11 Best Future Baby Generator Apps for Android & iOS

It’s always interesting for childless people how their children will look like. Or if even someone has kids, he or she also wonders about their future babies’ appearance. But we live in the XXI century where almost everything is possible.

There are quite many apps where you can see your future baby’s face with your beloved or any other person. Also, you can select your friends’ photos to have some fun. Anyway, the result will make you agreeably surprised by the similarity between parents and their generated baby.

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By using these apps you won’t be engaged in an intrigue anymore. If you want to try them – read this post in which we have listed 11 best future baby generator apps which you can download from Google Play or App Store.

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

An app was developed by xyCore which is extremely popular. And there is a reason for that – it provides more customizing options and it’s more captivating in general.

It starts ordinary – you upload 2 pictures, of you and your partner, but before merging you can adjust lots of aspects.

You might note the preferable gender, skin tone, and age. It’s really hard to see the facial features of an infant, you know.

There is also such an interesting option as a multicultural appearance.

You are enabled to choose the eye color and hair color. And, what is even more interesting, you can choose the proportion of features from a particular parent that you want to see in your baby. Or, you can choose an automatic merging so you won’t be able to predict the result.

Overall, this baby-generating app gives you more control over a baby’s looks than all the apps listed above.


Google play

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Baby Generator

One of the Top future baby generator apps is BabyMaker. The User Interface is quite easy: upload your and your partner’s photos of good quality, then click on the heart-shaped button, choose the age of your future child and admire the result!

The main advantage of this app is that you can use colorful backgrounds, layouts, frames, then save this photo created by you and share it with your friends and relatives.

So try to find the best photos in order to see several variants of how will your future baby look like. The paid version of this app is also available.

P.S. The result won’t be so precise if you or your partner wear glasses or have a beard or mustache.


Google play

BabyMaker for iOS

One more cool future baby generator app is for iOS – users. If you are planning to give a delicate hint to your partner about your desire to have a baby – BabyMaker will help you.

Download the app, use your camera or photo gallery in order to upload two photos, then see the result. Based on Luxand biometric identification technologies, the app will show you the most precise future baby’s face ever! Then create a collage with baby and parents’ photos and send it to your wife or husband.

We guarantee success in this matter: the innovative technology identifies facial features in the source images, creates their mathematical representations for the best result, so he or she will like it for sure.



BabyGenerator – Predict your future baby face

A simple, yet a popular app for predicting the future baby of you and your partner. The principle of its functioning is extremely simple.

You need to upload 2 pictures (man and a woman, woman and woman, man and man) and then click on generating the result.

In live mode, the app will analyze your facial features and then will show you the pic of a child. Of course, these all should not be taken seriously. Don’t expect something extraordinary from the results and have fun!


Google play

Make A Baby: Future Face Maker

This app is also considered to be one of the best future baby generators. Do you want to see how would your baby look if you were a couple with an object of your affections?

Download Make A Baby: Future Face Maker, snap pictures of you two, blend your faces on a photo if needed, then see the result. No doubt, the baby will have the best features of you both.

Amazing animations of this app will make these moments much more touching. Now share your results with everyone you want. If you wish, you can edit a baby photo before sending it. How to do it? Read here.



A Baby Maker App

Another cute app to see how your future baby would look like if you and your partner would have the baby together. By the way, you shouldn’t take all the apps of this type too seriously, since no one can give you the precise prediction how your future baby is going to look like, even the doctors.

However, it is always cool to have fun, right? Here, as in all other apps of this type, you are following the simple algorithm: you upload pictures of you and your partner and then tap on the “continue” button. Then the app will create a picture of your future child.

The reviews of users considering this app are mixed. For some people, it worked quite well, for others it didn’t. Probably, you should always make sure that you are uploading photos of decent quality so the app could form the face of the baby as precisely as possible.


Google play

BabyPredictor – Generate your future baby face

This app is a classical one in terms of baby prediction apps. The only difference between this one and others is that it’s more popular – and more reliable. By the latter, we mean that it doesn’t contain any viruses or malware and you can safely install it to your gadget.

The algorithm is also pretty classy. You upload a portrait pic of mom and dad and press to mix. The app will merge the facial features and will show the face of the future child aged 3-4. What is more, there are several variants to choose from, 2 boys and 2 girls.

We would give this app a big thumbs app just for its reliability and easiness of usage.


Google play

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What Would Our Child Look Like? – Baby Face Maker

If you consider yourself a curious person, this app is also for you. You should carry out several same simple actions: choose two photos of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend (you can select from your photo gallery or take a shot by your camera),  zoom in or out the selected photo, click the button “Start prediction” and that’s all.

You will surely be glad of the generated photo. It remains to save the results to a photo gallery or share them with your friends. With the help of What Would Our Child Look Like? you won’t burn with curiosity anymore.



BabyGen -Predict & generate your future baby face

One more typical app for Android for generating the face of your future baby. Overall, many apps in this category are similar and you can choose one just basing on how you feel or on your preferences.

You upload the picture of yourself and your partner and then the app generates a face of a baby. You can also select the baby’s age and gender.

However, don’t expect a highly precise results, BabyGen is more a prank app so you could have fun together.



Future Baby Generator – Your Baby Predictor

“In what manner will our little child look?” – this is an essential question for young couples. By using a complicated algorithm and connecting the facial characteristics of two people together, Future Baby Generator will create the appearance of your desirable kid.

Just follow instructions: select two photos of you and your partner, and that’s it! You can see your future baby’s face in a few seconds! Nowadays this app is also popular among users all over the world, now is your turn to use this great app.



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Baby Maker – Baby Face Generator

Do you want to just have fun with your friends or are you really curious about how your future baby together with your partner is going to look like? Try this app and maybe it will show you the truth! By the way, babyface generators are very popular at the moment.

Fans like to mix faces of different celebrities to see how their future babies would look like. This app claims to be using the advanced technologies of face recognition in order to detect the look of your future child. Well, the reviews by users tell us that these technologies don’t always work out.



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