14 Free Psychic Reading Apps for Android & iOS

Psychic reading applications are wonderful free tools for mobile platforms iOS and Android, which you can download and install on your phone.

Try more ways to predict your future using these astrology apps to read your birth chart.

Applications from the psychic reading series are perhaps one of the best in the field of predictions and forecasts for the future, the volume of their functionality amazes with their capabilities. Let’s see!

Purple Ocean Psychic Reading

Purple Ocean Psychic Readings is an amazing app that will help you to connect with non-judgmental advisors via video chat. Here you will find the most rated psychics from all over the world! Do you need love or relationship advice? Have some problems in career development or some other life questions? Ask a psychic advisor in Purple Ocean Psychic Readings!

How it works. After installation, choose one psychic advisor from the list and address him a video question or just type it. Then, you will get a reply within 24 hours. It will contain the info with your psychic forecast.

The main features:

  • Purple Oce has the most experienced and talented mediums and psychics in its database
  • All experts have their own profiles with an introduction video, so it will be easier to choose from them
  • You will get accurate forecast and answers

If you feel that you also have supernatural powers and can predict fate, why not become an expert in this service too? This is quite possible and is welcomed.

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Zodiac Touch Psychic Reading

This is another service for live psychic readings. Zodiac Touch Psychic Reading is similar in many ways to the previous representative.

Here, you will get tarot or psychic readings using chat or you can just call an expert. The app collects the genuine, professional advisors. They will give you answers concerning love, career, family, money, health and so on.

You can get daily horoscope, online tarot readings, psychic advice, angel guidance in real-time 24/7. Choose from world-class experts. Use the editor’s choice or the most popular sections. Each advisor has rating and profile info. So, it will be easy to choose the best one personally for you.

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Basirly is a simple app, but a very interesting one. It is a coffee tarot reading, so if you are fond of this topic. There are lots of interesting sections and functions that you might want to explore. First of all, coffee reading. It is a known fact that no one knows how to do that correctly, but, the developers of this app came with a cool idea.

You can just take a picture of the coffee remnants in your cup and upload it to the app. The app will analyze the pic and you will get a prediction. What is more, there is a Tarot prediction that you can get, by entering the data about yourself (place of birth, date of birth, name, and so on).

In the astrology and dreams section, you can explore even more predictions, based on stars or find the meaning of your dreams.

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Keen Psychic Reading

Keen Psychic Reading experts will help you learn about your destiny. The astrological forecast is made by real professionals. In this application, you can ask about all aspects of your life: work, health, luck. The present and the future are now available to you.

Here you can ask interesting questions to professional clairvoyants, psychic advisors, who will prompt you what will happen in the future and help you make a decision. Also, a free daily horoscope is available. Read the info about love, relationships, zodiac compatibility, health, career, and so on.

The main features of Keen Psychic Reading:

  • See profiles of psychic advisors
  • View rating and reviews of each advisor to be confident in quality psychic reading advise
  • Find Your Best Match function to choose the best expert for your personal needs
  • Connect with an advisor right in the app by call or chat
  • See if your advisor online
  • Free reading psychic articles
  • Free daily horoscope for every zodiac sign
  • Sharing predictions via popular social networks
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Fortunica is the best way to connect with professional spiritual advisors if you have a dispute question. There are more than 80 specialists from all over the world to choose from.

The main features of fortunica:

  • Daily advice and support
  • Choose an advisor from the top
  • The following spheres are available: card readings, astrology, rituals, palm reading.

Fortunica will help you learn more about yourself and the close people, provide answers to important questions in life and predictions for the future. With the help of applications you can plan your life in advance and protect yourself from probable problems and dangers.

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The PsychicBook app allows users to get advice from psychic and divination pros directly. With this app, you can contact experienced practitioners to get answers to your questions and know your near future.

Choose any practitioner based on their profile and rating. Read opinions about practitioners left by other community members and share your comments.

After selecting a practitioner, choose the session that is most interesting to you. Some types of sessions and practices from the app allow you to do a charting or read calculated charts based on astrological data.

For unlimited access to the app’s services and practitioners, upgrade to the paid version for $2/month. Communicate with your practitioner via chat or video call. Schedule a call or chat with your practitioner at your convenience. In-app purchases are available for real money.

