7 Free Repeat Alarm Apps for Android & iOS

An alarm clock is not just a means to wake up. We use alarms also as reminders of important events or actions that we can’t miss. To make sure your phone gets your attention with confidence and gives you important information, use these free repeat alarm apps for Android & iOS. 

Make every of your mornings cheerful using these free alarm apps for heavy sleepers to wake up anyway.

To Do Reminder with Alarm

This app reminds you of all your tasks. A list of goals for the day, combined with an alarm clock will not let you miss the moment and relieve the memory. It is possible to set cyclic tasks, with the repetition of each at a set interval of time.

Working in the app is intuitively easy. Notifications will appear as pop-ups or with the sound you like. There is also a widget on the home screen. You can dictate a task for convenience, and the app will convert it to text on its own.

It is possible to synchronize with cloud calendars so that you do not forget about the birthdays of dear people. You can send them a birthday greeting right from the app. A daily backup will save your data.

Stylish design at night or daytime will provide quality vision. No one else will forget to pay their bills, congratulate them on a holiday, or meet their friends.

The app will remind unobtrusively. If some reminders pop up with a delay, you should refer to a special item in the settings. The app requests access to phone data for synchronization and backups.


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Repeat Alarm Timer

New generation alarm clock, which will get rid of the boring routine. With it, you can set alarms with a certain frequency and time interval. It is possible to cover individual days of the week.

The app can be used as a timer. This will increase productivity. The main panel sets the time of the beep.

There are also existing sections: alarm frequency, alarm history, and feature set. At the top right corner are all the edits of the morning alarm. No manual setting of intervals and days of the alarm will save time.

Editing the time, days, sound volume, and melody is available. Install the widget on the Home screen for convenience. The duration and time of the alarm are tracked in the notification panel.


Repeat Alarm

This app will replace repeatedly setting the alarm clock. It will notify you in time to perform a certain task.

The app is suitable for many people with different types of goals. It will remind you to take your medicine, get your eyes or nose pumped, drink another glass of water, return books to the library, stretch, or take a break from work.

With the help of the app, you can develop a lot of useful habits. Using it is intuitively easy. You need to set the date, time, and interval alarm, remembering to give it a name. In fact, it works as a timer.

You can make notes if necessary. All signals are saved in the history. They appear as a melody or vibration. If you use headphones, the sound will appear through a headset.

A unique feature: as a beep, the app will say the name of the task and the exact time. The number of reminders is not limited. The app asks for permission for phone data to use music from the storage.


Repeat Timer: Interval Remind

This program reminds you to complete tasks and teaches you to be more productive. Using the app is intuitively simple. You need to set the timer time and specify the task, number, and repetition interval.

It is possible to set an extra sound signal within the main one, which is especially convenient for sports.

The app works in the background and does not require cancellation of the beep. It does not slow down the work of the phone.

The basic version provides a timer cycle repeated five times, fifteen different melodies, and one task. Animations and sound effects diversify the interface.

The app will be useful for members of any profession. Teachers keep track of breaks during classes, fitness trainers do interval lessons, retirees keep track of medication, and students learn materials for a session. With the help of a timer, you can develop many useful habits.


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Alarm and pill reminder

The intelligent alarm clock will not leave a single chance to oversleep. Built-in functions take into account all the tricks of the human mind. The music builds up gradually, so as not to traumatize the psyche.

The “suspend” button is larger than the “off” button. To turn off the alarm clock, you have to solve an uncomplicated math problem that will still help you wake up. It takes a few seconds to set the alarm.

You can use the setting to make the lock key, change the volume, or just shake your phone the off button. The app can be used as a timer for studying, cooking, or working out. There is no limit to the number of times the beep can be repeated.

The reminder function is also included. Information such as the calendar, weather forecast, and task list is synchronized with the alarm. Standard and downloaded ringtones from your phone are used as an alarm.

You cannot turn off the alarm clock because of mathematical tasks of varying degrees of complexity with a time limit. Instead, you can set a multi-digit password or code to be scanned. Then, the alarm will go off if your phone is on.



A smart alarm clock is essential in the pace of modern life. Available to set for any date and time.

It is possible to resume the alarm after a set number of minutes, days, weeks, months, and even years. This will help you not miss any important points in the plan. Let even the morning alarm clock informs the necessary tasks.

There is an option to synchronize with other devices. Then the signal will come at the same time to a group of people to coordinate actions. If you do not want to be a participant, the alarm can be blocked.

All notifications will pop up in the appropriate tab. History of cancellations and deactivations of the access signal for viewing. As a sound, you can use a melody from the phone memory or set vibration. The alarm successfully adapts to changing time zones.

All data is automatically saved in the cloud storage, so old alarms are available for re-setting. Operation is possible outside the Internet. You only need a phone number and a code from a message to log in.


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Timer and alarm clock in one app. It not only wishes you a good morning but also notifies you when you need to perform important tasks.

The app stabilizes your schedule with pop-up notifications. You can change the color of the indicators. You can set a repeating alarm at a certain interval or a single alarm.

You can pin a specific task to the home screen. This will help you to focus on it completely. The app is versatile. It is intuitively easy to use.

Each reminder has a certain duration and repetition interval. Their number is not limited. Vibration or sound is used as a reminder signal. A dark or light theme is available.

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