12 Best Heart Disease Apps of 2023 (Android & iOS)

Millions of people all over the world suffer from high blood pressure and other different heart diseases that can end up with a stroke, heart attack, or other cardiovascular disorders. All of them have to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure constantly on a daily basis.

Moreover, those who have a weak cardiovascular system has to be more wise and careful about their health. It includes a healthy diet, healthy sleep, and lead an active life.

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Luckily there are lots of apps created to help people to do all the actions mentioned above. We have collected the list of best heart disease apps for Android and iOS that will do a great job in maintaining a good “heart health”.

Qardio Heart Health

Qardio Heart Health is a free app created to track your heart rate and blood pressure. It also collects different data such as irregular heartbeat, body mass index, weight, calories, skin temperature, and steps.

It easily integrates with other apps like MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and has an export feature. According to the information you logged in to the app you will see the analysis of your health condition.

Whether you have normal blood pressure and no reason to worry or one of the levels of hypertension and the subsequent decision to consult your doctor. The app is very popular and has been highly rated. It also has a few awards and was called ” The Best Health App”.

Qardio Heart Health Qardio Heart Health


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Blood Pressure Companion 4+

It is absolutely mandatory to keep on tracking the heart rate and blood pressure in case of having some cardiovascular system diseases. It’s also a good habit to monitor those indicators for any person.

Blood Pressure Companion is derived to track all these data and produce the total in graphics and diagrams to show you the risk of heart arrest or high blood pressure.

In this app, you can track systolic and diastolic blood pressure separately, weight and heart rate diagrams will be shown as well. The statistic will be available in a day, week, month, or a year. In the end, you can save all the charts in PDF or HTML format and send it to your doctor.

Blood Pressure Companion Blood Pressure Companion

App Store

Cormeum: Track Heart Health

This app is a great way to monitor your health. If you have heart disease or you just want to become more attentive to your body, then Cormeum is a useful service.

This app will help you control your salt intake because it greatly affects people’s well-being. Add meals and you will always stay up to date with calories consumed.

Moreover, you can also monitor the amount of water you drink during the day and monitor your symptoms.

A good mood is a key to excellent health, which is why it is important to keep a diary of emotions. There is such a function in this app. Add your feelings and observe the dynamics.

If you take medication, then you need to know what time you are doing it so as not to miss your therapy. This service will help you not forget to take medications and also keep a record of daily doses.

This app has a user-friendly design that allows you to quickly get to know how to use the service and all its functions.



App Store

ASCVD Risk Estimator

The app is a collaboration of two organizations American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. The aim`s objective is to estimate the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease for each individual. It assesses different data that the user adding into the app.

The app requires to add:

  • age;
  • race;
  • systolic blood pressure;
  • diastolic blood pressure;
  • weight;
  • lifestyle habits;
  • cholesterol level and its different indicators, etc.

The app will present the current risk and the risk for the next 10 years. The information given in this app is dedicated to informing patients but not to replace treatment or to be the only good solution for therapy.



App Store

My Cardiac Coach

My Cardiac Coach has developed by the American Heart Association in order to help those who had experienced a heart attack and need to recover. The app was created with a set of features that are essential for heart disease patients.

It includes heart rate monitoring, different lessons dedicated to heart-related problems, medication-taking reminders and a big community of others experienced a heart attack.

The app is considered as a complex recovery tool. Collection of scientific articles are coming from American Heart Association itself. The app also can be used as a fitness tool. Not only heart rate can be monitored here. Weight and physical activity can be logged into the app as well. Luckily the app is free and available for both platforms.

My Cardiac Coach My Cardiac Coach

App Store

Instant Heart Rate+

This unusual app will be very handy for those who need to measure pulse on a regular basis. It lets a user measure a heart rate using a phone camera. The unexpected feature of the app is that it recognizes your current heart rate by analyzing color changes on the finger.

The app has a good rate and positive reviews that prove that the app is accurate. Moreover, you will see every heartbeat on a screen of your phone just placing our index finger. It’s been said that professional medical oximeters have the same principles on pulse measurements.

