6 Free Noise Cancelling Apps For Android 2023

Have issues concentrating in loud places, or easily get annoyed by the noise in public areas? Don’t get pat this article then!

There are plenty of free noise canceling apps for Android 2023 that will help you to distance yourself from any unwanted sounds around you. These apps will cancel all noises from cars, loud neighbors, or whatever else, so you could focus on your tasks. Some of the apps may even help you cope with sleeping issues if needed.

We’ve gathered together the 6 6bes free apps in that category you may try. Let’s dive in!

Safe Headphones

Safe Headphones

Let’s start with an app that lets will turn regular headphones into noise-reducing ones.

The main idea of this app is to help you distance yourself from surrounding noises, while still letting you hear some of them. Sounds odd, but the thing is the app won’t block some noises like car horns, so you could feel safer. Thus, you’ll get to hear fewer noises in public areas without worrying about being safe or not hearing if someone speaks to you.

The app works with all headphones your phone is compatible with, so no worries. It may even be used as a hearing aid for people with hearing issues, but make sure to check out with the doctor before doing that. Besides, the app improves your hearing ability, and you get to get audible sounds better.

For instance, you may leave your phone in another room and hear everything that’s happening through your headphones. Along with that, the app lets you regulate the volume of sounds to make sure it fits you the best. The same goes for the backdrop noise, so no worries. You also get to turn the low frequency on and off with one tap.

Safe Headphones 1 Safe Headphones 2 

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Next, there’s an equalizer app with custom frequency prefs.

This app was made with the thought that everybody’s hearing is different, and it’s here to let you make all the essential adjustments in that field. Apart from other equalizers, this one doesn’t distort the tune quality, so you can minimize all your hearing issues in detail. To do that, the app will test your hearing capabilities in all the main frequency ranges and adapt the settings according to the results.

The hearing test is fast and simple, it will automatically launch the first time you open the app. Once it’s done, the app will set a custom profile for you. Beyond that, the app includes a noise-reducing tool that lets you regulate the sound lvl in surrounding areas to enhance your hearing ability.

Herewith, the app will predict the noises that are most likely to distract and annoy you and will lower them down. Thus, if you’re listening to smth or talking to someone on the phone in a loud place, the app will expand the sound volume and minimize the noise. It’s fully free to use, but it displays ads.

Neutralizer 1 Neutralizer 2 

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myNoiseThis app will help you to mask all the disliked noises with white ones, so you could focus or relax.

If you easily get distracted, mainly in public zones, you definitely need this app. It is here to mask up all the irritating, unneeded sounds with white or ambient ones. Fair to say, you can use this app every time you need to work, study, or center on smth. Although it works nice for relaxation or falling asleep as well.

The app comes with a wide range of different noises, so you could experiment and pick the one that functions best for you. All the tunes are related to scenes, for instance, there is a fairy rain, rice fields, birds in the forests, and so on. Plus, the tunes are categorized according to their purposes, which is handy.

You may also adjust the frequency of all the sounds to cancel the noses better. Herewith, there’s an autoplay option that lets you switch the noses on the go. You may also set up a sleeping timer, so the sounds will slowly go quiet after some time. Besides, the app is fully free and even ad-free, so feel free to test it.

myNoise 1 myNoise 2 

White Noise

White Noise

Although this app is not necessarily made for noise-reducing, it does have this feature.

This app is a smart sleep aid that helps you to cope with any sleeping issues, including insomnia. To do that, it provides you with wide and off HQ sounds to help you calm down, relax and fall asleep easily. All the tunes in this app are naturally recorded, so you won’t feel like it’s generated or edited (and get distracted by that).

For now, there are over 300 noises and sound mixes, so you could find one for any situation. For instance, there are different versions of rain sounds, wind ones, bird ones, and even sounds that imitate business class flight. You also get to set up HQ animation that comes with every sound to add up to the mood.

Besides, the app includes a noise-reducing implement that will help you to fall asleep even in clangorous areas. The app runs in the bg, even if your phone is locked, so no worries here. You also get to set a timer, and the tuns will slowly fade out after a while. The app is free, but some tools come as an additional purchase.

White Noise 1 White Noise 2 

Noise Wall

Noise Wall

It’s an app that will help you center on work or fall asleep without any effort.

The main goal of this app is that it blocks environmental sounds and helps you to center on whatever task is needed. It works well in public zones, including the noisy streets, so you’re all the way covered. The app will monitor the noise lvl around you and just the volume according to it. It works both ways, so the volume will turn down if it’s no longer noisy.

Beyond that, the app covers four types of noises – white, pink, red, brown, and a custom one. All these sounds cope with different frequencies and sound differently. For instance, the pink one has more basses than the white ones, the red one sounds like an airplane cabin, and the brown one is more like thunder.

There’s also a transparency mode that works well in stores or on the streets. In this mode, the background sounds get sent into your earphones, so you won’t miss any social interactions. Plus, this mode will keep you safe on the streets, as you’ll hear car horns and all that. Some tools come as in-app buying, but other than that the app is free.

Noise Wall 1 Noise Wall 2 

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Noise Generator

Noise Generator

And lastly, we have an app that generates different noises for you. Yeah, it sounds strange considering the name of the article, but don’t skip this one, ok?

The app comes with a wide range of noise to boost your productivity, help you focus, and lessen stress in noisy areas. Such tools are often used in big offices in order to help workers to focus on things that need to be done. Just like in the previous one, this app covers different types of sounds, that serve different purposes.

There are pink, violet, brown, and blue noises to choose from. As was already mentioned, the brown noise sounds like a thunderstorm, and it’s less static than the classic white one. The pink noise is similar, but it’s softer and has higher frequencies. Blue and violet ones are based on high frequencies and are more active and energetic.

Just make sure to try them all and pick the one that works best for you. Herewith, you get to customize all the sounds by playing with frequency and regulating the low and high-cut filters. Plus, all the sounds are dynamically generated and not recorded, o the app won’t take too much of your storage space.

Noise Generator 1 Noise Generator 2

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