get to play for a guy named Kevin who needs to go through the neon city along with his loyal doggie. Herewith, the city is filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles that you will need to avoid or get rid of.

As it was mentioned, it’s a runner game so you not only need to move through the floors — you need to run as fast as you can cause our score depends on it. The game covers various boosters that speed you up and help you to survive battles on the go. Don’t forget to gather coins and treasures cause that may be incredibly helpful as well.

The game covers over 100 chapters for you to go through so you can play for a long time Plus, there are plenty of retro-styled skins you get to unlock. It needs to be said, the graphics of this game is amazing — it’s like you’re playing inside of 80’s comics but with HQ graphics as well.

Top Run 1 Top Run 2

Super Cat Bros

Super cat bro

If you’re a cat person — this app is you up of tea.

It’s a cute cat platformer that challenges you to help reunite the cat with his siblings. To cope with that, you’ll need to get him through a mysterious land filled with barriers. You’ll also run into monkeys trying to push you from the platform — make sure to fight back or avoid them.

This game has the test retro pixel graphics so the cat looks like you’re playing Tamagotchi or something. Plus, there are lots of lotions for you to go through — from a field to the underwater world (yeah, apparently your can is ab to breathe underwater). You get to pick between six cats and all of them come with unique skills that can be helpful in different situations.

As you go through the rounds you’ll also need to gather all the golden coins on your way — you can exchange them for something useful later on. Nothing is outstanding about the controls — just tap on the left and right parts of the screen and you’ll easily cope with all the maneuvers. For now, there are over 50 unique rounds and more are on the way.

Super cat bro 1 Super cat bro 2

Super Phantom Cat

super phantom cat

Another act game? Yep, that’s right. Two is better than one, isn’t it?

This is a retro platformer that combines the best of new and old. Although the phantom cat sounds a bit spooky like you would play for a ghost of a cat, it’s a false sense. This game brings you to a space disco atmosphere with of the phantom word. Your goal here is to et into a fun adventure along with the 2D cat and move through various locations filled with obstacles.

The game covers lots of locations s you won’t get bored with the same bg view — there are forests, deserts, galaxy places, and more. You will get to jump from platform to platform, perform tricks and do whatever else could help you pass the level. The game covers different obstacles such as monsters, big chasms, and more.

However, there are lots of boosters that will help you complete the round. Make sure to collect all the gems on your way cause they can do your service in the future. There are also lots of skins you get to unlock. Besides, the levels of difficulty increase with each round so it will get harder and harder to complete them.

Super Phantom Cat 1 Super Phantom Cat 2

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Cat Bird

Cat Bird

Hands down — this is the last cate app on this article.

The whole game has a major retro vibe — you play for a pixelized kitten that needs to move through various fields and crash barriers on its way. As for the fields, they are all made in the same style with a night sky but the stands are always the same. For now, there are over 40 levels and more will be out soon.

According to the genre’s cannons, your cat will meet obstacles on its way. The game covers 4 bosses and lots of less serious monsters and obstacles you can run into. As for the bosses — you need to defeat them but you can try to avoid the rest without getting into a fight. Beyond that, make sure to get all the coins and treasures on your was can use you can exchange them on something useful.

The game has an MP mode so you can compete with other users \\. There are also leaderboards so you can try to become a worldwide cat leader. Besides, there’s a time trial mode that aims to pass levels in a limited time period. However, if you just wanna play at your pleasure you can do that as well.

Cat Bird 1 Cat Bird 2



Moving on to a doggy platformer game (it will be just one and it’s totally worth it).

The plot is quite basic for the genre — you meet to explore fantastic worlds playing for a cute dog. The dog has a purpose — to find his master no matter what it takes. Herewith, you’ll meet various characters on your way — some are friendly some are not but it’s fun anyway.

The game has quite psychedelic graphics — there are fields with purple grass, strange locations that look like a volcano and the ocean at the same time, and more. As you might’ve guessed there are lots of locations for your to explore and the chances are high you won’t get the same one twice.

Each game comes with special tasks like finding 5 bones or something. There’s no timer so you can play at your pace. In case you’ll feel stuck you can use hints to clear your mind. Some levels have built-in puzzles so it’s not a regular platformer with just running and jumping.

Mimpi 1 Mimpi 2

Yeah Bunny!

Yeah Bunny!

It’s another retro platformer that takes to the cute animal world.

This time you get to play for a bunny that is about to explore magical worlds. As always you will get to run, climb and do other tricks to get through the round successfully. The controls are simple and intuitive so all the tricks can be easily performed. You can also combine several tricks to overcome some extra hard barriers.

Make sure to collect all the carrots and kes on your way cause they can bring you bonuses and boosters for future rounds. Along with that, you’ll meet enemies trying to push you from your way. The game covers 4 bosses you need to beat and other bad guys that are less powerful.

All the rounds have unique designs so you won’t get bored with the same view. There are 3 climate zones covered and each world has its own landscape and style. The game comes with 48 rounds so you won’t finish it overnight. A web connection is not required so you can play wherever you are.

Yeah Bunny 1 Yeah Bunny 2

Dan the Man

Dan the Man

It’s an action game with a dynamic plot and fun characters that won’t leave you indifferent.

If you don’t mind kicking some asses while running around platforms — you’ll totally enjoy this game. The game gives off retro vibes as all the characters look like you’re playing Nintendo or something. Herewith, your goal is to no only pass the levels by jumping between the floors but to beat up the bosses as well.

In fact, the game covers several modes so there’s something for everyone. First, we have a classic mode that will get you through the plot by episode. Next, we have a survival one that lets you dive into an endless battle for greatness. There’s also an adventure mode for people into challenges and an MP one.

As the game goes, you get to upgrade your hero and level up his exp. You can adjust his appearance, weapons, and other stuff. Some items are only available for payment but it’s totally optional. The game covers dozens of locations with a unique climate so you won’t get bored with the same one.

Dan the Man 1 Dan the Man 2

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Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

And lastly, we have a fantasy game made by all canons of the genre.

According to the plot, the enchanted forest is in crisis — there were eggs that sustained its powers, but they are stolen now. The eggs are spread across the world and you need to do all in your powers to get them back before it’s too late. To cope with that, you’ll go on an adventure along with your mates.

The game comes with over 50 characters you can play for — from a princess to a magician and more All of them have unique skills that will be helpful on your way. You’ll get to gather gems and boosters that will help you improve your powers and raise your exp. It needs to be said, the fields look amazing and there are lots of details that make the atmosphere magical.

You will get to go, run, swim, climb and do lots of other tricks as well. Beyond that, there will be magical monsters on your way. All the monsters are different as well and you’ll need to figure pt individual ways to bat them. You’ll meet a Minotaur, the local bandits from the road, and more.

Rayman Adventures 1 Rayman Adventures 2

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