11 Free Robot Building Games (Android & iOS)

Playing robots always was an interesting activity and nowadays these old games turned into modern ones. Here is the list of the best free robot building games for your device.

And those who like to create everything on their own might be also interested in our collection of the best 2D animation apps.


The game is based on the battles between robots. Just like in life, the strongest and most developed win.

The fights consist of three rounds, during which you have to control your robot warrior. The main goal is, of course, to unleash all the power on the enemy.

But don’t forget there is additional complexity in the form of a hydraulic press vise (or two train wagons tending to each other, or something, even more, interesting) that must be a challenge for a player.

It’s important to have time to equate the XP of the enemy to zero before these vises clamp the robot from both sides.

So then, the game is getting more and more exciting and at the same time levels are becoming complicated as well. The players want to make the robot as strong as possible. They will have to train their fighter to walk and fight.

All of the robot movements obey the laws of physics, so this process promises to be both fascinating and educational. The process of teaching a robot simple movements and manipulation with various weapons is quite fascinating.

Of course, the user will not be able to do it right away, but over time everyone achieves real mastery in this activity and has fun.

Use boxes with rewards to get new parts – arms, legs, bodies, and, of course, weapons to experiment with combinations and create an unrepeatable robot. You can get new equipment by passing a special barrier strip.

So the player not only gets a useful experience for the game but also earns coins and receives bonuses. Another way to get the necessary parts to improve your robot is to take part in battles.

Each win will bring additional modules that will make the bot much stronger. The more battles passed, the more opportunities there are to grow a real super strong fighter from a bot, with whom no one can get hurt.

In that case, the player’s nickname will be proudly shown in the list of the best.


  • Easy-to-play app. This is a game with intuitive controls, in which one will not need to spend a lot of time understanding the display and menu.
  • There is the opportunity to get to the top with a player rating.


  • Over time the game can seem boring.

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Robot Crash Fight

This app can be characterized by this phrase: “The epic game – the epic theme”. So, the player can enjoy 3D graphics along with a rocking accompaniment.

Robots have evolved and stopped being powerless coffee makers – they want independence and strength.

The app developers considered it a good idea to place robots directly into the arena, very similar to the boxing one, and allow players to take part in the fight between a modernized microwave and a hair dryer.

There are countless number different parts for a robot – from a saw to a gun. All the equipment can be mixed to get an unbeatable iron monster.

The game, like many of this series, contains levels of varying difficulty, for the completion of which the player receives special rewards. They should help him upgrade to a robot fighter.


  • 3D graphics that make feel battle vibe deeper
  • There are different upgrades for robots
  • Non-boring fights


  • Robots are like moon rovers.

Megabots Battle Arena

It is another robot fighting where robots are measured by strength. In this game, they are characterized by brighter colors of their metal coating and cartoon-like appearance.

The players can easily create their unique bot. The developers have done their best, adding the ability to change the color of the body with the help of special sliders.

Furthermore, they promise more than 50,000,000 combinations that can be collected from weapons and upgrades for the fighter. It’s possible to try all of them battling in the bot arena with your friends – the game supports multiplayer mode.


  • There is a possibility to make a robot more individualized.
  • You can have fun with your friends.


  • The bots look like children’s toys.


This app is a simulator of a robot that collects rubbish (WALL-E, is that you?). The Trashbot game has its own quite dreadful story about the rise of machines.

Many game developers have already tried to realize such a plot in their works, someone performed well, someone badly, however, in The Trasbot the rise of the machines turned out to be quite fascinating.

Robots have ceased to be loyal helpers of people and now humanity is on the verge of survival. However, not all bots support such a radical movement, there are rebels among them – this is the hero that the player should manage.

The app has both well-designed 2D graphics and an exciting plot.

Thrilling battles on the side of the rebel robots are followed by the construction of the bot right during the fights. Players will have to construct robots in a special mobile wagon with the help of manipulators.


  • There is an amazing plot.


