15 Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone & iPad

Desktop wallpapers – this is the only way to personalize your iPhone and give it personality. Wallpaper began to influence the appearance of iOS much stronger than before so that the choice of a beautiful and user-friendly screen has become even more urgent.

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Where do you get beautiful wallpaper for your desktop? So, we have decided to help you and prepared the list of the Best Free Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone or iPad:

Everpix – HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Everpix attracts users by a convenient and simple interface, a visual breakdown into categories (there are 14 of them), free and impressive base. Liked images can be saved to favorites, so you can have quick access to them later. In addition, any picture can be shared with a friend from the social network.

Everpix has a mode of previewing the wallpaper, allowing you to evaluate the picture without loading it. The application database is constantly updated, and the app itself is optimized both for new devices on iOS 8 and for not too topical models of Apple smartphones and tablets.



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Wallpapers Live

Wallpapers Live is a beautifully designed app itself which is full of bright and cool wallpapers to choose from. This app presents a big collection of live wallpapers which are divided into thematic categories.

You can also choose lock screen designs here. The app is easy in use and you can download any wallpaper with only one touch. The app is daily updated. The only negative thing is such annoying ads.

Wallpapers LiveWallpapers Live



This app deserves to be on the list of the best due to its most benefits. Wallpapers℗ is quite an easy-to-use program for the owners of devices with Retina displays, although the owners of gadgets with simple screens can download and get to know it.

You will definitely be pleased with the quality of the collections provided and their diversity. Everyone can find the background to his liking.



Icon Skins ™: Wallpapers for your iPhone

This application includes original and unique screen wallpapers of high quality, optimized for iOS. Using this application you will avoid stretching the images and get specially adapted, high-quality and free wallpapers for your device!

The app is weekly updated. Download Icon Skins for iPhone and so personalize your iPhone with numerous backgrounds and have fun!

Icon Skins ™Icon Skins ™


Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

If you want to save space on your favorite electronic toy, as well as to decorate the screen with a beautiful image, then you will definitely like the application called HD Wallpapers for iOS.

There are many different wallpapers and most importantly – each image is suitable for both iPhone and iPad, which makes the application universal and convenient to use. The good things about the application include the fact that it is absolutely free, which makes it even more affordable and popular among competitors.

Each image is just great, and after you put one of them on your screen, every pixel of a picture will please you. The interface is simple. You can scroll pages with suggested images, select the image you like and save it. But the most interesting thing is on the top – categories:

Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPadWallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad


Magic Screen

Are you tired of all of those wallpapers one type? Yes, they are so different, but… so similar at the same time. Nowadays people are spoiled by the beautiful visuals and it is getting really hard to make them engaged in getting traditional photo wallpapers.

However, this is the app that allows you to create your own wallpapers/customize them! You can add various effects to the photos, for example, glitter or you can create collages from your recent trip to Rio. In total, there are 35 different effects that you can add to the photo.



Live Wallpapers for Me

The name of the app speaks pretty much for itself. Here you will find the best collections of the live wallpapers if you like this type. Some people don’t really go for the live wallpapers because they can be either bad quality of too dynamic. However here all the items are presented in HD and the variety is wide enough to choose.

Downloading wallpapers is easy here. After you got one, just install it, lock down your phone and see the magic happens. By the way, you can set up the notifications to get informed every time the new wallpapers are uploaded.



Wallpapers HD: New themes and backgrounds

Another impressive database of images, which is updated daily with hundreds of new images. There is a convenient search by parameters, integration with social networks, the possibilities of recommendations and much more. Retina-backgrounds for more advanced smartphones and tablets are separately highlighted.

Here are more than 600000 HD wallpapers in the catalog, so you can always find what you like. Wallpapers on the same theme are organized in one album, so that it will be easy for you to find your favorite ones. Everyday 200+ new wallpapers are updated.

Wallpapers HDWallpapers HD



For the widest choice of the wallpapers of any type get this app. It counts more than 200000 items – probably the biggest database among all the apps. The main feature of it is that you are monitoring the wallpapers and can immediately “try it” on your home screen to see how it fits.

Then you can choose the quality in which you want to download these wallpapers. The navigation is really fast and intuitive as the app memorizes your search history and provides similar recommendations for you. However, you can always go for something new when you click on the categories.




This app will provide you the best choice of wallpapers for your phone. If you are someone who enjoys the aesthetic background and changes wallpapers often then Papers.co is a good convenient app to go for. As you go to the main menu you can scroll through the categories and see what is offered, or you can use a search bar.

One interesting feature of this app is that you’re not going to find an overwhelming amount of wallpapers of dubious quality as it often happens with some apps of this type. Even though there are many categories, they all include a limited number of high-quality wallpapers. The database is renewed regularly.



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Vellum Wallpapers

If you like wallpapers in neon colors or just atmospheric wallpapers, Vellum will provide you with s finest choice. But first of all, it should be noted that this app has a very convenient user interface – and that’s what many wallpaper apps neglect.

As you go to the main menu, you can see that all the wallpapers are divided into categories and there are not too many of them – 6 or 7. It makes the process of choice faster and more efficient. Moreover, each category has a beautiful name. Check out their amazing pictures!



Monogram Wallpapers Lite

The main thing about the wallpapers on your phone is that it wouldn’t just be a pretty picture, but it should also be convenient to look at (so it doesn’t collide with the icons on the main screen), and it would look harmonical with your phone.

Actually, the best kind of wallpaper is simple or monogram wallpaper – so the overall pattern won’t distract you from whenever you are doing on your phone. This app is remarkable to the fact that it gives you the possibility to create your own monogram wallpaper.

After you have chosen patterns and adjusted the colors, you can choose an application that you want to layover your wallpaper.



Blurred Wallpaper

A cool app that allows you not just download and set wallpapers made by other people on the screen on your phone, but to make your contribution as well. In fact, how many times you did you find an incredible picture in the collection of wallpapers, then set it as the wallpaper and then… it just didn’t fit well?

Blurred Wallpaper will help you to solve this problem. As you can understand from the name, it allows you to add the blurred effect to the picture, thus, making it look more organic on the screen of your iPhone.



Gradient Background Maker

On one hand, this is a super simple app, but, on the other hand, it is actually a cool idea! What can be looking more atmospheric or stylish than a gradient wallpaper? It is so simple and complicated at the same time. This is the app that not just give you a set of certain gradient wallpapers – it gives you a chance to create them on your own.

All you have to do is to choose your favorite colors, market the transitions, adjust softness – and you get your perfect wallpaper. Another bonus of such a thing will be the fact that you made it yourself.



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WLPPR – background wallpapers

This is an app where you can find really stylish wallpapers in all colors of the universe. And yes, they are exactly stylish. You know, there are different types of pictures, some of them just beautiful, some interesting, some atmospheric… And some have an incredible style in them.

If you want your iPhone or iPad would get even more classy and sassy check out this app and get the wallpapers in the best quality possible.




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