10 Best DMV Test Preparation Apps for Android & iOS

Are you getting ready for your driving test?

First of all, it’s highly important to take the DMV test to be greatly prepared. This can be achieved by taking sample tests as more as possible. Thus you will avoid unpleasant situations during an actual test itself.

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Secondly, there is a high chance to meet the same questions in the test that you have already practiced. And finally, there is a great opportunity to practice tests using listed below DMV test preparation apps that are available for Android and iOS as well.

PA Driver’s Practice Test

The driving process can be not easy. It can be even more difficult if there various signs and rules on the road. Knowing these rules will not just help you to pass the DMV test but also will save you from many troubles.

So to conclude, there is not just one reason to spend more time preparing for your actual driving test. Besides the driving license itself, the studying process will make you be confident on roads.

Driver`s Practise Test app is dedicated to simplifying your life. Literally. You are just suggested to pass lots of sample tests with questions that are more likely will be present on the exam. The app is due to the theoretical part of the exam.

Luckily the app is available for both platform Android and iOS and gained high popularity as well as a high rating. The interface, color pattern, and font assist with questions perception. In addition, you can share your results with your friends or family members via different messengers and social media platforms.

PA Driver’s Practice Test PA Driver’s Practice Test


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DMV Practice Test

The next app in our list covers all US states. It includes tests that were formed with the help of the official DMV handbook with little differences related to a particular state. DMV Practise Test offers preparation programs for cars, motorcycles, and CDL driving tests.

Its claimed that the app has two different modes. The first one is called Read Mode: take your time without time reference to learn questions and answers.

The second mode is an Exam Mode: it resembles the actual exam as it is with a time limit but no answers appearing. Moreover, if you have started the test you won’t be able to prematurely stop it.

Clear road signs will be displayed followed by a question to teach a potential driver about its specifics. As well as clear explanations will be above each question to not let the user feel confused.

Those questions that weren’t fully comprehended can be bookmarked for further revision. Surprisingly statistics is formed as a result of your preparation in the app displaying data in a pie chart view.

DMV Practice Test 2019 DMV Practice Test 2019


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DMV Permit Practice, Drivers Test & Traffic Signs

Of course, the most important part before passing the DMV test is practice. However, we all know that before practice the there must be learned flawlessly.

This app will totally help you with that – it includes the information about the road signs and law of all the 50 states – all you need just to select one where you are going to take your exam.

The app contains the full list of all the traffic signs that you are going to face on the road and under each image you can find a short description of it. For more detailed information you can click on the sign.

Also, you can practice the test questions, choosing the right section. In case you’re not sure about any of those, you can find the right answers in the app as well.

Among other additional features, you will find the calendar – “exam planner” where you can put the date of your upcoming exam. All the database is updated for the 2022 DMV tests.




Are you preparing for the DMV test and you need additional training for the written part? Look no further than this app. It is an extremely convenient tool for practicing, where all you have to do is to click on “start” and then the app will provide you the questions with several variants of answers. Your task is to choose one.

After you selected one answer, the app will inform you if that’s correct or wrong. Those questions, that you answered wrong, will be repeated automatically. You can practice as long as you want and the app includes all the necessary questions which will be upcoming in the tests of 2022.



App Store

DMV Practice Test by Zutobi

DMV Practice Test by Zutobi is the app available for both Android and iOS. It’s a very popular free application with in-app purchases to unlock all features. The app has a colorful design and a comfortable interface. It is arranged in a style of the game where you need to pass levels an see your progress.

All answers go with explanations in case if users gave a wrong answer. There are questions with pictures displaying road situations. The app also has a built-in manual that contains all the necessary information followed by appropriate pictures giving even more explanation.

DMV PracticeDMV Practice


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Driver start

Driver start is yet another app that covers all state driving tests for different states. There are DMV, BMV, DOT, DDS, and other tests. In this app besides tests themselves, you can find the latest handbooks and manuals where you can find all the latest theories related to road rules, signs, situations.

There is an option to choose specific topics that you may know less than others to revise it more meticulously. This app can be irreplaceable for those who are struggling to prepare for their knowledge driving test.

It will be also quite helpful for those who have already failed previous times and has some difficulties with particular questions or topics.  Tests in the app resemble those actual tests for permit or license.

Driver start Driver start


DMV Genie Permit Practice Test: Car & CDL

Get ready for your driving license test or written permit with the DMV Genie Permit application that is free and available for Android and iOS. It’s based on the DMV manual and refer to the latest actual tests in your state.

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to take tests like this. Therefore it’s essential to be prepared as much as possible.

Train yourself as you are taking a test right now, This way you will fill all gaps in your knowledge base and maybe will prepare yourself to endure the stress of the real exam. It claims that the app covers all tests from different states like DMV, DDS, DOT, and many others. All questions are randomized and appear from the easiest one to the hardest.

DMV Genie Permit DMV Genie Permit


App Store

DMV Permit Practice Test

If you feel like you are tired studying the theory part for the DMV test by writing everything down and practicing on the paper you can save your time and energy by installing this testing app that allows you to practice your skills in the DMV tests wherever you are.

There are three main sections in the app. In the first one, you can practice your general knowledge of all the information and theory. In the second section, you can check out which alterations have happened in the traffic rules during the past year. In the last section, you can train your knowledge of signs and traffic situations.

Overall, it is difficult to say that this app has tons of information and extra features, but it for sure has all the necessary aspects to help you with your DMV test.



DMV Practice Test by ABC learning

DMV Practice Test is yet another app with tests divided into state-specific DMV handbook. If you are getting ready for the test and already fed up from handbook reading this app is right for you. Its high rated and got almost 5 stars. Recommended by thousands of users. Available on both platforms Android and iOS. It’s a really handy beneficial app as you can be sure about downloading the app and trying it yourself.

Practicing can be done by topics or in the test simulator as well.  Registration isn’t required so once you have downloaded and launched the app you can start practicing. At any time and any place as no internet connection is needed.

DMV Practice Test by ABC DMV Practice Test by ABC


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DMV Test Hub

Despite the fact that this app is placed at the end of our list it doesn’t mean it is the worst one, as in some other cases. In fact, it is one of the top-ranked DMV preparation apps on the market, so let’s see what a future driver can find here in order to better prepare for the test.

The answer is obvious – simplicity. You open the app and immediately start solving the questions. No extra features, no distracting aspects – just practice and practice until your skills are perfect. For each question, you will be getting 4 variants of answers so you will choose the right one.

The answers are similar to each other, so you will have to learn the theory in the details in order to give the correct answer. The app is suitable for preparing to the test in the following states: California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Illinois, Texas.



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