15 Best Free Inflation Calculators (1792→2024)

Have you ever wondered how $10 was worth back in the 1920s? Do you want to know how inflation affects your funds? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the best free inflation calculators (1792→2024) you could try. These apps let you see how prices and money value have changed over the years.

Some of these apps can be used as financial advisors, as they let you predict how inflation could affect your finances. All of these apps are easy to use and are based on verified statistical resources. Let’s get into it!

In The Day

Let’s start with a simple inflation calc to satisfy your curiosity about the change in money value. The best thing about this one is that it doesn’t feel like, a complex banking tool while still giving you all the essential info.

The UI of this app is incredibly simple, even your grandma could use it. It covers a handy tool that calculates the value of US currency over 2 years. All you need to do is to enter the years and the amount of money you’re curious about, and the app will do the rest.

Thus, you can easily see what is $10K today worth in 1890 or 1950. The thing to note here is the app only works with US currency, and you won’t be able to change it.

Another thing that makes this app stand out is its charismatic mascot – an old codger. He is here to tell you a few words of wisdom and maybe throw in a few facts about the years you’re searching for.


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Inflation Calculator

This app is here to cover all your curiosities about the value of money. It contains tons of info about inflation value for the year between 1776 and 2024. Impressive, right?

And if you have a hard time trusting such apps, don’t be. This one uses data from historical stats of the US, so no worries about accuracy. It only works with US dollars, though, so keep that in mind.

The UI of this one is simple. The app mainly consists of one page, so you won’t get lost there. You just need to enter the money amount and the years you would like to research – the app will cope with the rest.

It takes secs to calculate the inflation, but you won’t be able to save that info for further use. The app doesn’t have any ads, and you won’t need to pay for anything.


Inflation Calculator & Data 

This app is your one-stop shop for inflation calculation. With just a few taps, it lets you find out how much high was worth in the past.

What makes this one unique? Well, it’s a bit more complex than the previous ones, but it’s as easy to navigate. The mechanics are simple: enter the amount and the years, and you’re ready to go.

The thing is, the app not only shows you the resulting amount, it goes a little deeper. It covers detailed charts and tables that let you see how inflation works and changes over the years.

Plus, the app covers 26 currencies, including franc, yuan, won, krona, and more. You can even specify if you’re interested in Australian, Canadian, or New Zealand dollars if needed. You can also save results for further use.


150+ Currency Inflation Calc

If you were impressed by 26 currencies, wait till you read about this app. It covers over 150 currencies for you to calculate with, how cool is that? It’s a treasure trove for curious enthusiasts and novelists who want to write about the past with maximum accuracy.

With this app, you’ll be able to see what any amount of money was worth in the past. You can also use it to see how much a certain amount of money from the past would be worth today.

Your job here is to enter the initial and final year along with the amount. You can also pick the currency from a wide list via a search bar (yep, no need to scroll through all the options).

Then, the app will show you the resulting amount along with cumulative inflation. You’ll also see a chart that visualizes how the inflation has changed in between the two years.


Inflation Calc

This app is here to let you see the effect of inflation. It is pretty standard by the concept, but it does have an extra tool you might be interested in.

The calc itself works like any other one on our list. You’ll need to enter the years you’re curious about along with the amount of money. Then, the app will show you the worth of that amount if a picked year.

Hereby, the app uses statistical info on inflation, so you can be sure the numbers are accurate. There’s also a tool that uses the same stats to predict inflation.

That’s right, you can enter the current cost and the number of years and the app will calculate the expected inflation. You can then use that data to estimate the money’s worth. Now, is this tool 100 % accurate? Well, it might be close to accurate, but we don’t recommend you to make a financial discussion based on it.


Inflation Calculator

This tool is a bit different in its concept. It doesn’t let you see the money’s worth in the past. Instead, it lets you have a little glimpse into the future.

The app uses statistical data on inflation to determine the expected growth of inflation after some time. It lets you estimate inflating in both months and years, so you’re all the way covered.

What you’ll need to do here is to enter the current cost, the expected inflation rate, and the period you’re interested in. The app will estimate the future cost along with the total interest.

The app is free, but it only works with US dollars, so there is not that much variety here. The ads are minimal, you’ll barely even notice them.


CPI Inflation Calculator

This app uses CPI provided by the BLS to let you calculate inflation. The app is beyond simple, it only consists of one page that covers all of its tools.

Well, it’s great on one point (cause you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it), but there’s not so much you could do here. All you can do is to enter two years you’re interested in learning about along with the amount of money.