  • Players face problems with the construction of robots, problems that interfere with fully enjoying the game.

Idle Robots

This clicker will appeal to patient supporters of this genre who want to create their robot from scratch – part by part. Just tap on the screen to get coins for buying new upgrades.

Over time, the robot will turn from a raw piece of metal into a real terminator. But be careful, or one day your creation will stare at you through the smartphone screen and say: “Hasta la vista baby”.

According to the developers, robots from famous movies were added to the game, as well as real-life prototypes: T 800, R2-D2, D.O.G, ARM, and so on.

The developers allowed players to see the iconic robots literally from the inside. Isn’t it interesting to look at their device?

The Idle Robot game attracts with its detailed nature. Users begin to build their bot from the very basics, cogs, gears, and bearings, right up to the installation of super-powerful artificial intelligence.


  • This is a simple clicker to brighten up your free time.
  • You can build well-known robots.


  • This game can become boring quickly or it can replace a full meditation session for you.

RoboMaker START

If your goal is not just to control robots in the ring, but also to spend time usefully, then this app will be the most suitable for you. As it is educational, it will be able to teach the basics of building bots, both adults and children, in a fun way.

The user takes part in four important steps: Built, Learn, Creat and Control.

In the Build step, it is possible to create a robot body by putting parts together – as in real life, just using a phone and the app.

In the Learn step, the user can get more new information about bot programming.

In the Create step, one uses the learned skills in practice and sets commands to the future robot, which are divided into the following categories: motors, LEDs sounds, controls, and procedures.

And finally, the robot surprises the creator with the result – he not only walks but even draws!


  • This is an educational game that develops skills that are relevant now.
  • There is an attractive 3D graphics.


  • There are not so many kinds of bots the user can buy.

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Robo Maker

For those who like to play robots and take part in races, this app is the most suitable one.

To get new parts for the upgrade, the players will have to run away with all their strength from the soldiers and scientists who decided to take away the freedom of the bots at any cost.

The gameplay is similar to the famous Subway Surf and promises to be no less exciting.

New parts of the robot’s body will truly appear right on the road along which the controlled robot is running: arms, legs, weapons, and other upgrades can easily be received and used in the game.

A fully built bot runs away from its pursuers much faster.

The game is not a masterpiece, but it may well be suitable for unscrupulous users who want to spend an hour or two relaxing and not straining the brain if it is not necessary.


  • There are bright and colorful 3D graphics.
  • Various obstacles make you hold your breath every time the robot runner is near them, in other words, the loss.


  • The camera in the game shows from the side – for some people it may seem uncomfortable and distract from the process.
  • The rating system among the players is not developed at all.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Do you know the movie “Real Steel”? If your answer is a confused “no”, then in this game you will plunge into its special atmosphere and, perhaps, you are going to spend the evening with popcorn in one hand and a coke in the other.

Becoming a top player, always being a winner in the ring, and taking your place on the leaderboard – that’s what awaits the players! Real Steel seems real in the setting of graphics of such high quality.

You can take part in boxing between heavyweight giant robots both alone and with friends by connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Of course, to win against both their opponents and friends, the players’ robots must become stronger, more resilient, and faster all the time.

So the developers provide an opportunity to upgrade their skills and build robot fighters, as well as make them personalized.

The players of Real Steel World Robot Boxing should appreciate the graphics because this is a completely new approach to the visual side of the game for smartphones.

These are rich shades, with high detailing of all the objects and especially the robot fighters in particular. It’s nice to admire such a clear and bright picture with live animation.

PVP battles are very well developed here. Each robot fighter has its special characteristics and style of battle, robots are not similar to each other in their skills and behavior.

It is just impossible to cheat, it is always only fair fights, the result of which depends entirely on the skill of the bot and the speed of the player’s reaction.


  • The game has incredible 3D graphics for the productivity level of the phone, not the computer.
  • The cast features a player and stars-robots from “Real Steel”.
  • There is the opportunity to fight together with friends.


  • There can be lags and freezes during the game.

