11 Free Game Streaming Apps for Android

It’s cool to have a powerful console at home, but it’s even cooler to play console games on your smartphone. You will get new sensations and emotions. If you have a lot of X-box games then you can play them on your smartphone without any problems.

It doesn’t matter what the power of your smartphone is. The game streaming app will help you play your favorite console games. We have prepared a list of the best game streaming apps for you. Choose what is right for you.

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Trovo – Live Stream & Games

The app “Trovo” perfectly suits people, who are the true fans of the gaming world. It is also possible to become a streamer here with the opportunity to earn money without going out of your house

When you enter an app, the main page opens. On its bottom, there are 4 possible pages, on which you can click. “Discover”, “Trending”, “Following”, “Groups”. At the top of the “Discover” main screen, you can switch and select the category you need, depending on the game you want to see.

You can watch streams in either full screen or mini screen.

For watching videos, you don’t need to be registered but for any other action, it is required. You can also create groups with your friends, where chatting is possible. Since you are registered, you can choose your favorite games and enter some fan groups.

Note: you have to be at least 21 years old to be able to create an account.



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Facebook Gaming

You probably didn’t know that Facebook also owns a game streaming app? Well, we wouldn’t say it’s the best app in this category, but taking into consideration the brand and the number of users of this social network it is more than logical to mention this app on this list.

The downloading of an app takes a little while and it’s not the most lightweight app ever – on the other hand, just as like any other good game streaming app.

You need to create a separate account or use your Facebook account – we recommend doing the latter since it’s faster.

Basically, the app is similar to Facebook but it’s like the universe for gamers. You can also add friends, watch the streaming of others and join communities.

To start streaming you click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen. Don’t forget to configure the screen before the beginning so your followers could see and hear you quickly. When you are playing during the stream – there are almost no extra icons on the screen – only the icon of coins that shows how many donations you got.

And if you want to read comments you can scroll up the screen and you will see them.

In case you have lots of friends on Facebook we recommend using this app since they all will get the notification about your game streaming activities.



Omlet Arcade – Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

Try this powerful gaming platform to diversify your experience. You will get access to unlimited, high-quality game streaming. You can also guess a stream for any platform. The app will provide you with a personal RTMP link.

Create your stream and share your gaming moments with the audience. Omlet has internal game currency and donations. You will be able to buy cool features of the app. Create a squad to stream with your friends. You will be able to spend time together even if you are far from each other.

Other game matches and tournaments are held in the app. They are hosted by your favorite gamers. Watch pro players and analyze their victories. The app will allow you to create multiplayer in Minecraft.

Download cool worlds and mods for this cube game. The app has a large library of games. You can definitely find what you like. Streaming games has never been easier. Try a collaborative gaming experience with other players.

Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

This app has a cool design and an intuitive interface. It’s almost like Stream to PC. Omelet has a convenient chat system during streams. Send emoji to express your emotions.

It is difficult to read comments during action games. Send emoji for quick communication. The app saves all messages so that you can read them at any time and remember the bright moments of your life.

Download this app and you will be joining a huge community. It is over 10 million people.


Moonlight Game Streaming

Are you looking for a game streaming app without ads? Here it is. Nothing really can distract you. It is free and has no Pro or Premium versions. Download this app and you will get all the features right away.

It works via Wi-Fi or the Internet of your smartphone. We advise you to use Wi-Fi since the app is wasting a lot of traffic. The graphics are the highest. You are waiting for 12-FPS and HD permission.

The keyboard and mouse are supported by the app. Connect them if it is more convenient for you. The app supports almost all gamepads. Connect up to 4 consoles to play with your friends. Don’t worry about the installation time. The app will show you a quick guide and you can quickly set everything up.

 Moonlight Game Streaming Moonlight Game Streaming

The app also has detailed instructions on how to start streams if you have any problems. You will have a whole new streaming experience. The app is actively improving. The developers fix bugs and add new features.

This is an excellent open-source for streaming games. The app is only 5.2MB. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. Try Moonlight and you can enjoy streaming the game anytime and anywhere.


Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming

This popular platform will give you the ability to play and stream your game success to the world. The app has many cool awards and achievements. Get them all to prove you are the best player.

Nimo TV has modern interactive technology that will allow you to quickly and easily communicate with the audience. The app hosts many events. You won’t be bored. Join a team of strangers and make new friends.

Playing games to the audience has always attracted attention. It’s fun and exciting. You will be able to gain popularity by playing your favorite games. Moreover, this app will allow you to show yourself to the world.

Nimo TV - Live Game Streaming Nimo TV - Live Game Streaming

Discover new streamers. Follow the list of trends and new games. The app was created as a platform for streaming in any format. It remembers your preferences and makes recommendations. The games are sorted into categories. Choose what you like.

Just one click and you’re on the air. Learn from legendary players by watching their streams. Nimo TV is the editors’ choice of Google Play. It has been installed on over 50 million smartphones. Try it and you won’t be able to tear yourself away from your screens.


Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

It’s great not to miss the highlights of the game. Share how you play with a large audience and gain popularity and attention. Twitch will allow you to stream without any problems. You can also watch streams of other users.

The app hosts thousands of gaming competitions. This is a great opportunity to show your skills. Create a co-op to chat with multiple people live. Search games by category. The app brings together not only gamers but also people from other fields.

Twitch will show you recommendations based on what you like. Complete games in a squad with your friends. You will receive unforgettable emotions and strengthen friendships.

Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

Not surprisingly, Twitch is very popular. It has been downloaded over 100 million times. This is because the app is suitable for all ages. Navigation in the app is intuitive. You won’t get confused. The size of the app depends on your smartphone model. Join millions of gamers from all over the world and gain popularity.


Zamer – Live Game Streaming

Zamer is a convenient platform for streaming games. Stream your games and develop your gaming skills. The app has more than 5 thousand streamers from all over the world. Become one of them.

The app has a modern intelligent recommendation system. You won’t see what you are not interested in. The app analyzes the history of your spaces to create the most accurate recommendations.

Zamer will also show you the number of views, likes, and comments on your streams. Register in the app to get full access to all features.

Zamer - Live Game Streaming Zamer - Live Game Streaming

Registration takes less than a minute. You need to verify your email address. The design of the app is stylish and pleasant. Zamer has almost no annoying ads. It takes only 6.4MB. Install Zamer and you can enjoy the gameplay with the whole world.


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Would you like to play computer games on your smartphone? This is possible thanks to this app. Connecting your smartphone to your computer is very simple. You need to have a local network. Connect your smartphone and computer to the same network and go to Stream.

Start playing your Stream games. You will see your entire Stream library on your smartphone. Moreover, you can arrange as you like. All games have high resolution and do not slow down.

The smartphone will also transfer the sound of games to you. Play your favorite multiplayer games. Teach your friends to use this app and you can play anywhere. The app supports various game consoles and gamepads.

Steam Link

Try playing on your tablet to enjoy the gameplay even more. Create all conditions for a comfortable game. Make your bed and get some snacks. Play lying down and chat with friends in the general chat.

The app takes up to 90MB. It doesn’t run in the background, so it doesn’t waste your battery. The app has been installed over 5 million times. You have never had such an experience with games.


NEXPLAY – Mobile Live Streaming

This app will allow you to stream anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to buy additional hardware. You can stream directly from your smartphone. Moreover, you can simultaneously stream from several platforms at once, such as Facebook and YouTube.

The app has no stream time limits. The image resolution is the highest although you are streaming from a smartphone. If you want to expand the features of the app, then buy a premium pass.

Watch other people’s game streams and gain experience. Look for streamers by name or game category. Subscribe to them so as not to miss new streams. Register to create your own stream channel.

NEXPLAY - Mobile Live Streaming NEXPLAY - Mobile Live Streaming

The app has a rating of streamers. Can you be the best? This is a huge gaming streaming community that has gathered all the best for comfortable streaming. The app is 86MB. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. Developers continue to update the app adding innovations. Install NEXPLAY to become a real streamer.


Rooter: Game Streaming, Daily Giveaways & Videos

Rooter is a giant community of streamers with different events and holidays. Shooting streams has never been easier. Carry out giveaways to raise your rating. The app is developed in India. It is available in any language.

This is one of the fastest apps. You will instantly receive news, updates, and much more. Explore the feed and find interesting streamers. The app has over 1,000 gaming experts. You can get 2 winning teams daily. Join leagues to become stronger. Rooter will provide you with all the streaming options to fulfill your potential.

Rooter: Game Streaming, Daily Giveaways & Videos Rooter: Game Streaming, Daily Giveaways & Videos Rooter: Game Streaming, Daily Giveaways & Videos

The app is developed using the latest technologies. Click on the blue button to start the game stream. You will be able to watch the analysis of your stream live. The app will show you the number of people streaming you.

Get rewards and coins to spend on improving your streaming account. The app has been installed over 5 million times. Try it and you can become a real streamer.


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Last but not least app for those who want to do game streaming using their Android devices is Streamlabs – one of the most popular apps in this category at the moment.

When you install the app you will also have to create your account – or choose one that you already have on one of the media platforms. By the way, we would like to note that here the app allows you to log in not only with your Facebook account, but also with Twitch, YouTube, and even TikTok accounts.

The broadcasting with Streamlabs is the easiest thing. You have to choose, whether you want to stream your face (in this case, the app will work with the camera, or you want to stream games. Since in this article we talk about game streaming, you open the latter section.

After giving access to the mic and camera you can click on GO LIVE and the app will suggest you a social media or a platform to where you want to stream the gaming process. Here it is important to mention that it will only work if you are logged in with the account of this platform.

All in all, Streamlabs seems to be a reliable provider between your phone and main social media and streaming platforms. It allows you to stream all the games from your Android in seconds.




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