11 Best Wine Finder Apps for Android & iOS

It is difficult to remember the brand and year of a particular wine if you are not a professional taster. As a result, you have to spend hours studying the wine list, trying to choose a good wine.

The apps on this list will help you to find the right bottle for dinner or date. You will learn more about the oldest and noblest alcoholic beverage. Choose one of the 11 best wine finder apps to enjoy the best wine.


Wine-SearcherThe Wine-Searcher app is your personal wine sommelier.

In addition to the branded recognition mechanisms, the application boasts advanced social functions.

Among them – search for friends, subscription to interesting personalities and feedback system. This is a social network for lovers with a rich bouquet and multifaceted aftertaste.

If the app cannot recognize wine, it will offer you to send a rare bottle for manual recognition.

The value of the app Wine-Searcher lies not only in its global approach but also in taking into account local trends.

The software quickly scans the area for suitable facilities and produces available varieties.

Your data is stored in the cloud and accessible from all devices. The program has a large number of usage scenarios.

Practical buyers will be able to learn the main parameters of wine directly in the store. So you can make a meaningful choice.

Wine-Searcher Wine-Searcher

This is a free application that works without restrictions. It does not have annoying advertising and does not need a built-in purchase.


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VivinoThe Vivino app is a true wine expert. Not only will you not forget your favorite wines, but you will not confuse them.

All you need to do is take a picture of the label or upload the finished photo to the app. The program will analyze it and compare it with its database.

If this does not happen, the necessary data will be entered into the catalog by the developers.

Then you can rate the tasted drink, write a note. Notes, by the way, may be private and public depending on the account settings.

In addition to making your own TOP, you can read your friends’ opinions. Read their reviews and recommendations on where to buy the necessary wine.

The app Vivino uses geolocation. So you will always know if there is a favorite or interesting wine in a nearby supermarket or restaurant.

Thanks to this application you can find out the cost of almost any wine. Moreover, over time you will have your own wine list.

Vivino Vivino

The database contains 500 thousand wines, 15 thousand wineries, 800 regions, and 48 countries.


Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate

Delectable Wine - Scan & RateSelecting the right alcohol is not an easy task, but it is made much easier by the Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate application.

Another important component of the application is the culture of wine consumption. In other words, this application fully justifies the title of the mobile sommelier.

To get information about wine, you need to take a picture of the bottle or upload a finished photo. The app recognizes each label with absolute precision.

Not only can it download and study photo labels. It can also be used to search for wines by producer, grape variety or vineyard.

Once you have created a photo, the app Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate will show you the following information:

  • wine rating
  • user feedback
  • average price information

You can also save your favorite wines in your cellar and view your friends’ wine lists.

The application has a very clear and pleasant interface. There is a division into “type”, “combination” and “style”. With such an assistant it will be difficult to make a mistake in the selection of wine.

Delectable Wine - Scan & Rate Delectable Wine - Scan & Rate

The application Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate is also positioned as a social network, where you can chat on a wine topic.



Wine.comWine.com is your wine guide, taster, sommelier, and expert in one person.

Each wine cellar is not just a shop, but a treasure trove with works of art. The Internet-screen of the app is a convenient platform.

Here you can find not only alcoholic beverages but also a lot of non-alcoholic products. As well as glasses, accessories, and books.

The application portfolio is compiled by the best experts. They select the most worthy copies of hundreds of thousands of brands for their clients.

They also guarantee their authenticity. Each manufacturer and winemaker is selected according to the customer’s needs.

The app will help you find the “right drink” regardless of the reason or preference.

In the Wine.com app:

  • More than 4,000 different wines from the Old and New World, spirits, water, juices and accessories await you.
  • An interactive map with addresses of more than 30 wineries will help you to find the most suitable one for you.
  • The scanner function allows you to read the barcode on the bottle. Get all the information about the wine, including the rating.

Thanks to this wine scanner, not only will you not only remember the name and taste of the wines you like. But you will also be able to learn more about them from other users’ ratings and feedback.

Wine.com Wine.com

Perhaps over time, you will even learn how to distinguish good wine from bad wine blindly. By wine bouquet or flavor.



CellarTrackerCellarTracker is your navigator in the wine world.

Thanks to the convenient search, the selection of wines will bring pleasure. The selection of drinks for dishes or holidays will take the smallest amount of time.

At the moment the application CellarTracker has the following services:

  • Wine encyclopedia. 80,000 wines, Ratings, Reviews.
  • Personal Cabinet. Use your personal cabinet to keep records of tasted wines, add them to your favorites
  • A blog. Regular news and publications
  • The “Points of Sale” section is designed to see where you can buy wine. A search by geolocation is available. It is now possible to filter the assortment inside the store.
  • In the “Tastings” section you will find the latest tastings. Besides, after registration, you can send an application for the status of “Expert”. You can also add your own tastings to the application.
  • Label and barcode wine scanner. The label and barcode database are being actively replenished. If there is no wine in the database, you can send it to the application experts for recognition. The result will appear in your personal cabinet.
  • Wine card recognition.
  • In the “Wine selection” section you can find the wine according to the specified search criteria.

CellarTracker CellarTracker

This is a free application that will help you choose the best wine.


Living Wine Labels

Living Wine LabelsThe Living Wine Labels application provides accurate information about any fault in seconds.

It takes a snapshot of the bottle’s label. Then it collects information about the wine from the Internet. Origin, taste and flavor, expert feedback.

