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Do you want to play an entertaining anime game? In this case, we advise you to download Hot Novel. So, let’s read more about its features! First of all, we would like to mention that Hot Novel does not take up much storage space, that’s why you will not have to waste too much time on the installation.

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But what’s is the major point of this game? The game tells us the story of the main character’s school life. His name is Takaki. First love, parties with friends, tests – all these classic school events will be described by the words and actions of the main character.

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As you play, you will have to pass a great variety of mini-games. All these games are unique and you will have to carry out various tasks. The developer provides amazing gameplay. The exciting storyline will not leave anyone indifferent!

We were pleasantly surprised by the fascinating game’s design that fully matches the genre. All the locations and characters are thoughtfully developed. Plus, the game events and dialogues will fully immerse you in the playing process.

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Besides, the game comes with a very convenient management system, as it has a quite simple interface. Thus, we can surely say that even novice players will quickly find out how to play this game. The developer tries to satisfy all users’ needs and wishes, therefore the majority of players have positive impressions about this game.

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Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Hot Novel is full of magnificent features. Therefore, if you are a fan of anime games, this game will certainly suit you! Colorful graphics, engaging storyline, and entertaining mini-games – all these things are waiting for you in Hot Novel. So, hurry up to download it, we believe you will not regret!


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