11 Best auto kill apps for Android

Applications that run by themselves and cannot be cleaned out of Task Manager are a real problem for all users. Worse such utilities can only be those applications that can not be removed in any way! In order to solve these problems, users need to install additional applications that can help them.

The basic idea of the Android system is to be able to install as many services as you want. However, problems do occur as well. Are you already tired of running several apps in the background that slow down your smartphone?

Then you need auto killer apps. They can solve your problem, and we can help you with them. We’ve found 11 best apps for you to help you shut down unnecessary utilities in your device.

Clean Master

clean masterClean Master is the application that many users know for its excellent reviews, good ratings and huge number of downloads. The application does a good job of cleaning up unnecessary files, cache and even protecting your smartphone.

The most important feature that interests us in this article is the cleaning of your phone. Clean Master sorts out unwanted and unused files, tasks and caches in the way that suits you best.

You can also clean all spam notifications or basic notifications from applications with the Clean Master without burdening your smartphone memory.

Since the Clean Master analyzes the full state of your smartphone, it can calculate which applications remain active in the background. Once you see the results of the analysis, you can conclude which applications you want to leave running and which applications to put to sleep.

Your smartphone will be accelerated by clearing the device’s RAM. Clean Master will help you save battery power and speed up your work.

clean master1 clean master2


AVG Antivirus Free

avgAnother application that is quite similar in functionality to Clean Master. AVG is a service that will not only protect your smartphone from viruses and malware, but will also scan its status and files.
A huge number of people have already installed and rated AVG and now actively use it to improve the quality of their phone.

To speed up your smartphone, you will need to run AVG and run the scanning process. The application will remove those tasks and background processes that slow you down.

By removing some tasks, you will increase the battery life of your smartphone without recharging it. Each application can be rated from the security side.

You can see all the permissions and access levels that the utility has. Is there something suspicious or unsatisfying for you? In AVG application you can change all these parameters.

Also in AVG you can scan networks for security level, applications and games, and certain websites. If you find files that you haven’t been using for a long time, optimize your smartphone memory by deleting everything that you don’t use.

avg1 avg2


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greenifyIf you notice that your phone has become slower, it is likely that you have other applications running in the background. If you don’t want to run out of battery power too fast, or if you’re not happy with the fact that some of the applications continue to run even after they’re turned off, Greenify can help you.

With Greenify, you’ll immediately feel the difference – your smartphone or tablet will run as fast as it did the first days after it was purchased. You won’t need to change the battery or the whole device.

It’s worth noting that the app takes responsibility for its operation and turns off absolutely all running services.
You should understand that even the alarm clock or social networking widgets will not be able to send you any notifications after it is turned off. If you don’t agree with this, put these services on the “untouchable” list.

The Greenify app itself consumes a minimum amount of your smartphone power. Using administrator rights, it can shut down any application and shut itself down when you are done. If you are satisfied with all the nuances that Greenify has, install it safely and start using it quickly.

greenify1 greenify2


Advanced Task Manager

advanced task managerAdvanced Task Manager will become your personal manager, which will stand on the protection of your memory load. After installing this application, you will definitely not experience any inconveniences with the background processes, as well as keep the full charge of your battery.

The application kills certain processes, which you choose by yourself. You can configure the process so that when you turn off the screen, all applications will automatically shut down too.

The process of cleaning RAM is regular and turns on itself at certain intervals. It is also worth noting that with the help of Advanced Task Manager you can quickly delete applications without any residual files.

The only nuance that should be noted when working with Advanced Task Manager is consistency. At the moment when an application is busy with a certain process – for example, deleting an application – it cannot kill other running processes.
In fact, Advanced Task Manager does everything fairly quickly, so there is no inconvenience with this point.

advanced task manager1 advanced task manager2


Task killer

task killerThe slow operation of a smartphone is most often due to the fact that it performs many tasks at once. Each of the running applications occupies a certain place in the RAM, thus reducing the work efficiency.

If you want to speed up the work of your smartphone in one click and kill all the background processes at once, then install Task killer on your device – it will help you do it.

All applications that run during the cleaning process will be stopped or closed. Also the user can remove those services that were installed without his desire or right at the moment of smartphone purchase.

Usually, such utilities have administrator rights and run on their own, without the user’s knowledge. Task killer will also help to eliminate such a problem.

You have the possibility to select those applications that will be “untouchable” during the cleaning and will not be affected by Task killer. Automatic shutdown will not affect them and you can continue using them without rebooting.

Understand which of the installed utilities consume the highest percentage of your smartphone’s RAM and safely turn them off – save the battery power without much effort.

task killer1 task killer2


Droid Optimizer

droid optimazerOver time, your smartphone has become slower and the number of files stored has become larger and larger? Then it’s a good idea to install the Droid Optimizer app, which will help you free up your smartphone in just a few clicks.
Don’t believe it? Then it’s worth checking if it works.

