11 Best Hair Filter Apps in 2024

Ever wished you could try out a vibrant new hair color without the commitment of a salon visit? Or maybe you’re curious how you’d look with a chic bob or trendy braids. Look no further than the world of hair filter apps!

With tons of options available, you can explore a rainbow of colors, experiment with various hairstyles, and find your perfect look – all from your phone. Dive into our list of the best hair filter apps in 2024, where we’ll unveil apps that not only change your hair color but also allow you to virtually try on new styles, analyze what colors suit your complexion, and even get professional-looking edits.

Let’s unlock the world of hair experimentation, one filter at a time!

Transform your digital look effortlessly with these free AI hairstyle changers apps & websites, perfect for experimenting with new hairdos without commitment.

BrideLook AI: Hair Designer

BrideLook AI takes the stress out of finding your perfect wedding hairstyle. This innovative app utilizes AI technology to virtually transform you into your dream bride.

Simply upload a selfie and let the AI work its magic. Experiment with a wide range of bridal hairstyles, from classic updos to romantic curls. The real-time adjustments allow you to personalize each style, ensuring a perfect fit for your face shape and preferences.

Don’t go it alone! Share your potential hairstyles with friends and family for valuable feedback. This collaborative approach helps you refine your choices and ensures you feel confident on your big day.

BrideLook AI goes beyond just hair. Explore various bridal looks to match your wedding theme, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends. The built-in photo editor allows you to further refine your look with tools like background editing, lighting adjustments, and AI-powered blemish removal.

Create stunning visuals you’ll be proud to share. Retouch and enhance your photos with BrideLook AI’s editing tools. These flawless visuals are perfect for social media or capturing those cherished wedding memories.

BrideLook AI empowers you to realize your dream bridal look. Whether you envision a romantic or a bold statement hairstyle, this app helps you bring your vision to life. Download BrideLook AI and embark on a journey to discover your perfect wedding hairstyle.


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CutAI – AI Hair Style Changer

CutAI takes the guesswork out of hairstyling by letting you experiment with countless looks before committing to a cut or color. This AI-powered app caters to both men and women, offering a vast library of trendy, classic, and even experimental styles.

The process is refreshingly simple. You start by selecting your gender and uploading a selfie. CutAI’s clever AI analyzes your facial features to ensure realistic hairstyle overlays. Next, choose a package to unlock the full potential of the app, granting access to a treasure trove of hair options.

Here’s where the fun begins. CutAI’s virtual try-on technology lets you see exactly how a new style would look on you. No more flipping through magazines or relying on imagination – CutAI puts the look directly on your face, with realistic color application to boot.

Found your perfect hairstyle? Share it with friends and family for their input before making the leap. CutAI empowers you to embrace the power of collective decision-making, ensuring you walk into the salon with complete confidence.


Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle

Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle & HairColor Pro promises a fun and easy way to virtually try on new hairstyles and hair colors. Here’s a closer look at its features:

The app boasts a wide selection of hairstyles, including long, short, straight, curly, and even trendy or special styles. This allows you to explore a range of options and see what suits your face shape and preferences.

Beyond hairstyles, HairStyle Changer lets you experiment with vibrant hair colors and trendy gradients. Play around with bold choices or subtle highlights to see what flatters you most.

The app employs smart recognition technology to ensure hairstyles are applied realistically. This is crucial for getting a good sense of how a new look might translate into reality.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. HairStyle Changer allows you to adjust the transparency, size, and rotation of hairstyles for a more natural fit on your photos.

Considering a New Look? Whether you’re curious about a drastic change or simply want to explore subtle tweaks, Hairstyle Changer offers a convenient and fun way to virtually experiment. See how different hairstyles and colors might look on you before committing to a change in the real world.


Hairstyle Try On

Considering a hairstyle change but apprehensive about the outcome? Hairstyle Try On for Android and iOS offers a convenient solution to virtually experiment with new looks before committing to a haircut.

This app boasts a collection of 36 free hairstyles, catering to various lengths and preferences. For an even wider selection, users can unlock style packages, expanding the options to over 800. The ability to personalize the virtual makeover further extends with more than 50 hair color choices for each style.

Hairstyle Try On offers the flexibility to upload a photo or utilize an existing picture from your album. Once your digital canvas is set, you can play stylist, experiment with different looks, and share your creations with friends, family, or even your hairstylist for feedback.

Beyond the visual transformation, the app provides valuable information and tips on hairstyles that complement your face shape. This additional guidance can empower you to make informed decisions and avoid potential hairstyle mishaps.

With a risk-free approach, Hairstyle Try On allows you to explore a world of possibilities and discover the perfect hairstyle to match your personality and style.


Hair Color Changer: Hair Dye

Hair Color is an app for Android and iOS that lets you virtually dye your hair in photos. It boasts a large color palette and several editing tools to achieve realistic or outlandish looks.

This app is ideal for those who want to try out a new hair color without the commitment of a salon visit. With its in-app camera and gallery import options, you can experiment on selfies, planned hair changes, or even edit professional photos.

Hair Color offers both natural and vivid tones, allowing you to explore subtle highlights or go bold with rainbow hair.

The app provides a magnifying glass tool for precise coloring, especially for intricate hairstyles. You can control the brush size and opacity to achieve a natural blend or create a drastic color change.

Hair Color also allows for easy editing and removal of unwanted color touches. Once you’ve achieved your desired look, you can save the photo directly to your device or share it with friends and family on social media.

Hair Color is a fun and convenient tool for virtually experimenting with hair color. While it can’t replace a professional dye job, it’s a great way to spark inspiration and see how different shades might look before taking the plunge.


Perfect Hairstyle:New Hair Cut

Considering a new hairstyle but worried it won’t flatter your face shape? Perfect Hairstyle: New Hair Cut offers a fun and safe way to experiment with hundreds of styles before committing to a cut.

