A Clockwork Brain Training App Review

After the “Sherlock ” has been over a  few weeks ago, I can’t get out of my head a feeling that something magical, but at the same time very obvious left me. I think, his deductive method is a real gorgeous breakthrough.

We are talking about a specific way of thinking – and approach to reasoning that is based on the deduction, or starting from a general case and, from that general case, drawing a conclusion about something more specific.

Moreover, it can be developed in many ways. Yes, it is real, you just need to train your brain by different challenging tasks, where you need to find a creative solution, searching for some little but important details,  grouping subjects into one main group, and that kind of thing.

Well, there are many ways for trying to extend a mind- playing educational games that develop a logical way of thinking- for example, playing chess. But I am going to show you another way, more modern and convenient. A Clockwork Brain – Insanely Fun Mind Training Puzzles, is a game that lives up to its title.

With a slick interface and design, you will be racing against the clock in puzzles designed to train your eyes and your brain.

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a-clockwork-brainClockwork Brain Training

As for the Clockwork Brain Training- it is a fun, smart and challenging app that is focused on minigames. They are created to test your cognitive skills and upgrade them across 5 different areas of the mind:  Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Dexterity, and Language. The developers promise it will be a hard mental workout.

Design And Layouts 

As for design, the app is supported on both iOS and Android platforms, moreover, versions for iPad and tablets are also adapted.
The app is well-designed and very friendly to use. There are several sections which we mentioned above which you can choose from. It depends on what area would you want to train. Colorful design and high-quality graphics are clearly seen. There are some screenshots.

clockwork brainclockwork brain clockwork brainclockwork

Features and how it works

The main point is the Challenge Modes, where you will be able to choose from four challenges. Each level lasts for sixty seconds, to answer press the button. After each challenge, you are awarded a prize- points. Their quantity depends on how fast and successful you’ve done a task. You can use them to buy in the free section of the upgrades store to get new minigames. If you don’t want to do it,  you can spend these points to unlock the Single Game Mode, get some additions for particular games, a wallpaper, or a single bonus minigame.


The free version includes Anagrams, you are given a word and the bubbles with letters in a different order. In this case, you need to select the bubbles with the right letters. Also, you face the Missing Tiles, where you need to follow the number of tiles missing in the picture, count it, and select the right variant. Chase The numbers is about a set of number tiles that have flipped over which you need to press them in order. Scrolling Silhouettes is the final challenge where the main purpose is to match a silhouette you are given with the scrolling pieces on-screen. The game monitors how you succeed in brain training and
a clockwork app

The game monitors how you succeed in brain training and keep you pushing your limits. Not every game can be called brain training but if it gives you a positive feedback after each game, maintain a challenge, and gives you an opportunity to develop yourself and your mind every day, such game worths your attention.



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