You can also buy wine uploaded to the application via the Internet. The bottle or bottles will be delivered directly to your home.

The need to go to a wine shop with such a sommelier will disappear. To use this feature, you need to register in the app.

You can do this with an email or an account on any social network. You also need to specify all the necessary data in your personal cabinet.

With the application Living Wine Labels you can:

  • Regardless of the reason, it’s easy to find the wine with the help of our experts’ search, catalog, and filters.
  • Get advice from a specialist.
  • Track order history and add favorite products to your favorites.
  • Keep track of all new products, current promotions and the most helpful offers of the nearest wine shops.
  • Be aware of all events in the wine shops and do not miss any interesting tasting or master class.

Living Wine Labels Living Wine Labels

You can also use this app to rate wines and save information about your favorite drinks.


Wine Picker

Wine PickerThe Wine Picker app will be your best companion when selecting wine and alcoholic beverages.

Choose from wine, champagne and sparkling wines, sake, and strong alcohol.

By selecting one of the categories, you can significantly reduce the search volume. Each category has its own subsections, as well as advanced filtering.

Filtering allows you to specify even the smallest details in the search. It will allow you to narrow down your search, perhaps to just a few names, among which it will be much easier to choose.

Each beverage name has its own photo, which will allow it to identify it in the store without mistakes. Another important feature of the application is the barcode scanner.

With its help, it is possible to get information about any bottle of wine in a couple of moments.

The application has a large enough information section. The standard volume, date of spillage, strength and a couple of other characteristics.

The app Wine Picker contains a lot of other useful information. For most drinks, you can find the rating, flow temperature, and gastronomic recommendations.

Wine Picker Wine Picker

You can add selected beverages to your favorites. Share them with social networks and messengers. The app’s interface is convenient and allows you to perform any action.



NakedWines.comThe NakedWines.com app is for wine notes.

You can enter the year of production and date of tasting, describe the taste tones and add a photo. You can also mark the percentage of alcohol content and other characteristics.

There is a small wine glossary in the app. This application is perfect if you need a simple tool to store your own records.

The app NakedWines.com also gives you the opportunity to get full information about wine by scanning a bottle.

It will analyze the label and automatically recognize the wine. The screen will show the wine rating, its average price, and customer feedback.

When scanning, the app will also show you where the wine is produced and from which grape variety. It also allows you to compare bottle prices in popular stores.

The app helps you determine the shades of flavor. It lists large odor categories.

NakedWines.com NakedWines.com

The app NakedWines.com will help those who are just getting acquainted with the wine.


Riedel Wine Glass Guide

Riedel Wine Glass GuideYou can upload a photo of the wine label to the Riedel Wine Glass Guide app and determine the year of harvest, winery and drink name.

Now there are 9 million wines in the database. Besides, this app contains ratings and reviews of users and professional sommeliers.

You can navigate through them if you want to try something new. After you have evaluated wines, you will receive recommendations based on your preferences.

The app Riedel Wine Glass Guide immediately prompts you to enter the name of the wine manually. The Scan function is also available. It saves the search history.

Saved drinks can be viewed in the Photos section.

It has the largest user base in the world. Any user can add a position to the general knowledge box about wines and their points of sale. The app works with shops, restaurants, and wineries.

If you already have a collection of wines, this application will help to maintain order in it. Enter information about how many drinks of each type you have, and in what year you bought them.

Riedel Wine Glass Guide Riedel Wine Glass Guide

Take notes on your taste preferences, scan labels and read feedback from other users.


Just Wine

Just WineThe main feature of the Just Wine application is the exclusive label recognition technology.

You take a picture of the bottle on a shop shelf. The app determines what kind of wine it is, what its average price is and how it is appreciated by other users.

The app recognizes more than two million wines from 100,000 wineries around the world. This is about two-thirds of all existing brands.

Once you have identified and evaluated at least three wines, the app Just Wine will recommend new items.

Wines can be entered in the “Favorites” section and searched in the shops next door. You can synchronize with your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share your recommendations.

The app Just Wine also offers a useful feature – reading a wine list: you can scan not labels, but the menu at once.

Also here you can choose the drink according to your taste preferences. You specify the selection criteria, the application asks a few clarifying questions.

Based on the answers, it recommends a suitable wine. Both its type and specific brands with a small description of each.

Just Wine Just Wine

The simple and pleasant interface makes it easy to navigate through the app Just Wine.


Raisin: The Natural Wine App

Raisin: The Natural Wine AppThe Raisin: The Natural Wine App acts as a personal sommelier.

You need to answer a few simple questions. You will then receive a recommendation on which wine fits your current request.

Want to pick up some wine for dinner? Enter the type of dish from the list. In each of the categories, there are 6-7 more options to choose from.

After these manipulations, the app offers a suitable type of wine and a few specific brands. Each is accompanied by a summary of taste, the average price, as well as a link to online stores.

You can set up the application and get more unusual circumstances. Choose a wine to “impress”, a wine for a date or a holiday, a wine for a home poker game.

The list of situations is really impressive. There are also more familiar selection criteria, and both taste and grape varieties.

Raisin: The Natural Wine App Raisin: The Natural Wine App

This is a very simple and easy to use Raisin: The Natural Wine App. Also here you can search for a photo of the selected bottle of wine. Information about the selection is recorded. Thus, your virtual wine diary is formed.


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