12 Free Prank Calling Apps for Android & iOS 2023

Have you ever had to escape from a boring or annoying company? In order not to strain your imagination and not to invent various excuses – you can use the convenient prank calling application. Using it will help you get out of an uncomfortable situation and maintain a good relationship with the company in 2023.

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Prank Caller: Prank Calling

Prank Caller: Prank Calling is one of the best apps in the Entertainment category because it’s free and there aren’t in-app purchases.

After downloading the app, you are directed to the main menu. There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The first button is Pranks. There you can find a lot of scripted pranks. There are two sections The Most Popular and The Newest. You can choose whatever you wish.

The second button is for Buy Credits. You have three free calls to do.

The third button is Call History, where you can check whom you have already called.

The last button is for Settings.

To make a Prank Call you should only fill in a friend’s phone number and after that, choose a prank caller number. Ready! Don’t forget to tap on Save the Reaction button to listen to the prank later.

prank caller1

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Prank Call App – Spoof Dial

Prank Call App – Spoof Dial is an amazing app and has a lot of advantages among others because it’s easy to use.

After downloading the app, you are directed to the main menu. The interface is simple to understand and manage.

At the top of the screen, there are two buttons. On the left side is for Settings. There you can share the app and write feedback. On the right side is for Microphone.

At the bottom of the screen, there are two buttons as well. On the left is for  Recording. On the right is for Fake Caller, where you can write your name, number and choose the duration of a call.

Right in the middle of the screen, there is a list of pranks. Before you pick one, you can listen to each of them. There are more than twenty pranks.


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Juasapp is an application for playing friends through calls. You will be able to make only a limited number of calls. You will need to pay with money, or you will have to share the application with friends.

In the application, there are jokes for different people. Some are for women only, some are for those traveling to work, some for dog owners, and so on. You will find all kinds of jokes.

The process of making calls using Juasapp is really simple. You will need to choose a joke, then specify the phone number you want to call, and finally choose the time of this call. After that, you just have to wait for the chosen moment.

Juasapp is a really effective application for prank calls. Yes, these calls will cost a certain amount of money, but you can either pay for them or just share the application with many of your friends.

Juasapp appJuasapp

Ownage Pranks

Download Ownage Pranks app and enjoy quality jokes with your friends. There is nothing complicated. Just choose a scenario, make a call, and be ready to laugh a lot. This awesome funny call app available for both Android and iPhone users.

You can save a call in your profile area and share it with others. Laugh together! The app contains many scripts and jokes. They are recorded by professional voice actors.

Ownage PranksOwnage Pranks app

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BoomRang is a fun and entertaining app that allows you to prank your friends and family in a unique and creative way.

With its advanced call simulation technology, this app makes it easy to fool your loved ones into thinking you’re calling from a different number or location.

Just select the desired ID address, choose the length of the call, and press the call button. That’s it! Your friend will receive the call and will have no idea that it’s actually a prank.

It is also possible to make fake calls from famous personalities. Do you want to impress your relatives and make them think they got a call from someone from Hollywood.

BoomRang features a realistic call simulator with customizable call settings and voice changer options for a convincing and entertaining experience.

So if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to prank your friends and family, look no further than BoomRang.

Whether you’re a prankster at heart or simply looking for a good laugh, this app is an excellent tool that will bring a smile to your face and those around you.


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JokesPhone – Joke Calls

JokesPhone – Prank Calling is the best free app in the Entertainment category because there aren’t any lags.

After downloading the app, you are directed to the main menu. At the bottom of the screen, there are three buttons.

The first one is The list of Pranks. There are a lot of topics for jokes. For example, You have crashed my car or Your dog is barking all the time. You can read a brief description to choose the best one.

The second button is for Examples. There you can figure out how to send a call and learn step-by-step instructions.

The third button is for My Calls. By tapping on it, you can check whom you have called, and listen to the prank again.

There is a chance to pick any Prank, to tease a friend within two minutes, listen to it, and share on social networks (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc).

If you will be logged in and if will you invite a friend, you will get extra coins. You need coins to buy calls.

