11 Best Games Like House Party for Android & iOS

The House Party app has become very popular during COVID, but we’re all started to get a little bored with it. Which means it’s the best time to look for alternatives!

There are lots of games like House Party for Android and iOS that gives you amazing video chatting options. These apps empower you to socialize and always stay in touch with your close ones. Thus, you will not only be able to chat with your mates but watch movies and play games with them as well!

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!

Squad: video chat + screen sharing


Let’s start with an app called Squad. This is a video-chatting platform that empowers you to have an all-time connection to your mates.

The main concept of this app is to let you do anything you want with your mates online. It kinda imitates real-life interactions you usually do with your friends. Thus, you can shop with your mates online, view pics, watch vids, docs, and whatever else you desire.

This is being done by the group video calls you can do with mates. Herewith, you can also broadcast your screen and show whatever you want on it. It is even possible to make group movie nights with fellows via this app.

As for screen sharing, all members of the room can do it at the same time. Each room can accommodate up to nine people at once. You can also open any SM and view it by the whole group.

The app also has a built-in chat so you can post messages to each other at the same time. It needs to be said, the quality of the video calls in this app is quite nice so no worries about that.

Squad 1 Squad 2


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Chums Live

Chums Live

Chums Live Is another broadcast network that empowers you to share the happiest moments of your life with the whole world.

What this app does is it empowers you to go live anytime and translate whatever you want. Of course, the platform does have some rules about the inappropriate content but these are the same as any of its sister apps.

Therewith, you can use this app for blogging, singing, dancing, or showing off any of your other talents. Besides, you can follow people and gain their own audience. You can also interact with your followers via chat and even send virtual gifts to them. You can even make group meetings to text several people at the same time.

It is also possible to collab with other artists and goes live in dual translations. Furthermore, you can decorate your translations with stunning stickers, frames, or beauty masks.

You can also make a list of your mates and go to group chats with them. Plus, you can rather make your translation visible to your audience or leave it private. You can even save the records of the translations to review it later on.

Chums Live 2


JusTalk – Free Video Calls and Fun Video Chat


JusTalk is an app that empowers you to stay in touch with your buddies wherever you are.

The main goal of this app is to provide you with HQ video calls. Therewith, the app has a very intuitive interface so even your grandma will figure out how to use it. On top of that, you can record your calls and save it as a vid on your phone.

Plus, the app can also cope with group calls that can accommodate up to sixteen people at once. Thereto, it is increasingly simple to manage the calls so you can easily mute or block particular people if needed.

Along with the calls, the app also has a chat you can use to text your mates. The chats support images, docs, and videos so you can share any materials you want. Therewith, you can rather make dialogues or group chats.

You can also make international calls for free and the app guarantees you a decent quality of the vid and the sound. Besides, the app uses high encryption techs that protect all your data so you can not worry about its safety.

JusTalk 1 JusTalk 2


Kitty Live – Live Streaming & Video Live Chat

kitty live

Kitty Live is a broadcasting chat that empowers you to share your vids and interact with people from all over the globe.

The concept of this app is to give you an easy to use platform for live streaming so it takes you one touch to start sharing moments of your life. Herewith, you can record vids of different lengths and do anything you want on them. You can dance, sing, cook, or simply vlog your daily life.

Beyond that, you can decorate your vids with beauty masks and all that. The algorithms of the platform make it easy to gain followers the only thing you need is fun and interesting content. Plus, you can follow other content makers if you want.

Thereby, you can contact your audience by texting them or making a group video chat. You can also make private video chats with your mates if needed. You can start a translation from any device and the quality will remain the same.

There’s even a possibility to start a random video chat with any other user of the app no matter where he lives. Plus, you can send virtual gifts to your followers and friends.

Kitty Live 1 Kitty Live 2


Nonolive – Live Streaming & Video Chat

NonoliveNonolive is a global platform that empowers you to interact with people in live video chats.

This app enables you to play popular games while streaming live on your account. You can pick any game you like a start a stream of any length. You can also follow other streamers to see the games that are trending now.

Thereby, there’s a live chat built-in every stream so you get to interact with other users while playing. It needs to be said, you can rather start a broadcast on your computer or the mobile and the quality will remain great.

Along with that, the app also empowers you to start group chats with your mates. A group chat can accommodate up to six people at once and all the members get to share their screens. Plus, you can rather make this group char private or visible to other users.

Beyond that, it’s simple to manage all the group meetings. Thus, you can mute people, block them, or invite new ones with one touch. It’s even possible to join thematic fan groups and make fan video chats.

Nonolive 1 Nonolive 2


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WherebyWhereby is a broadcasting social network that brings communication to a whole new level. The main goal of this app is to make online meetings pleasant and flexible. Thus, the developers made sure the interface of the app is easy to understand for people of any age.