Merge Robots 2 Idle Game

The main goal of this app is to build a huge empire for the production, purchase, and sale of bots and become the most successful owner of this business.

The game combines economics, traveling, running a business, and, of course, upgrading robots.

The secret to getting money is not so difficult – just buy as many bots as only possible. The more – the better.

Upgrade the bots in your factory to earn profits and open new factories on other planets (yes, that’s right!). It’s easy to become the richest robot magnate – with perseverance and effort, you can succeed.

And keep in mind that time is money. While you are at school, at work, or just cooking food for your pet, the game does not stop. The robot production business continues to work and work for the benefit of its owner.

After purchasing a couple of upgrades, coins will collect faster while the users are busy with their daily duties away from the phone.

Merge Robots 2 Idle Game also offers fans of this genre new explorations and materials, mini-games, and even a plot.

Daily quests will also help the player to increase the amount of money and diversify the game, which can sometimes seem uneventful.

The built military-style robots are suggested to be tested at combat ranges, where the gamers will need to carry out special tasks.

The developers tried to make the game convenient for more users and optimized it for tablets.


  • The game complies with modern graphics quality standards, but nothing more.
  • The app does not need constant access to the Internet to enjoy the game.


  • If one plays for a very long time, then this game will also be able to replace a meditation session.

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots

This is an exciting action shooter, of course, with robot fighters at the battlefront.

The game stands out for its dynamism, though, like most in a similar genre, however, unlike other such apps in this game you can fight not only robots but also mechs and tanks.

In addition, the player is offered to use a sword, a laser, and a rocket launcher at the same time, and the list of weapons does not come to end there.

For example, your robot can be customized with the help of force fields, accelerators, energy shields, jumping engines, and a huge numerous of guns for every taste and color.

Tell the truth only, would you like to try all this in your backyard just as an experiment?

But it is better to use them in this game, then the neighbors will not call the police, and the enemy team of robots and mechs will be unconditionally defeated.

In the application, you can assemble a team of your friends and fight together. The player can help his friend right during the battle and fix his robot – a great example of altruism!

Then the gamer will have to collect all the parts of the destroyed opponents – their weapons, body components, and other useful things to construct something and improve their bot.

Step-by-step, the combat skills and painstaking work on the constant improvement of the robot warrior will allow the player to open new levels of difficulty – there are three of them in total.

Conveniently, the developers have also provided an offline mode. So if the users do not have access to communication for some time, they can still train and enjoy the game.

In the online mode, there are much more options for what to do with your robot and who to fight with. Many modes in this game will not let the gamers get bored.

The developers offer such activities as flag capture, escorting (bomb delivery, in other words), and control of combat zones. There is even an opportunity to play a special football for robots.

But those people who expect eye-pleasing 3D graphics are likely to be disappointed.

The robots look nice – bright, detailed, and cartoon-like, but the scenery and backgrounds, whether it’s a forest, mountainous area, or caves, are made at a very low level.


  • The game is simple and intuitive to control.
  • The possibility to play with friends online.
  • A huge variety of upgrades for robots.


  • The graphics are of poor quality, which can not be enjoyed by everyone.

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Robokrieg Online

Another fighting game in which robots wage war.

The player will have to choose from a variety of suitable robots and drones to start the battle. You want an armada of bots – here it is!

Of course, the robot can be improved, and for this, the developers have added a lot of fascinating features. Let the robot-soldier become invincible.

Unfortunately, a simple man in the street is hardly ever going to be able to go to the Moon or Mars, but in this game, there is a unique opportunity to travel through space with own army.

It is also possible to invite friends to arrange an alliance and become the main leaders.

The game is characterized by its high-quality 3D graphics with wonderful space views. This is unlikely to be seen from the window in the house.


  • Here one can have a great time with buddies, attacking enemies. Teamwork is always more successful than doing it alone.
  • 3d graphics perfectly conveys the desert views of faraway planets.


  • Players say that the offline mode is quite boring and uneventful.
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