11 Best Book Club Apps & Websites To Create Book Clubs

Fans of the same works and literary genres have been getting together for a very long time and spending time reading or discussing the events of different books. Many people face the question, of how to find like-minded people who love the same works.

Now it’s not so difficult, because there are some apps that specialize in creating and running activities for different book clubs. In this article, we have collected best book club apps & websites to create book clubs. And in addition to this, you should also explore the article about the best reading apps for kids.

Bookclubs: Book Club Organizer

This app is designed specifically for fans of reading, as well as for those who would like to be around and communicate with those who are also attracted to specific works. Here you can either join existing book clubs or create them yourself and conduct their activities.

To create your own book club, it will be enough for you to create his profile.

The principle of creating a book club account is similar to social media profiles: you will need a name (it is better to choose one that will be associated with a specific literary genre, with a specific author, or with certain works, so that users immediately understand what kind of book club it is), a little information about the administrator of the book club (that is, about you), and then at your discretion.

You can publish various photos, illustrations, news from the literary world, quotes from books, and so on.

In each account of the book club, a chat will be available for all subscribers of the club account, in which you can discuss books both in an online format and arrange joint live meetings. In this app, you will also be able to maintain a reading library of your book club, in which the books you have read will be displayed.


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Bookship: a virtual book club

This app can be called a real guide to the book world. Here you can keep your personal reader account, join book clubs or create them, share your impressions about the books you have read, write reviews, and also read a huge number of books in electronic format directly in this app.

In Bookship, you can create full-fledged communities in which you and your like-minded people will discuss the events of the books you have read, read solo fragments together, highlight your favorite quotes from the text and publish them, and arrange live meetings of book club participants, and much more.

You will be able to enter your personal account as in social networks, where you will publish your personal thoughts, reviews, and quotes from books you have read.

This app also has one very convenient tool – a barcode scanner of real books. If you see a book in the store, in this case, it will be possible to scan it and find it in electronic format in this app for free.

You will also be able to send links with invitations to read books to your friends, as well as subscribers to your account, book club members, and other users.


Bookclub: Social Reading

According to the developers, this app was created to socialize and spread the cult of reading. Here you can communicate with users in parallel by reading the same book either in a general session or separately. You can both exchange text comments and communicate via voice or video communication.

In Bookclub, you can create full-fledged communities dedicated to literary genres, or specific books. Many books create separate so-called universes that can be discussed forever. For example, one of the most popular book universes is Harry Potter.

The book club dedicated to these works has several million members, as well as many times more subscribers. In this club, people discuss the behavior of the characters, the events of the book, build different theories, and much more.

Thus, the Bookclub app contributes to the development of the global book community and also helps people find friends who are interested in similar literary genres.

You can conduct book club activities not only in an online format but also schedule live meetings to get to know people whose interests are similar to yours.

Do not forget also that you can leave comments and reviews on absolutely all the books that you will find in this app, even if you are not a member of a particular book club.


Novellic: The Book Club App

This is one of the most popular apps among users who cannot imagine their life without books. Here you will find all the necessary functions to take a fresh look at the book world, as well as to find new works for yourself, which after reading can become your new favorites.

This app has a separate platform for recommendations and reviews of specific books. These recommendations are left by both full-fledged book communities and individual users. You can join them and also comment on each book, leaving a message to other users who want to read the same book.

In Novellic, you can conduct an online discussion of various book fragments, up to individual quotations. You can share your thoughts about the fragments you read with other users, as well as study other people’s comments, and get into a friendly discussion with them.

Each book club in this app has an administrator (creator) who is responsible for running the activities of the club, organizing live meetings of members of this club, as well as for publishing any posts about books.

In this app, you can start your own book club dedicated to a specific work or a literary genre. You can invite your friends there through a special link.

Next, users will be able to subscribe to your account, thereby becoming members of the club. A general chat will be available for all subscribers of the community, in which they can discuss what they have read with other users.


Reese’s Book Club

This is a unified system for those who adore books and want to plunge deeper into the world of reading and discussing all kinds of literary works and genres. Here you will find a huge number of books suitable for you, and you will also be able to discuss the works you have read with other users of this app.

Reese’s Book Club is a kind of social network in which there is a main source of information – the system of the application itself.

She makes all kinds of publications, and most importantly, she makes a daily, weekly, and monthly selection of books according to different criteria, based on user reviews, for example, the top most scary books, the best novels, and much more.

Here you will be able to join communities with other users and read one book at a time, then discuss its plot, and characters, as well as build various hypotheses and theories regarding the author’s ideas.

Also, you can independently leave reviews and comments on the works you have read so that other users know about your assessment of a particular work.