Then, you’ll be able to learn how much buying power $5 from 1920 has today. Or a few years earlier. There are tons of years for you to play with here, but you won’t be able to switch currencies.

The app doesn’t let you save the results, but you can share the results if needed. There are no ads, and no paid tools whatsoever.


What is a Dollar Worth? 

This app lets you calculate the historical fluctuations of the US dollar’s value over time. Yep, it only works with one currency, but it uses verified statistics info, so the results you’ll get are highly accurate.

The app uses a simple formula that lets you determine inflation, and you probably could do it by yourself. But why would you do that, if this app turns the process in a matter of seconds?

You just pick the years you’re interested in along with the amount of money, and the app will show you how it changes over time. It also lets you learn about the inflation history using $1 as an example.

The app has a cute minimal design and simple UI, so no worries here. There are no limits or hidden fees, but you won’t be able to save the results.


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Inflation Calculator

Here’s an app that lets you estimate forward and backward inflation for price values. There are separate tools for all of these, so you can easily make specific calculations here.

Plus, there’s a tool that lets you enter prices from two years, and it will calculate the inflation rate for you. The UI of the app is beyond simple, everyone could use it with ease.

It doesn’t have ads, and all the tools are entirely free. You won’t be able to save results for further use, and the app doesn’t let you share results either.

At this point, just make sure to screenshot the info you may need in the future, and you’ll be fine.


Inflation Calculator CPI

If you’ve ever wondered how much something would worth in the past, you need to check out this app. It serves as a simple inflation calc and lets you see how much things the currency was worth back in the past.

The app works with diverse currencies, so you can have fun learning how each of them has changed over time. The mechanics are pretty standard: you enter the amount of money and the years you’re curious about, and wait for the results.

Along with a standard result, the app gives you an inflation graph, so you can monitor the changes over time. You can save all the results for further review if needed.

The app also syncs between all your devices, which is handy. You won’t have to pay for anything, but there are ads.


Inflation Rate Calculator

This app lets you check how much the same amount of money will be worth a couple of years in the future or the past. It doesn’t work exactly like the other apps on our list.

Its main goal is to help you figure out how the purchasing power of the same amount of money changes over the years. At this point, it’s not only for curious folks out there, it’s for those who want to know how inflation affects them specifically.

The app uses CPI data to estimate the inflation rate, so you can be sure you’re getting accurate results. The info you’ll need is the inflation rate, the amount, and the year.

The app is free, and it works on tablets, too.


Inflation Calculator TCM

This app brings a little more fun to the concept of inflation calcs. The thing that makes this one stand out is its movie synopsis tool. What does it have to do with inflation? We’ll explain.

This tool lets you find out the dollar value and the year a certain movie is set from just the synopsis. Well, this tool might not be for everyone but movie buffs can make good use of it.

There’s also a classic calc that how the same amount of money was worth some year back. The UI of this one is beyond simple, all the tools are easy to understand.

You’re not limited in any way with this app, there are no hidden fees. You won’t be able to save results, though, so make sure to screenshot if needed.


Inflation Calculator UK

This app lets you find out how the purchasing power of money has changed over the years. The app only focuses ob British pound, and you’ll get to check its value over centuries

It uses historical inflation rate info from diverse sources, and all of them are verified. You can be sure you’re getting real info, not just some random number.

To use the app, you’ll need to enter the start and end year, the currency, and the amount of money you would want to know about. The app will show you the perchance power and the inflation rate in %.

The app is free, and there are no ads to annoy you.


Inflation Calculator

That’s a handy tool that lets you estimate the inflation rate within secs. With it on hand, you can easily find out how the purchasing power of the same amount of money changes over time.

This app is all about simplicity. Its entire functionality is displayed on one screen, so you surely won’t get lost.

Plus, you can use this app as your financial assistant because it lets you have a glimpse into the future. It can actually determine predicted inflation growth.

You’ll be able to enter the amount of money and see how much it will cost in a year (or even in a few months). The app also shows you an inflation graph, so you can visualize how it changes with time. The app is free, and the ads are fully bearable.


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Inflation Calculator

Lastly, we have an app that lets you check how inflation affects your own funds. You might now think about it, but the same amount of money gets lesser purchase power every year (or even every couple of months).

And this app is here to let you check that for yourself. The app lets you enter the amount of money, the current inflation in your country, and the number of years. Then, it will estimate how that amount could grow or decrease with time.

Above that, it shows you how the amount could grow if you invest in a risk-free asset. It even shows the difference an investment would make for you.

The app is free, and it basically consists of one page, so you’ll quickly figure it out. You won’t be able to save the results for further use or share them, so make sure to take screenshots.

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