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Kasamba is a popular online service for a psychic reading. It offers 3 free chat minutes with each new advisor you try. All you need is to download the Kasamba app and choose a psychic medium. Also, it is required to add payment info. You will have to pay if you continue to a paid session.

More than 3 million people have already chosen Kasamba. Do you want to get an accurate forecast? Download Kasamba and you will get answers to all burning questions you have.

The key features of the Kasamba app:

  • There are hundreds of professional psychic mediums & advisors from all over the world
  • The service is available 24/7
  • Free chat minutes to find the best advisor
  • The service is anonymous and 100% private
  • All forecasts are saved so you always have access to them, for example, to check if the info given was accurate
  • Free monthly, weekly or daily horoscopes for every zodiac sign
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My Psychic Reading

My Psychic Reading is a famous application available for both iPhone and Android users. You will get advice in every sphere of your life: about love, career, health, horoscope compatibility, business and more.

The main features of My Psychic Reading:

  • Service is available anytime and anywhere
  • Psychic readings are provided by world-famous psychics
  • There are sample questions to choose from divided into categories: love, self, life, career, money, education and so on
  • Your info is always private and secure
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Oranum is a simple way to get a psychic reading in the form of a free chat with experienced psychics from all over the world.

The main features of Oranum: 

  • Free chat in online mode
  • There are more than 100 experts
  • Free horoscope
  • Email Readings

Here you will find a detailed zodiacal horoscope for 2018, which will give answers to all the questions that you may have. It takes into account all the significant astrological aspects. It is precise, objective, informative and, therefore, informative and useful.

To start using this service you should log in. Everything is clear and understandable. So, there will not be any difficulties in getting advice. The experts are available 24/7.

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Have you got a burning question? Don’t know how to solve this or that problem? Experts of Psychic service will help you! All you need is to register (fill your personal info: name, gender, date and time of birth, city, and email), then choose a psychic and ask your question. It is easy to choose a psychic as everyone has his own profile with personal info, rating, and reviews. You can start a chart or just call an expert.

The design of the app is pleasant, made in light blue colors. It is available for Android only.


Soulight is a mobile app for those who want to get a reading or future predictions in the field of astrology and esotericism. Get an answer to any of your queries about every period of your life.

You will have access to the services of esotericists and fortune tellers who will make the readings for you or do natal chart parsing. You can choose the service that suits you best, to get your queries and problems solved or detailed instructions needed to make important decisions.

Sign up and get consultations from professional experts directly through the app. You can select the practitioner that suits your query and communicate with them through chat. With this feature, you can get a personalized and customized consultation. Make calls through the app and chat with a practitioner live.

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Co–Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star is the new astrology trending app since it is able to compile the full natal map for anyone. All you need to do in order to find out the predictions about your life and your general characteristics is to enter your birth date into the app (well, you will have to do it because in order to use this app you have to create your account).

The app will determine your zodiac sign, your ascendant, and the moon sign. It will give you full information about yourself and your planets’ positions and how they influence your life journey. You can literally spend hours reading all the information you will find here.

A curious feature of CoStar that you can add other accounts as your friends and thus you can check out your mutual compatibility. The app makes the advice for everyday routine, so you can check that out daily for fun.



Tarot Reading or psychic reading is quite simple but very informative, ideal for predicting the near future, predicting the development of the situation.

You can ask questions for cards on any topic. Decoding options are provided for all sorts of life situations, such as relationships with friends and relatives, love relationships, study, work, career, health, personality characteristics and others. Concentrate and ask a question that interest you.

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It might be wring suggestion but more and more people nowadays are getting interested in horoscopes. The thing is many of them are concealing it since it is considered to be “not cool”. Well, you can do whatever you want, and if you want to get an insight into the psychic reading using astrology, you can check out this app.

Well, this is the really full-guide on astrology. Just choose the Zodiac sign that you need and you will be able to see all the data on it (it is essential to mention here that the date of birth is important). You can find out the traits of the person you’re want to analyze (or yourself) and you can check out the compatibility.

The interface design is more girly here so the app will be most suitable for the female audience. By the way, the Chinese horoscope is included here as well.


A psychic reading can be treated differently – many people believe that they really allow something to be learned, others treat them as entertainment. However, one should not forget that when referring to psychic reading, you not only get answers to any questions but also learn to look differently at yourself and others around you, learn to pay attention to your inner world, to the prompts of fate, to learn to interpret and apply them in your daily life.

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