Plus, the app guarantees you a good quality of the vids and sound and a stable connection with no cracks. The only difficulties you might face is if the WiFi or cellular you’re using is not steady. Besides, you don’t even have to log in to join a video meeting so it is as easy as possible.

You also get to make branded rooms and add your colleagues or friends to it so all of you could meet in one place. Herewith, every member of the meeting can easily share his screen with others.

There’s also the following chat that empowers you to exchange messages while viewing the presentations. You can use this chat for sharing all types of files. As for security, the app doesn’t analyze the video or audio conversations so you can be sure none of your private info gets leaked.

Whereby 1 Whereby 2


Airtime: Watch Together


Airtime is another app that empowers you to watch any content online with you mates.

The app empowers you to create private chat rooms with up to ten people while watching vids, movies, or whatever else. You can literally view any content along with you buddies online or even shop in online stores.

You can make various thematic rooms with your mates and family members and the app will send them notifications when you’ll start a meeting. Furthermore, you can start a secret chat room where your messages will be deleted after some period of time. There are even Party rooms where you can invite more than ten people as an audience.

The app also has a built-in chat so you can exchange text messages while watching a movie. Plus, there are animated stickers you can use to quickly share your mood.

On top of that, it’s extremely easy to supervise the meetings in this app — you can mute people, kick them out of the meeting, or invite the new ones. The quality of the vid and sound is quite decent but it still highly relates to your Internet connection.

Airtime 1 Airtime 2


ZOOM Cloud Meetings


Zoom is an app that empowers you to socialize and maintain connected everywhere you go.

This app is the market’s leader when it comes to good quality online group meetings. It’s being worldwide used for online education, work meetings, and just fun translations with buddies. Plus, you can rather use this platform on your mobile or a computer without losing any quality.

You can add more than twenty people in one group which is extremely comfy when it comes to colleague meetings. Every member of the meeting can easily share their screen to show a presentation or a video. There are also several supervising options in this app so you can easily mute the members or kick them out of the room.

Herewith, the app has an ultimate chat that supports all types of files. It needs to be said that even the heavy files can be sent quickly with this app. The app even has a safe driving mode that empowers you to use voice commands.

Furthermore, the app has a voicemail tool in case you’ve missed an important call. You can also set auto receptionists to manage the calls that you can not answer.





Discord is an app that holds you in liaising with your relatives, mates, colleagues, and so on.

This is a broadcasting platform that empowers you to join chat rooms and start online group video conversations. Plus, you can also engage in any video chat as a visitor without calling. Therewith, you can post notes in the following chat. You can also make custom sticker and GIFs to use it within the chat rooms.

Moreover, this platform is great for streaming — you can stream the games you play, the dishes you cook, and so on. Basically, you can just sit in front of the cam and talk to your audience for hours straight — nobody can forbid you that until you follow the platform’s rules.

You can rather make private or open group calls as well. The platform works on mobile and PCs so you can reach it wherever you are.

You can also assign the moderator of the group that can mute and ban the users from the room. The coolest thing about this platform is that it doesn’t actually limit you when it comes to streaming and group chatting so feel free to invite as many people as you want.

Discord 1 Discord 2


Rave – Videos with Friends


Rave is an app that empowers you to watch stuff with your buddies online.

The main aim of this app is that it gives you the ultimate cinema-like experience but online. Thus, you can catch any streaming platform with your mates while staying at home (social distancing goals!).

Frankly speaking, you can use this app to watch more than just movies — you can scroll through Reddit, YouTube, or whatever else you desire. You can even go online shopping and ask your friends to help. The platform can be reached on various devices so you can even use it on the go.

You can start a group video conversation with for up to ten people and enjoy watching any content together. The app also has the following chat so you can send messages to each other while watching a TV show. You can also share multiple files in this chat if needed.

It’s also very easy to maintain the chat room — you only need one touch to mute someone’s mic or kick them out of the room. The quality of the video is quite decent and the connection seems to be stable most of the time.

Rave 2


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Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games

Bunch Group

And lastly, Bunch is an app that empowers you to video chat with your mates while playing games.

This whole app is like an online playing zone. Due to this, you get to talk to your mates while playing your fav game. Frankly speaking, you get a full-on friend gaming time while sitting in your house which is important during COVID.

It needs to be said, there are some games that come built-in in the app but you can also allow it to access stand-alone games. Plus, you can use this app to stay liaised with your buddies while playing multiplayer games.

Once video chat can accommodate up to eight members at the same time. Therewith, every member can share his screen with others. Plus, the app also has a built-in texting chat that empowers you to exchange messages and send all types of files.

The quality of the video in this app is quite nice as ll as the sound. The connection itself is also stable but it highly depends on the Internet you have.

Bunch Group 1 Bunch Group 2


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