11 Best Games like Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM) for Android & iOS

Heroes of Might and Magic is a role-playing, turn-based strategy game with elements of RPG in which you can create a hero and participate in battles fighting enemies.

If you are a real gamer and had already played this legendary mobile game, you would probably have started to look for similar games. We have selected a vast number of games and prepared a list of 11 best app games like Heroes of Might and Magic for Android and iOS.

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King’s Bounty Legions

King’s Bounty Legions is a strategic combat and army management 3D game that gained great popularity among gamers. The game presents a mix of genres: strategy, combat, and an area defending.

As in most of the games of this genre, you will find a world of magic and mysterious creatures. The main target is to defeat your opponent in multiple battles.

You will play the role of the governor of your kingdom protecting it against attacks of invaders. There are many different creatures to recruit and train for your army: Pirates, Dark Griffins, and Druids. You can join alliances with other players or create your own to fight along against enemies.

There is a big community of players you can interact and chat online with. King’s Bounty Legions is one of the best games compared to other RPG and strategy mix games.

It’s available for both Android and iOS platforms to download for free. You will be suggested to purchase a lot of in-app facilities that would help you to restore a defeated army or upgrade it.

King's Bounty

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Fantasy War Tactics

Fantasy War Tactics is a free to play strategy and RPG game available for Androids and iOS. You will enter the world of fantasy and magic playing with heroes with extraordinary capabilities. The fast-paced game with amazing graphics drawn in anime style will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Features of the Fantasy War Tactics:

  • Become a lord, recruit an army of heroes, and start the war.
  • More than 50 heroes to play with unique characteristics, abilities, and personality.
  • All game characters are created in 3D.
  • Different levels of difficulty with the latest new added “Hard and Hell” level for a particularly skilled player of such games.

Except for fighting you, can sell unwanted weapons, upgrade your arsenal and heroes’ skills. This feature is useful for the times when you have run out of energy and aren’t able to participate in battles. The app suggests in-app purchases.

Fantasy War Tactics

Dungeon & Heroes

Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG is another RPG strategy game you will enjoy to play. To start playing you will establish a kingdom by building a castle, gathering various heroes to assemble your army, and protecting your territory.  

You would need to discover dungeons to collect important resources, fight with Flame Dragon to get more bonuses, explore other areas to find rare objects and resources.

Main features:

  • Different heroes and other fantastic creatures in the amazing 3D graphics.
  • Different tasks and activities: battles, constructions, and simple fights to open the way to move or grow your area.
  • Guilds to create or join to ally together with friends all over the world.
  • A lot of resources available: coins, gems, artifacts.

The game is free to play, though some in-app purchases will be suggested to accelerate the game walkthrough. The game is challenging and you will enjoy playing it.

Dungeon & Heroes

Lords of Discord

Dive into the world of magic and war with this turn-based strategy game. Lords of Discord is yet another mobile game with a typical scenario and fantastic creatures as heroes. But this doesn’t make this game less popular than other games in the same genre.

Main rules of the fight:

  • Initiative determines the order of action in combat. Thus, heroes fight in the order they are presented on the panel on the top of the screen.
  • Every hero can have more than one ability besides attacking. You can switch among them to use different skills.
  • Winning battles will give your troops treasures and points to gradually level up.
  • Resurrect fallen units to restore your troops.

So the main agenda in the game is to participate in battles, clear the area from enemies, conquer lands, gain money, points, and other treasures, and proceed in leveling up by growing your kingdom.

The game loads fast enough between the scenes to bring you maximum pleasure and great involvement in the game.

Lords of Discord

Embark on your own epic journey in Banner Saga, the critically acclaimed tactical RPG where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story and the world around you. The story of this game starts when the main character has to abandon his home to save his people who need help.

You will need to lead your caravan through beautiful locations to the places occupied by enemies and take part in the epic battles. Plus, you will need to build a relationship with your team and those relationships will determine your future destiny. The plot of the game is based on the Plot’s mythology.

All the realms that you will find in this game are based on the Plot’s mythology as well, and they are astonishingly beautiful. All the choices you made in the game will determine the further story of it. In addition, you can choose between 25 different characters to play for, and they all have their unique personalities.


Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians will fascinate you with its graphics, design, and magnificent pictures. The game originally was created for PC and then its mobile version was developed for Android and iOS.

There are hundreds of creatures available to open on different levels. You will find Flame dragons, angels, mysterious animals like a fox with two tails, vampire knights, half-human – half feline creatures. All creatures look kind of cute and at all not terrifying.

