11 Best Harmonica Learning Apps for Android & iOS

The harmonica is not the most common musical instrument. Many people at first glance may think that in order to play it, you need an incredible talent and ability, but it is not.

Playing the harmonica is easy and fun, and people can learn to play it just by putting a little effort into it. Harmonica can be called a universal instrument, which can be taken everywhere due to its small size.

However, you should admit that in order to be able to play it, you must either have a good mentor or find the right source of knowledge.

We have found 9 best applications for you to really learn how to play the harmonica.

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Harmonica Easy Tab

More than a hundred songs, the ability to learn from scratch, and even constant updates are all available to Harmonica Easy Tab users. Not so long ago the developers completely updated the application, so it became even more convenient and functional for new users.

The Harmonica Easy Tab is a simple and efficient enough application to help newcomers train their harmonica skills. It will be especially convenient for those people who would like to refresh their memory of forgotten melodies that they learned some time ago.

All you need to do to start using the application is to simply download it. After that, pick up the harmonica and you can start practicing music – just practice until you get the perfect result.


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Real Harmonica

The music teachers do not waste time and designed an application that will be a real guide in the world of music for beginners. Would you like to learn to play the harmonica? Then we think it’s time to get started and Real Harmonica is perfect for that.

Real Harmonica is suitable for people who need a portable and functional guide to start learning music at any time. There are many types of harmonica – diatonic, orchestral, bass and so on.

There are instructions for all these kinds of the harmonica in Real Harmonica so that the user can quickly orient himself in a new musical instrument.

The application contains all the notes and holes that are present in the harmonica. The Real Harmonica is easy to use even during your shortest breaks, so it’s perfect for students.


Harmonica Bending Trainer

Harmonica Bending Trainer is a highly recommended app for anyone interested in learning how to bend notes on the harmonica.

Players are presented with a series of exercises designed to help them develop the muscle memory and technique necessary to bend notes on the harmonica.

The app includes a range of difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced, so players can gradually work their way up as they improve their skills.

Also, this app features high-quality illustrations and animations that make it easy to understand the mechanics of harmonica playing.

While the app does track players’ scores and progress through the exercises, it does not provide much in the way of detailed feedback on what they are doing right or wrong.

This can make it difficult for players to identify areas where they need to improve.


  • Effective gameplay for learning harmonica bending.
  • High-quality graphics and intuitive interface.
  • Range of difficulty levels for players of all skill levels.


  • Limited feedback on players’ progress.

Harmonica Clinic

Some applications have been created as one large training platform. Harmonica Clinic is one of these applications. Here you will not just read any theoretical material, but you can try yourself as a musician or just start playing even the simplest melodies on the harmonica.

Harmonica Clinic has collected over three hundred informative harmonica lessons. The developers say they have decided to create something simple and unusual and something that could attract sophisticated users.

If you think you have tried everything, we can assure you that you still have something to learn. The harmonica is an inexpensive and compact instrument that can entertain you anywhere – all you have to do is master it!



HarpNinja will allow you to learn the art of playing the harmonica much faster than you could with a teacher or in special courses.

Want to prepare for an event, improve your skills or learn a new musical instrument for yourself? Then you can learn the harmonica.

The HarpNinja application has several versions. One of them includes less and limited functionality, while the other gives full freedom to its users.

The only small requirement is that in order for you to be comfortable using HarpNinja for learning, you should have a smartphone that is more than 5 inches.

Here you can either enable recognition of the tune you are playing, or try playing one of the available tones. You can switch the display of notes and intervals yourself – at the time when you really need it.
Probably HarpNinja will not make you a professional ninja, but you can master the harmonica for sure.


Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Lessons is an app that teaches users how to play the harmonica.

The app provides users with a comprehensive set of lessons to help them learn how to play the harmonica. The lessons start from the very basics, including how to hold the harmonica and how to blow and draw the notes.

You can gradually move to more advanced techniques, such as bending notes and playing different keys. Overall, the gameplay is well-designed and should provide users with a useful learning experience.

The graphics are clear and easy to understand, which is the most important thing for an app that is designed to teach users how to play an instrument. Additionally, the app’s layout is simple, making it easy to navigate and find the content you need.

