10 Best Game Team Finder Apps for Android & iOS

Team games are part and parcel of most of the parties and friends meetings. Playing with other people tends to result in great fun and the feeling of collectivism. What’s more, you can improve your communicative skills as well as share your emotions and opinions. And if you want to add more fun to your daily routine, check out free online chat games which are really addictive!

The situation is the same when it takes to online games. There is a great variety of options available to play for two and more people. However, what should we do if there are no other people nearby? The answer is clear – use a special app and find a partner!

The following game team finder applications can help you to find someone who is into joining your game. No matter what you use – Android or iOS – there are some great options for either!

GamerLink – LFG

First on our list is GamerLink – LFG, a truly top-ranked app for identifying the best game mates, no matter how far they are. You can freely get in touch with those who share your interests and spend time with great pleasure.

GameTink supports more than 200 games, including Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, and many others. What’s more, the is an opportunity to plan a game session beforehand in a group chat.

You should fill in your profile carefully as it is open to all users and you may be invited to a game according to the information there.

According to the users’ feedbacks, this app has a pleasant design but it takes a while to get used to. Also, there are some occasional bugs, which are fixed on a regular basis, so the application is handy and highly popular.

GamerLink LFG1
GamerLink LFG2

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If you want to find a seasoned playmate, we advise you to download eBlitz.

Due to this tool, you can get acquainted with other players worldwide, monitor their statistics, and even chat with them.

As soon as you have first opened the app, you will have to create an account. Thereafter, you can start checking the players’ performance.

There is nothing difficult in this app, just swipe right and select a preferred playing match. There are two buttons “Skip” and “Match”, tap on the second one to invite a player to your team.

Each player is estimated by 5 stars rating. This means that you can always leave comments about a certain player.

When the team is created, the app will automatically create a chat that allows you to be in touch with your team.

eBlitz - Team up, Party, Play1
eBlitz - Team up, Party, Play2


In case there is no one around you who prefers to play the game you are into or you are alone at home, just use this state-of-the-art technological advance and spend time with pleasure.

You can search for the most appropriate teammates, squad up, discuss a victory strategy, and beat all the other’s hip and thigh. The smart team-matching algorithm will connect you to who you are looking for, providing a highly reliable game stats of your potential game mates.

There are many chances to keep in touch via the app by sending messages in the chat room, organizing voice calls. You can discuss the best game strategy as well as find out more about each other.

The app is considered to be extremely easy-to-use and functional by almost all the users, yet it is not recommended to buy a Pro version as there may appear some bugs while restarting a phone.



Guilded is a top-grade free gaming chat developed for playing with friends or other players all around the world.

After downloading this tool, you will have to pass a simple registration process. Users will gain access to the assorted chats – e.g. voice chats and video chats.

The application combines a modern design and a straightforward interface.

So, you should tap on the + icon to create a new channel. Then, you can add the channel name or type and click on the Create button.

Due to the built-in event calendar, users can schedule events. Plus, the app also supports other tools that allow you to create documents and let others check them.

Apart from the chats, the app also provides users with a Forum section where users can generate multiple topics and facilitate discussions.

In general, the application comes with rave reviews. However, some users complain that this app lags from time to time.

Guilded - community chat1
Guilded - community chat2

Noobly: find gamer friends!

Noobly: find gamer friends! is a helpful tool for the gaming world, which focuses on connecting gamers and assisting with building up teams. The system draws upon your gaming pre­ferences and playstyle­ in finding your mates.

The inte­rface of this app is designe­d with the user in mind and is both lively and practical. The colle­ction of games is vast and diverse, fe­aturing a range of genres from shoote­rs to RPGs. Games for Playstation (PS4 & PS5), PC (Steam), Xbox, Nintendo, and many others are available.

In addition to its primary features, the platform offers several supplementary functions that enhance the gaming experience. These include group chats, forums, and events where gamers can connect with others and coordinate­ game nights.

The tool is not overly intrusive. It only asks for the essential information needed to facilitate the matchmaking process. There is a pre­mium version available with extra fe­atures, but the free­ version still offers substantial functionality.


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At the moment, GameTree is one of the most popular apps for finding gaming teammates on the market. If you don’t want to spend your time on social networks, looking for new friends there, you can download this app and find new people in literally minutes. Actually, the interface of the app reminds of Facebook in some sense.

What you do in this app is you create your profile marking your interests and favorite games, of course. Then, you just search the topic-related groups of the game that you want to play, join it – and you are ready to meet new virtual teammates! You can discuss the games, you can plan future games with others.

The one bonus of this app that maybe some users will find interesting – psychological tests that you can take right in the app – just for fun.



Discord is a popular chat created especially for gamers and used by them from all over the world. A variety of functions are provided here, including secure chats, finding teammates, taking part in gaming communities.

There are several ways of getting in touch with your current or potential teammates, such as real-time text messages, as well as voice and video chats. You can also make your conversations either private or open to join so as to cover them from others or encourage more people to take part in them.

What’s more, Discord can be used for both Desktop and mobile phones, so you can chat while playing your favorite games on either device.

The audience is generally happy to use this app for spending time while playing games or chatting with other players. If you are not afraid to burn all-nighter playing your favorite game – go the link and download it on your phone.



E-Pal is a popular platform that allows users to boost their gaming skills and meet new friends.

The application supports an extended collection of games – e.g. League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft, and so many others.

When you have opened the app, it will ask you to create an account. After that, you will be transferred to the homepage containing the following sections on the bottom of the screen:

  • ePal
  • Posts
  • Chat
  • Me

The first section is developed for exploring the appropriate players. Here you can monitor streamers, coaches, etc. Just swipe the list to check all of them.

Moving on, the app enables users to watch streams with other players and discuss them in the embedded chat.

One of the best features there – the app does not require a constant internet connection.

Plato - Games & Group Chats
Plato - Games & Group Chats

Find a Player

Download this app if you want to be connected to like-minded people sharing your interest in games. It is possible to keep up with all the events and meetings in your area or organize them yourself.

You can meet in real life or chat online, – anyway, you will have a great time! By the way, you can go ahead and offer your idea of organizing an event. Don’t be afraid of any difficulties, this process is totally automated here and you will definitely be pleased with the result.

People already using this app are generally happy with it, except for some difficulties in signing up here. Try it right now and give your opinion to other potential users.

Find a Player
Find a Player

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Z League

Z League is another app that re­volves around mobile gaming tournaments and le­agues and helps bring together like-minded gamers. You can chat with other game­rs, share gaming tips and strategies, participate in tournaments, stream the process, and keep track of your progress.

The collection e­ncompasses a wide range of mobile­ games, including shooters and strategy game­s. There are tournaments, leaderboards, and challe­nging quests to keep the compe­titive spirit soaring and the community thriving. I also enjoyed the way it allows to customise the gamer profile.

The app looks rather appealing with its dark theme, and is fairly stable most of the time, although infrequently you may come­ across some glitches.

One of the­ benefits of this app is that it doe­sn’t take up much space on your phone, so, no ne­ed to worry about me­mory. Z League only asks for the ne­cessary permissions. Finally, while the­re are some in-app purchase­s and advertisements, the­y are not excessive­ or overwhelming.

Z League
Z League
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