The interface is simple to understand and manage.



Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s

Prank Call App: Ownage Pranks is one of the best apps in the Entertainment category because of its colorful design. However, you should buy coins with cash.

After downloading the app, you are directed to the main menu. The design is mesmerizing and bright. There are a lot of funny pictures.

Firstly, you can choose the language by tapping on the Flag Icon.

Secondly, push the button Search to see the list of Prank categories: VIP Pranks, Dating, Love, Jobs, Family, etc. In each category, you can find more than 10 call pranks with a brief description and pictures. All of them you can listen.

If you want to send a call, tap on a green button. But you need to be logged in or sign up. Get three free credits for completing it.

As for free credits, there is a chance to get them more, if you invite your friends to Ownage Pranks. Share the app all over the world.




Here’s one of the most prank calling apps on Google Play and hundreds of people have already been pranked by the funny scenarios that you can find here. The developers claim that there have been made more than 200 million calls with this app. Want to be the next one?

There are several prank scenarios in the app and you can select one of them in the main menu. For instance, one of the most popular ones is called “you hit my car”. What you need to do here is to type the phone number of the friend that you want to prank and then PRANK DIAL will make a call automatically.

The new scenarios are added regularly. The interface of the app is super comfortable to use and you will navigate yourself quite quickly.




Fake Caller Id, Fake Call, Prank Call App

Another really cool prank call app that allows you to use the fake identity while you are calling. You can get your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend by pretending it is a police officer or sheriff is calling them because the app allows you to create the ID that would look totally realistic.

All you have to do is to enter the username and the last name, add some description (optional), and add the icon. Then call your friend and your ID will be shown as you marked it in the app. You can also make automatic calls using this app with intervals of 10-15 seconds.



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Fake Call Plus

Stop the boring conversation, leave the company, and get a reason to leave. All thanks to the sudden incoming call, which you called. There is a way to activate a fake call on the iPhone, which apparently cannot be distinguished from a real phone call.

How to set everything up

1. Download the free Fake Call Plus application from the App Store.

2. Run the program and configure the call parameters.

You can set:

  • call time after activation;
  • the name of the caller;
  • ringtone;
  • the background sound of the interlocutor when you answer the call;
  • contact photo.

3. We are waiting for a suitable case for using the application.

Now when you need to find a reason to leave, run Fake Call Plus and click Start Call. The device screen goes out, you don’t need to block it. After a specified period of time, an incoming call will be heard, and you will get a good reason to step aside. You can add an application widget and activate a false call right from the lock screen.

This developer has a paid version of the program Fake Call App Pro. It is characterized by the lack of advertising and unlimited change of parameters (in the free version, some settings can be changed only once).

Fake Call PlusFake Call Plus app

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Fake call – prank

Fake Call – prank – imitate fake calls and short messages, customize them and edit the name, image, and ringtone! The program allows you to create false calls only on your phone, and you can joke or avoid awkward situations.

An interesting function of the application is the imitation of false calls, for example, it can be a call from the mother or the boss. This will help dodge an unpleasant conversation or an unnecessary meeting.

The program allows you to create new contacts, as well as use the numbers that are in the phone book so that they “call” or “send” messages. This is a very interesting utility that will help to avoid an unpleasant situation. Now you don’t have to listen to grumbling mother-in-law. Just imitate an important call and go about your business.

Fake call - prank appFake call - prank

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AndroidRock Voice Changer

You can use not only the prank calling apps that contain already made scenarios but also improvise with changing your own voice. This is the app that allows you to alter your voice into various characters, starting from the robotic one and ending with a voice that sounds like a drunk man.

In fact, there are dozens of characters that you can choose from – animals, people, cartoon characters, and so on. Your friends are simply not ready for that! You can also pre-record your voice in advance and only after layer the effects on your record (for whatever needs).

The interface design is extremely simple and it is probably one of the main drawbacks here. By the way, you can add to the app not only the records of your voice or someone’s voice but also songs and apply funny effects on them, just for fun. You can always save the recording and then share it with your friends via social network.



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