Harmonica Lessons is a useful app for anyone looking to learn how to play the harmonica. If you’re looking to learn how to play the harmonica, this app is worth checking out.


  • A comprehensive set of harmonica lessons.
  • Well-designed gameplay.


  • Some users have reported frustration with the user interface.
  • The explanations could be more detailed in some areas.

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Teach Yourself Harmonica

Another application that is ready to provide you with video lessons that will teach you how to play the harmonica.

Besides what professionals will tell you about the instrument, its features and other interesting things, here you can hear covers of popular tracks, and also repeat them on your own after several training sessions.

Teach Yourself Harmonica will be your guide in this interesting world of musical instruments. Even if you just bought a harmonica and don’t know how to use it, with these video lessons you’ll learn how to handle an instrument.

You can choose the videos by difficulty since they are all grouped into categories. From short videos “Harmonica in 5 minutes” to the whole series of videos – after watching at least some of them, you can play a melody yourself.


Harmonica Exercises

Every time you have some free time or just don’t know what to do, you can start doing something useful, new and interesting. You can spend that time learning to play the harmonica, and Harmonica Exercises will help you.

This app contains over three hundred exercises to improve your musical instrument skills. Harmonica Exercises starts and works in the horizontal orientation of the screen, so all numbers, instructions, and data can be read easily at a time.

To keep your playing speed up or even learn how to control your harmonica from scratch, the app will always be at your fingertips. Don’t wait for the weekend or even lessons from your teachers – Harmonica Exercises will help you learn a new instrument just as quickly and skillfully.

harmonica exercises1

The Harmonica Plus

The Harmonica Plus is an application that is designed for people who have already mastered harmonica or just want to learn how to play.
Because the application has a specific focus, it is designed to meet the needs and requirements of users. The developers quite often update the functionality and modify the content.

In case you already know at least a little about the harmonica, you will like all the content that is contained within the application.
According to the types of melodies in The Harmonica Plus you can adjust the tabulation, increase and decrease intervals, change the tone and enter new melodies.

Users who want to learn as much as possible can keep the online tab updated. Quality harmonica lessons will be useful for novice players, while more complex melodies will please those who already have experience.


Learn to play the harmonica

This app is a solid choice for anyone looking to learn how to play the harmonica. If you’re interested in learning how to play the harmonica, this software is worth checking out.

The app features a step-by-step guide that teaches users how to play popular songs on the harmonica. Each lesson is broken down into easy-to-follow segments, making it simple for beginners to learn at their own pace.

You may not become a master harmonica player, but if you follow all the recommendations and carefully study the tutorials, you will certainly become proficient in this musical instrument to play with pleasure and impress your friends.

However, users cannot adjust the tempo of the lessons, which could be frustrating for those who want to learn at a slower or faster pace.

In addition, sometimes it is possible to face bugs, which can be a major problem when trying to learn something new.


  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons.
  • Popular and well-reviewed app.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Reports of crashing issues.

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Harmonica Saz

Casmahasti is a harmonica learning app that was designed to teach beginners how to play the harmonica with step-by-step lessons and interactive gameplay. In this review, we will take a closer look at the app and evaluate its features and usability.

It offers a variety of lessons and exercises that gradually build up the player’s skill level. Users can select from different harmonica types and adjust the playback speed to suit their learning pace.

The app also provides feedback on the player’s performance, which can be helpful for self-evaluation.

Players can practice playing the harmonica along with the app, which provides a realistic and immersive experience. The app also features a virtual band that plays along with the user, making the learning process more enjoyable and engaging.

However, some users claimed that this app has helped them improve their skills and gain confidence in playing the instrument.

With consistent practice and dedication, users can develop their harmonica skills and progress to more advanced playing techniques.


  • Step-by-step harmonica lessons.
  • Interactive gameplay.
  • Virtual band accompaniment.
  • Helpful feedback on performance.


  • Basic graphics.
  • Technical glitches were reported by some users.

Of course, no matter how good and clear the application is, you will not learn to play the perfect harmonica immediately. For everything you need time and patience – it is quite a painstaking and creative process.

But if you have the time and desire, you can certainly get a new skill and amaze your friends at a party or meeting. Choose the cutest application for you, install it on your smartphone and start creating anywhere!

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