This app goes beyond just static images. Upload a selfie or take a new picture, and the app virtually applies various hairstyles to your photo. You can even try different hair colors with their real-time filter, giving you a realistic idea of how you’d look with a dramatic change.

Unsure which style suits you best? The app’s AI-powered “Beauty Score” feature analyzes your photo with each hairstyle and provides a score to indicate how well it complements your features. This can be a helpful deciding factor, especially if you’re torn between options.

Perfect Hairstyle isn’t limited. The free version offers over 50 hairstyles in various lengths to get you started. If you crave more variety, in-app purchases unlock additional packs with hundreds more styles, including trendy cuts, celebrity inspirations, and options for men and women with black hair or more mature hair types.

With Perfect Hairstyle, you can ditch the hairstyle guessing game and approach your next haircut with confidence.


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Hairstyle & Hair Color Changer

Hairstyle & Hair Color Changer promises a fun and easy way to experiment with new looks on your phone. With over 1000 hairstyles and a vast hair color palette, you can virtually dye your hair and explore trendy cuts without commitment.

The app boasts user-friendly features like uploading photos and directly tapping on hair sections to change color. This allows for quick and realistic visualization of potential styles.

An interesting feature is the IRIS color picker, letting you choose any hair color imaginable. For the truly creative, a Color Box and Library even lets you design your own custom shades.

However, it’s important to note that some features require a VIP membership, including presumably saving your edited photos. This could be a drawback for casual users who just want a quick hairstyle and color experiment.

Hairstyle & Hair Color Changer seems like a fun tool for virtually exploring new looks, but keep in mind the potential limitations before downloading.


Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs

Hairstyle Try On is a fantastic app for anyone who loves to play with different hairstyles. It boasts a massive collection of over 600 styles, catering to all hair lengths, textures, and colors.

Whether you’re dreaming of bouncy curls, sleek bob, or trendy bangs, Hairstyle Try On lets you virtually try them all on before taking the plunge at the salon.

The app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to explore a wide range of options effortlessly. Finding your perfect match is a breeze thanks to the clear categorization by hair length, texture, and color. Plus, the ability to experiment with both hairstyles and glasses lets you see the complete picture of your potential new look.

Hairstyle Try On is more than just a fun app; it’s a valuable tool that empowers you to make informed decisions about your hairstyle. So ditch the scissors-anxiety and dive into the world of virtual makeovers with Hairstyle Try On!


Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover stands out as a user-friendly app that lets you experiment with new looks effortlessly. Unlike other apps that use unrealistic hair overlays, Hairstyle Makeover boasts a collection of professionally edited real hairstyles.

This means you can see a genuine representation of how a new cut or style would look on you, allowing for more informed decisions and fun with friends.

The app’s interface is refreshingly simple. With just a few taps, you can load a photo, choose a hairstyle from a wide variety categorized by gender, length, and even including fun wigs.

Hairstyle Makeover doesn’t stop at basic placement – advanced editing tools let you fine-tune the size, rotation, and even adjust lightness or blur to seamlessly blend the hairstyle with your photo. Worried about an uneven part? A handy flip option lets you see how the style would look on the other side.

While the app offers a taste with five free styles for each category, the real treasure trove comes through in-app purchases. These unlock hundreds of high-quality hairstyles, beards, and mustaches, giving you a vast playground to explore your next look.

Whether you’re seriously considering a change or just having some lighthearted fun, Hairstyle Makeover provides a realistic and user-friendly platform to experiment with your hair.


Hair Color Changer: Change you

Thinking about a bold hair transformation but hesitant to commit? Hair Color Changer promises a fun and easy way to virtually experiment with different hair colors on your own photos.

This app boasts a wide range of features, allowing you to try everything from natural-looking blondes and brunettes to trendy shades like blue, purple, and even pink. With over 40 pre-defined colors and the ability to create your own custom shades, you can unleash your inner stylist and see how you’d rock various looks.

Hair Color Changer offers precise control over the color application. You can define your hair region for targeted coloring, adjust the intensity and smoothness for a natural look, and even control the brightness for highlights or lowlights.

The app caters to both men and women with a variety of standard and bright hair colors. It also allows for blending multiple colors for a unique, multi-dimensional effect.

Beyond color exploration, Hair Color Changer provides essential editing tools like brush size adjustment, opacity control for seamless blending, zoom functionality, and an eraser for cleaning up unwanted color spills.

If you’re looking for a free and user-friendly app to virtually try on a new hair color, Hair Color Changer is definitely worth a try. Just snap a selfie, unleash your creativity, and discover your perfect hair color match!


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HairPlay:AI HairStyle Changer

Thinking about a new hairstyle but unsure what would flatter you? AI HairPlay leverages AI to transform your look in seconds. This app caters to both men and women, offering a wide variety of trendy and classic styles.

For the gents, there are 22 distinct options to explore, while the ladies have an even wider selection of 27 styles. Whether you crave a timeless bob or are curious about the latest undercut, AI HairPlay allows you to virtually try it on.

But it doesn’t stop there. AI HairPlay boasts a rich palette of 21 hair colors, including natural tones, gradient shades, and even bold, multi-color combinations. Feeling adventurous? Now you can see how you’d look with fiery red locks or trendy ombre highlights.

The magic lies in AI HairPlay’s intelligent transformation technology. With just a selfie and a few clicks, you can see yourself sporting a new hairstyle and color. And to help you decide, the app provides not just one, but four variations of your chosen style.

There’s also a real-time preview feature, so you can see exactly how the new look would appear before committing to a change. AI HairPlay goes beyond simply being a hairstyle app; it’s a tool for exploring your individuality and experimenting with fashion before taking the plunge at the salon.

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