Top fashion games for iOS & Android

What girl does not dream of becoming the first fashionista and dress beautifully… Here you can find the best, colorful and fashionable games. Pick up your own style and learn how to combine things correctly. Create unthinkable, unusual outfits!

These games are very useful for all ages. They will teach you how to choose the right outfits, and also to develop the talent of the designer and creative abilities. In some games, you have to immerse yourself in a whole fascinating story. Pick up a beautiful outfit in the game and create your own, unique style, in reality, combining interesting things and accessories.
You will find here a lot of fashion games of different genres and directions. There are whole exciting stories with a storyline. Learn new about the world of fashion and develop your own, unique style!

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion – is a casual game, which is perfect for a female audience. There are several heroines in it. They constantly need extravagant images. It is them that you have to create. The game has a large number of dresses and accessories. With it, you definitely will turn into a professional stylist.
To the creation of this application the developers attracted no one, but the designers of America (Council of Fashion Designers of America).
In the application, users can “play” with real brand clothes, combining it at their own discretion and creating new images. The resulting bows can be published for evaluation, and you can buy things you liked in the designer’s online store by clicking on the link. Thanks to this application, users can be in constant contact with designers. Designers, in turn, have an access to the application database and can view user experiments.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an exciting game for fans of Kim Kardashian and bohemian Hollywood parties. The essence of the game is to create a protagonist and help him to rise to the top of the Hollywood elite. The free application provides for purchases inside the system – from designer things for the main characters (brands Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld and others) to the possibility of creating a variety of makeup options for the heroine.
Main features of the game:

  1. Create a star of the first magnitude, changing its appearance, using hundreds of styles, including the true look of Kim Kardashian.
  2. The opportunity to participate in an interactive adventure with the participation of celebrities (including Kim), loyal fans and pesky paparazzi.
  3. Take an honorable place on the star pedestal as a famous actress, top model or fashion designer.
  4. Conquer the virtual Los Angeles, New York and Miami, visiting the famous clubs, expensive boutiques, and chic villas.
  5. Meet with celebrities at private parties in the best clubs.
  6. Flirt and build relationships with the famous stars themselves.
  7. The social component is realized with the help of Game Center and Facebook.

Travel around the world visit such fashion and glamor capitals as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and, of course, Hollywood star. There you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with stars and celebrities, visit private elite parties, find new friends, flirt and entertain. Gradually improve skills, improve reputation, buy real estate, earn money to purchase new items of wardrobe and accessories.

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Tap Boutique – Girl Fashion

This is the best application that will help you express a sense of style. You have to dress up an avatar and create unique images, choosing from the latest trends or fashionable things.
What are you going to do in the game:

  1. Dress the character, starting with the hat, finishing with shoes.
  2. Get stylish clothes from 7 famous fashion designers.
  3. Choose jewelry for the hero, thereby increasing the rating of the boutique.
  4. You have to hire employees to manage the boutique. Dress them with taste.
  5. Play with your friends and invite them to look into your boutique.
  6. Constant updates with the addition of new fashionable stuff!

iOS version

Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique – especially for fans of fashion, the developers have created an application where all creative people gather to show their vision of beauty. It starts with the fact that the gamer is given his own fashion salon, which requires the development and fans who will become regular customers.
At the choice of the player, there are over a hundred variants of models, the combination of which can create a unique and original style. Together with its own line of clothing, you will have to take care of learning the basics of trade, which will make it possible to make your brand recognizable. Realize the dream of a fashion designer in the application Fashion Star Boutique!

iOS version

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim – is a creative game for girls and women, where they can become more familiar with glamorous life. This is a fun and fairytale life, in which there was a place for everything that girls love so much – shopping, stylish outfits, beauty salons and gay parties. But do not think that you will just be entertained. As it turned out in the glamorous life there is a place for work. And so even at the very start of the game, you will have to choose a profession for your heroine, with the help of which she will earn her living.

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim will make you a saleswoman of a fashionable clothing store, where dresses from haute couture are presented. Choose your line of destiny, and plunge safely into the whirlpool of events that will cover your heroine and you with your head. Your store needs many things, one of which is a beautiful interior. You can, by your own taste, decorate the store, making it more attractive for customers. Pay attention to the maintenance. At first, there will be few customers, because the store has just opened, but thanks to the friendly reception that the heroine must provide, it will quickly fill up with clients. And you will need to keep up everywhere: at the cash register, in the dressing room, and in a timely manner to serve coffee, and spread out a new product.

In addition to working in the store, you need to think about expanding the business, because so many women need to be made happy, pleased with the new fashionable outfit and stylish way. The more shops you have, the faster you will get a chance to get into the big leagues, where you have to dress not ordinary buyers, but the wives of well-known politicians, businessmen, and socialites. To expand your business, you can use the mod for a lot of money from our portal mobile applications.

Android version

Style Me Girl

If you are dreaming of fashion shows, beautiful outfits and a career of a fashion model – start playing the game Style Me Girl right now. Become a real stylist of your stars, create supermodels and give them a start in life. It has never been so easy and stylish to play. Choose for yourself directions in fashion (from Gothic to classics, from puritanism to glamor), create images, decorate accessories and create without looking back. Also, you have a cool opportunity to arrange photo sessions for your models – just choose a pose and make a whole series for your portfolio.

Never before the playing “in vogue” was not so simple and beautiful. Enjoy every moment, do not hesitate to spend money on everything fashion you need, and also earn extra bonuses by playing special fashionable mini-games. You deserve recognition! Brilliant!

iOS version

Fashion Moment


Fashion moment – is an app in which you can, through the use of natural beauties, become a real fashion designer. To do this, you only need a fantasy and a camera on your mobile device.