Reese's Book Club1
Reese's Book Club2

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The Book Club

This app is designed as a club for reading lovers in childhood – mainly from four to twelve years old. Here you can find suitable books for your child by age, interests, and preferences of the child, as well as allow him to participate independently in the stormy activity of the reading club in this app.

In this app there is a very convenient division into collections of books, for example:

  • Textbooks and materials with an engineering bias
  • School books
  • Educational book games
  • Fascinating stories
  • Fairy tales from all over the world, as well as much more.

Here you can also find not only text, but also animation manuals, for example, special games with the theme of heroes from favorite fairy tales, animated performances with different children’s characters, memory training games, and much more.

Also, in this app there is parental and teacher control, thanks to which you will be able to track the progress of your child, spending time with animated book games, as well as his daily progress.

The Book Club1

OBC Reader

This app is one large-scale book club in which users can communicate with each other, exchanging thoughts about book plots, characters, theories, and much more. Here you can not only discuss some works but also read them together with other users both offline and online (in the same user room).

After you register your account here, the doors to the world of a huge number of various books in electronic format will open to you, which you can read both in the app and by downloading to your mobile device.

Moreover, you will be able to leave comments on each book or chapter you read so that other users can notice your fair assessment of a particular work.

ABC Reader also has one entertaining feature – a discussion club. Discussion sessions are regularly held in this app, where users politely and respectfully discuss book plots, characters, as well as anything related to literary creations.

You will be able to create discussion sessions yourself by choosing a specific topic of conversation. You can make your discussion session open to all users, or only to members of a particular reader community.

Also, your discussion chat can become private, and then you will need to send links with access to it to specific users.

OBC Reader1
OBC Reader2

Book Club: Read It & Leave It

This app actively cultivates reading clubs as well as reading in general. Here you can find people also involved in the world of literature. You can unite in full-fledged communities with the subject of a literary genre, or the author and his specific books.

For example, booksclub has a separate community of fans of classical English literature, as well as a community of users who are most interested in King’s works, as well as many other book clubs.

You can become a member of an unlimited number of reader communities, as well as create your own to find like-minded people and share your thoughts and theories about specific works with them.

In this app, each book club has an administrator who manages the activities of the club, for example, makes publications, monitors the traffic among users, and also performs the same duties as the administrators of public posts on social networks.

You can be the administrator of your own reader’s club, or other users can choose you for this role.

Keep in mind that you can post comments and reviews on all the books you have read that you will find in this app in electronic format. You will also be able to read reviews and ratings of other users about specific literary works in order to decide whether to read a particular book or not.

Book Club: Read It & Leave It1
Book Club: Read It & Leave It1


This is a specialized website for lovers of literary works. Here you can become a full-fledged part of any book community dedicated to a specific author, literary direction, or a specific series of books.

You will be able to communicate with the same lovers of literature as you in a special general chat, which is available in every book club. Also, there is a single general chat for all users.

This website is so large-scale that modern authors arrange author readings here in an online format, which every user can join.

You will be able to see real authors of our time, as well as find out their real ideas and predispositions to specific plot twists. You will be able to contact the authors in the chat of the online session to ask questions you are interested in.

Also, on this website, you can become a full-fledged video blogger. This means that you can maintain your reader account, in which you will publish your thoughts, and reviews, as well as videos in which you can review the literary works you have read, as well as share your opinion with other users.



This is a special website for those who want to relax and feel peace and tranquility while reading a book they like. On this site, you will find thousands of different literary works, and you will also be able to meet other users who like the same books as you.

In addition, you will be able to join an unlimited number of reading clubs, which are organized not only by books and literary genres but also by cities and states. This is done so that users from the same city can arrange live meetings for their reading club and spend time together.

In addition to thousands of books, on this site, you will be able to find comments by real authors on their works, thanks to which you will be able to understand the true idea of the book.

You will be able to engage in friendly discussions with other users regarding specific works and literary genres, and also get an answer to your call and comment from the real author of the book.


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This website has become the largest platform for reading clubs in England. Here users can find any books in electronic form, starting with classical literature, and ending with textbooks on medicine, economics, law, and much more.

This site has gathered a huge number of users who, like you, love literature, and therefore create and buy into reader communities dedicated to specific works, literary genres, or authors.

Each reader’s club has a general chat where you can chat with other members of the club and discuss with them your thoughts regarding the fragments of the book you have read.

Here, users actively communicate and arrange live meetings with members of reading clubs to discuss books read live, share ideas and theories about the author’s ideas, and much more. You can create a reading club yourself and become its administrator, thereby initiating a new community for reading lovers.

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