Features of the game:

  • You will spend most of the time in combats as expected for such games.
  • There is a map with different areas such as Mystic forest, Colossus desert, and Ice Caves.
  • All creatures have different and unique skills. So it’s better to create your team selecting different and mighty creatures to win battles.
  • Of course, you will have the main character in this game. It can be either male or female. Work on his/her look by choosing a skin color or hairstyle.
  • You will have some enormous creatures to fight against.
  • 3 levels of difficulty: normal, advanced, and nightmare.

The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases.

Might & Magic

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Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a classic strategy game with all their mythical creatures like Orcs, Elves, Goblins. The game was released a little more than a year ago so it’s quite a new project.

We start at a big castle where we will construct buildings, raise our troops, and upgrade our heroes. Surely, there is a map and all the missions will be shown there. For each battle victory, you will get coins and gems. Each mission can be played up to three times to earn more gold and gems.

There are 4 different campaigns in the game that differ from each other by race. You can choose to play for the Human race, Elves, Greenskins, or Dwarves. Each race characters have unique skills and different actions. It’s recommended finishing the tutorial in the Human campaign before playing for any other races.

Each campaign contains approximately 90 missions and has a leader. For example, your main hero in the Human campaign is called Percival Kent and he will lead you through the game.

There is nice background music traditionally used in such strategy games with heroes, missions, and combats. You will find some advertisements in the game but they will not be particularly annoying. It’s available to download on Android and iOS devices.

Hex Commander

Heroes: Forgotten Realm

Heroes: forgotten realm is a turn-based strategy game. The application is perfect for fans of action and the creators of the smartest strategies.

The rules of the game are similar to the rules in Heroes of Might and Magic and Dragon and Dungeon. The hallmark of Heroes: forgotten realm is an improved design, a newer story, and enjoyable new heroes. Approximately 50 skirmish maps and exciting campaign scenarios will come directly under your control.

In the application (landscape mode only), you can switch to viewing your territory in the form of a map, which will need to be protected from enemies. Among other things, the function of discovering and conquering new lands will be available to you.

On the right side of your screen, during the attacks, the days of the week and such functionality as Settings, Castle, Shield, Book, Flag of defeat, Time, Knight’s helmet, Exit battle, Exit the game will be displayed.

You will have access to buttons, responsible for changing your position in space (arrows up, down, right, and left). If the fight seems too slow for you, you can speed it up with the Skip button, placed at the bottom.


War and Order

War and Order is a free and great alternative to Heroes of Might and Magic available for Android and iOS. Grow your empire, protect your area, fight with enemies in this well – designed and popular game.

War and Order is a fantastic reality strategy medieval game. A lot of different mythical creatures will fight using all kinds of weapons protecting your empire.

Key features:

  • 50 different types of characters to recruit including Orcs, Elves, Angels, and Beasts.
  • Different types of buildings to construct for your army.
  • Connect with other players all over the world by creating alliances and discussing strategies in chat.
  • Perfect graphics and design.

In this war-strategy game, you have to build castles and troops and level up your empire earning points, collecting resources, and upgrading all your facilities. For this, you will collect resources, merits, gems.

War and OrderWar and Order

Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans is a nice game with very detailed graphics and medieval architecture. Grow your empire, recruit an army, and become a leader of your numerous troops.

The game will bring you into the world of Vikings, great warriors of the North. You will find a lot of tasks in a quest section. Completing them you will develop your kingdom and collect rewards.

Main features:

  • Develop your kingdom by building different structures: mines, quarry, mills, and farms. You always have to collect enough resources for your army. So plan for it in advance before starting to combat.
  • Recruit an army: train mercenaries, horsemen, archers.
  • Defend your empire from attacks and extend its area.
  • Create alliances with other players by joining clans.

The game is free for Android and iOS devices.

Vikings: War of Clans

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Citadels: War Game Strategy

Citadels: War Game Strategy is another nice strategic game to upgrade your tactic skills. As usual, you will complete tasks suggested by the game and get a reward for each complete action. The design of the game is nice but some people might find icons on the screen and the font of the main messages to be a bit small.

In the game, you will find building tasks so you can expand and develop your kingdom. Recruiting is another important action. For that, you will build a lot of constructions like Military academy.

Actions to complete in the game:

  • Expeditions to new areas on the map.
  • Protection of your area.
  • Military campaigns and occupations.
  • Castle, towers, and other buildings constructions.
  • Communicate with other players to build alliances.

You can recruit human soldiers or mystical creatures to fight for you. Elves, archers, wizards, and Vikings will serve you. You can run your clan or choose a powerful guild to join. Enjoy the traditional strategy PvP game where you can interact with other players and combat with them.


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