The principle of operation of Fashion Moment is extremely simple: you need to register here, then go to the selection, which includes several hundred different stencils in the form of people in different clothes.

The bottom line is that the color of the clothes will be the picture on which you point the camera of your device.

For example, if you see a beautiful flower bed, you can simply point your device’s camera at it using a stencil and at the same second the stencil will transform and a mannequin in stunning floral print clothes will appear from the white silhouette of a person.

Here you can create stencils yourself, for example, choose different images, accessories, dresses, shorts, suits, and much more. Remember that you can point your device’s camera at absolutely any objects to create a design masterpiece. You will also be able to share your design ideas with users of other apps.


iOS version

Fashion Girl Power

FashionGirl – is a role-playing game, with excellent graphics and beautiful music. An interactive, well thought-out menu will simplify the management of the characters of this game. The game is free but contains a small paid content. The goal of the game is to go the way, starting from an ordinary person “in the crowd” to the status of a celebrity or a princess, thereby ensuring yourself an acquaintance with many stars and the best people in the fairy-tale town.

By the way, communication with them raises the status of the main character. Having chosen a role, you can immerse yourself in the world of epotage and glamor, style and luxury, charm and beauty. A huge choice of role-playing accessories has affected all spheres of life: this is a dancer, a ballerina, a superman, an opera singer, a sports figure, and just a businesswoman. As in life, the road to the radiant pedestal lies through the thorns. In this game, chic shops, designer boutiques, jewelry stalls, spa salons, hairdressing salons and beauty salons become tests, that is, everything that turns a gray mouse into a beautiful swan.

No less important is the process of learning, during which the hero will hone his skills, regardless of the type of art or type of activity, be it dancing or singing, sports or oratory. An endless number of boutiques are open around the clock, more than 400 fresh models of clothing, designer fashion solutions and all kinds of accessories for clothes, and all this in volume! There is the bonus system of mini-games of Fashion Girl Power, secrets, cheats, as well as endless money, the game allows you to receive prizes for completed tasks and assignments. More than 100 levels need to pass to win this game. Energy and crystals have a special value in the game. You can pump the hero in different directions, for example, to a degree of sexuality, charm, etc. Friends can join the hero’s circle through Facebook or Google+.

The game Fashion Girl Power has free purchases, codes, tips, passing and without advertising, provides the opportunity to flirt with the participants of the game and receive gifts. The more admirers, the higher the rating of the hero. To get the glory you can only be wearing the finest shoes on the hairpin, in the original designer dress to the floor, with unmatched jewelry, having a trendy hairstyle and in the arms of a blue-eyed blonde. This should be the cover of a glamorous fashion magazine with a photograph of the protagonist. Capturing your final beautiful and incomparable image, you can share it with your friends on Facebook.

Android version

Supermodel Star

Did you always dream of becoming a supermodel? Or maybe you still dream… Well, you have a great opportunity. In the game Supermodel Star, you do not have to go through various castings, participate in contests and punch the way to fame by yourself. All the initial data you already have, it is left to conquer the world with their help!

Think of your style, make your appearance unusual and unrepeatable, stand out – then you will be noticed. Clothes you can buy in a variety of shops, do not pay attention to the price category, on the way to fame – this is not what you need. Do not be stingy in appearance, because the face and style of the model are what she earns. Make your model perfect and walk her way from the average girl to the famous diva herself!
To succeed, you will have to:

  1. Develop a unique look, do not forget, everything should be thought out! Dress so that it looks harmonious and natural.
  2. Completely immerse yourself in the world of models and designers, do not think that this is a very easy job.
  3. Do not forget about makeup, make sure that it is combined with a dress.

Of course, then you will trust the choice of clothes to professionals, but for now, try to cope on your own. The podium is waiting for you!

Android version

Superstar Girl Fashion Awards

Superstar Girl is invited to attend the Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Awards at the free Superstar Girl Fashion Awards on Android.
You are asked to prepare her for a stellar appearance. You will need to make every effort to make the heroine look the best at this significant event.
Features of the game Superstar Girl Fashion Awards:

  1. The first thing is to take care of makeup.
  2. In the best hairdresser’s the heroine will make a hairdo.
  3. In the most famous fashion store, the heroine will buy her outfit.
  4. Choose comfortable shoes and a bag.
  5. Do not forget about women’s jewelry.
  6. Prepare a limousine for your trip.
  7. Play more and save bonuses to collect all the rewards.

Top Stylist

Top Stylist is simply an addictive game play for Android and iOS devices. First of all, the Top Stylist application is oriented, of course, to young women of fashion. Unlike similar programs, this game offers better graphics, a large selection of clothing items and accessories, less demanding on the resources of tablet computers and smartphones.

Developers suggest you go in the role of a fashion designer and develop for heroines of the game a unique style and appearance. How to play? You just pick up clothes for the wards, accessories, etc.

The game features over five hundred pieces of clothing, ranging from classic ball gowns to leather studded jackets. Handbags, straps, shoes and boots. All this is also abundantly represented in the gameplay.

Creating a unique style for your models you gain reputation points, and it, in turn, will be useful for unlocking new collections and brands. The application will please the user with its colorful, highly detailed graphics.


  1. A fascinating gameplay.
  2. Colorful graphics.
  3. Huge selection of items of clothing and accessories.
  4. Easy and convenient operation.

The user interface is simple and convenient. All control buttons are equipped with intuitive pictograms and inscriptions so that the process of mastering the control will not cause difficulties even for novice users. The buttons themselves are large enough to provide comfortable operation with the application even on small screens.

As already mentioned, the program first of all will provoke interest among girls who want to know everything about the trends of the world fashion. Play, develop your own unique styles and earn reputation points.

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