The app will be helpful not just for heart disease people but also for athletes who constantly monitor their health condition throughout workouts. Instant Heart Rate is available for Android and iOS.

Instant Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate


App Store

PulsePoint Respond

PulsePoint app represents a huge community of CPR trained volunteers that are always near to provide assistance in emergency cases. Those who are in a risk of cardiac arrest have little time an emergency can be late to help. The app offers a good service for those who suffer from heart diseases.

Pulse Point is location-based and works as an emergency alert. It will notify volunteers in the need of urgent CPR. They can work at the same office or be in a nearby store. They can provide life-saving help before the professional emergency appeared.

It’s a very crucial point as there are numerous situations that had happened when the emergency car was late due to different reasons. One of them could be traffic congestion as a problem in big cities. The app also will alert you about any other dangerous event happening in real-time. For example a fire or flood.

PulsePoint PulsePoint Respond


App Store


Kardia is the app dedicated to ECG analysis. It works with FDA-cleared Kardia Mobile. You need to place your fingers on electrodes. No wires or gel are required. The result is an accurate medical ECG right on your phone. Then Kardia will give an ECG assessment. Either it’s normal or you need urgently consult your cardiologist.

The app will also give an assessment to your blood pressure: normal, prehypertension, or hypertension. Body mass index can be analyzed and presented in a chart as well.

Kardia Kardia


App Store

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Blood Pressure Monitor

Obviously, blood pressure and heart rate directly correlated. Because of that, it is essential to take control of all the aspects of your health, especially if you already have some problems with it. This app will help you to keep track of your blood pressure, with all the charts and indicators.

This app allows you not only to measure your blood pressure, but also the weight, temperature, and many other health data. Another cool feature of this app is that you can export your results to the PDF/excel file and send them via email at any time.

The app records your life data. Plus, Blood Pressure Monitor keeps track of your daily meal, making the health statistics of that as well. There are no time limitations concerning the data collection.



7 Days Healthy Heart Meal Plan Diet

Well, is there anybody who doesn’t know how important the right nutrition is if you are under the risk of heart disease in 2020? Probably, no one. In order to make the planning of this diet easier and more effortless, there is a wonderful app on Google Play – Healthy Heart Meal Planning.

The main advantage of having such an app is that this is a specific software for compiling the diets for people with heart diseases only. Or, even if you don’t have heart disease it is still no harm to eat only healthy food for one of your main organs.

The app contains a special diet menu that focuses on type of healthy meals to decrease the level of cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure in your body. However, keep in mind that it’s not supposed to substitute any medical treatments for you. The menu is not for the constant usage, you can repeat it after every 2 weeks.




Now, this is the specific app for preventing heart strokes. First of all, this app allows you to check your heart rate in 60 seconds. The app works together with the gadgets by FibriCheck (one of the best brands on the market) so if you have one, this app is a must-have.

FibriCheck is certified by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), so you can feel confident that this app is equipped to help save your life if you need emergency care.

The only thing is that the procedure of actually starting the app is quite complicated, especially for the older generations – first, you need to create an account, then add a PIN code, then enter the app using a QR code or an invitation – who wants to make all those extra steps?…

Well, if you pass them all, you get to use a very decent heart rate measuring app. FibriCheck is available for Android only.



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This is more a fitness app, nevertheless, it is an excellent tracker of your heart rate. It is recommended to use it each time you are working out, or, if you don’t have such a habit, you can just put the app in the background mode while you’re walking – and the app will measure your heart rate and make a graph.

Basically, in all the aspects, it works like a standard heart rate measuring app, compiling graphs and diagrams of your heart rate. The main feature that distinguishes Cardiio from other apps on this list is that it has the section with the list of exercises.

You can go to that section choosing one of the exercises and the app will measure the heart rate with all the specific aspects of that physical activity. For example, you can choose Jumping Jacks – it is obvious that during this exercise your heart rate is going to be extremely intense.


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