It won’t take you long to launch the app anymore. Also, Droid Optimizer will help improve the performance of your smartphone and eliminate the chaos that appears in the files.

Photos, videos, music, and even common game files are often run and opened automatically, staying in the background when your smartphone is working.

By the way, with the help of this program you will even be able to control the permissions of already installed applications and show off all those services that are launched by themselves.

Night mode Droid Optimizer independently disables those functions of the smartphone that you do not need at night.

You decide which pre-installed apps you need: even on smartphones with root rights, the app is a great way to remove or stop “factory” tools. The best part is that Droid Optimizer is absolutely free and has no advertising.

droid optimazer1 droid optimazer2


Fast Task Killer

fast task killerEase the memory of your smartphone with Fast Task Killer. Processes in the background will be cleared, thus freeing up RAM and speeding up the overall work of your smartphone.

In order to start this process, you will need to press one button in Fast Task Killer and it will be done instantly. Fast Task Killer takes less than 3 seconds to process your request and goes straight to work. This is especially important for those who focus on speed.

Ads, notifications and all sorts of useless services – this is not about Fast Task Killer. This application perfectly increases the speed of processing all requests, while maintaining the battery charge level.

Here you will not encounter complicated settings or many different algorithms. Once you start the application, it will automatically kill all the background processes.

You don’t need to install a widget on your desktop or anything extra – Fast Task Killer will do it all by itself in a few moments. Extend the life span of your smartphone by preventing spy apps from wasting resources.

fast task killer1 fast task killer2


Super Toolbox – Booster, Cleaner, Power Saver

super toolboxSuper Toolbox is a versatile application that frees users from superfluous and unnecessary files, while at the same time saving all the energy needed to work.

By the way, it should be noted that the application itself consumes almost no battery power. All functions are free and can be easily used by users who have installed the application.

Super Toolbox will help you free up all the memory of your smartphone from junk with just one touch. Such cleaning automatically closes all background applications, thus increasing the productivity of your smartphone.

Most importantly, the memory can be cleaned regularly to ensure the best possible performance for your smartphone.

All temporary files – such as the cache, browser history or residual files – are also deleted during the cleaning process.
All large files have the same impact on speed as running applications. You can manage all files and data directly through the Super Toolbox.

Energy saving mode is also a feature of the Super Toolbox. The application automatically checks the battery status and can enable one of the modes of your choice. Want to extend your battery life? Just run the Super Toolbox.

super toolbox1 super toolbox2


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Battery Booster Lite

battery booster liteBattery Booster Lite protects your smartphone by controlling power as a full-fledged built-in tool.
It gives you complete information about battery power, informing you how long you are actively working, and also keeps track of the latest changes in battery performance.
With Battery Booster Lite, no waste of battery power will affect your device in any way.

Battery Booster Lite tracks all the processes your smartphone is running in real time. Charge level, temperature and usage time – the app has full control over everything that happens, passing on information to the user.
You can even personalize optimization settings to make the most of Battery Booster Lite tools.

Sleep mode, quick settings and the most frequently used features can be brought to the smartphone desktop.
This makes managing your battery and optimizing your processes even easier and less time-consuming. Ease of use Battery Booster Lite offers users great convenience and high ratings on Google Play.

battery booster lite1 battery booster lite2


RAM Booster

ram boosterMaximum ease of use application that has a minimalist design. By installing RAM Booster and launching it, you will only see a huge Boost button on your smartphone screen, which is responsible for everything that happens next.

After the button is pressed, the utility starts the process of closing all applications currently running. This way RAM Booster cleans your RAM, increasing performance and the available time for active use of your smartphone.

Here you will not see many features or available services. RAM Booster is installed by those people who appreciate a certain focus of the tool and do not need any more features. Maybe that’s who you are!

ram booster1 ram booster2


All-In-One Toolbox

all-in-oneOptimize the use of your smartphone with the All-In-One Toolbox and you’ll immediately see how convenient it is. You can also organize the storage of your files, and get rid of unnecessary junk in the form of heavy files.

After this “reorganization” of your smartphone, you will immediately feel how much faster it is working and how much easier it is for you to use it.

With the All-In-One Toolbox, you can also track your device’s performance, such as memory status or load. Once you get this information, you can change certain quick settings right in the app without installing any additional software.

The name itself already tells you that All-In-One Toolbox combines several system tools at once. This allows the user to change some parameters in one application, and optimize the device operation immediately.

Files that are often useless can be viral or malicious. All-In-One Toolbox will help you find and clean them up by quickly removing them from task manager and device memory.
Instant scanning will quickly give you all the information about your smartphone status and give you easy access to all the files that are in your memory.

all-in-one1 all-in-one2


Android used to have no such thing as optimization. However, over time, manufacturers began to integrate automated device optimization.

Unfortunately, it does not always work correctly, and application developers began to look for tricks that bypass the optimization. This is exactly the kind of situation that makes it worth installing auto kill apps on your smartphone.
Accelerate your Android device without any extra effort!


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