9 Fun ways to make Siri mad

What is Siri? Siri is a smart voice assistant that is available to all iOS device owners. To be honest, though, it is worth noting that it is more often used not as a personal assistant, but as a companion, friend, or way to have fun. Have you ever tried asking Siri strange questions? We think yes, and you’ve gotten strange and funny answers to that.

The developers have been hiding a lot of funny answers inside the voice assistant for a long time, so you will even have a feeling of communicating with a real person.

Reminders, reading your personal messages, searching online and much more – what else can Siri do? We’ve decided to find lots of ways for you to have some fun, find new things about Siri, or even drive it crazy!

Ask Siri about religion or politics

The most sensitive questions that exist in our world concern two contradictory and quite unusual things – religion and politics. Questions about philosophy, the foundations of the universe and others confuse the voice assistant and sometimes even make you worry.

For example, on the rhetorical question “Do you believe in God?” you will get the answer “It’s a mystery to me” or any of the other options that will definitely not give you a clear answer.

By the way, Siri also says, “People have a religion and I’m just a stone.” It’s up to you to decide if you should ask her any more pressing questions, for example about her religious affiliation and her attitude towards specific politicians.

In any case, Siri can only tell you that the meaning of life is chocolate or tell you smart quotes from philosophers.

The questions that are worth asking Siri:

– What is the meaning of life?

– Do you believe in God?

– How do you feel about the *name of the politician*?

gods belief politics life

Siri and personal questions

Some kids think that Siri is sitting inside your smartphone. So it’s just some little creature that answers all your questions. You can learn more about Siri – such as its appearance, the purpose of its creation and development, and other personal questions.

There is a whole list of questions that the voice assistant will not be able to answer you or simply will be embarrassed. By the way, each question can be answered in several different ways by Siri – so your information and a friend’s can be very different.


– Do you have a family?

– Will you become my girlfriend/wife?

– How old are you?

pick up animla boyfriend

Siri and poetry, books, patterned words

Probably the funniest answer you’ll get from Siri concerns the tongue twister and other difficult to pronounce words. You can get an answer in a very rare case. Usually, the voice assistant will just get confused and will be unable to pronounce the tongue twister.

Also, Siri can read you a poem, read an excerpt from a poem and in general any work of art. But be prepared for surprises: the musical abilities and talents of Siri are very mediocre.

If you ask to sing, you can get a refusal at all! You better find out for yourself what Siri will answer you – after all, it has many options. Quick repetition of the same word can be another entertainment – this manipulation will simply stump Siri.


– Sing me a song, Siri

– Tell me a bedtime story.

– Siri, say a tongue twister.

poetry sing

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Siri and world-famous phrases

We often use phrases in our lives that are not always understood without context. For example, many famous quotations from films, books, and public persons’ statements can be taken quite seriously and without sarcasm.

You use such phrases with your friends, don’t you? And since the voice assistant can also be considered your friend, you can talk to him in the same way. You can annoy Siri for as long as you want – just repeating phrases from different shows all the time. Siri is most interested in science fiction films or just cosmic films.


– Do I have to take a blue pill or a red pill? (Believe me, Siri will help you make Neo’s right choice!)

– Who’s your Daddy?

– Luke, I’m your father!

im your father dirty

Mix up the name of Siri

Each person is most jealous of his or her name. Some people may change your name when they approach you, and some people simply prefer a certain type of approach. Siri, on the other hand, is very careful about how you address her.

Once you get the name of your voice assistant mixed up – for example, if you contact Alexa from Amazon or Cortana from Microsoft, Siri will immediately be offended by you. Even if you suddenly feel like Iron Man and decide to contact Jarvis, believe me, the voice assistant will not appreciate your humor anyway.

mix up name

Creative Siri

If you suddenly want to get some inspiration from Siri, you can easily do so. Simple “rap Siri” or “beatbox Siri” commands will really surprise you. In return, your assistant will rhyme something incomprehensible and strange, or set a rather unusual rhythm. By the way, another funny voice command Siri is also connected with the rhythm.

If you ask Siri to raise a trillion in tenth degree, your voice assistant, of course, will calculate the result. The real beat from Siri will only be heard when she pronounces this huge number, which contains a lot of zeros! For a while on social networks, people even tried to rap to the resulting beat.


– Siri, give me the beat.

– Siri, read the rap.

– Siri, raise a trillion to the tenth degree.


Let Siri think of something for you

Planning an outfit, costume or even banal combination of clothes often brings a lot of discomforts. This tires people out and prevents them from fully enjoying the preparation for the holiday.

One such event is Halloween, a holiday during which all people are used to putting on costumes. And the more unusual the costume is, the better it looks! Siri will help you come up with your look, but don’t be surprised by its choice.

She is able to generate this look based on search queries and combine several heroes in one costume. But you can get unexpected things – for example, Siri can offer you to become a solar eclipse – just wear all black!

what to wear do it think for you

Siri makes its choice

“The artificial intelligence can make a certain choice! Is it true or not? You can find out for yourself by asking a question from Siri. For example, find out your voice assistant’s preferences for the operating system – “Which one you choose – Mac or Windows” and other similar things.

It will be hard to choose among voice assistants – Siri will not tell you its opinion about other voice assistants! In fact, you’ll just be bothering the voice assistant with various questions, and the assistant will still entertain you with answers.


– What do you think about Alexa?

– Which company is better – Apple or Google?

– What came before – chicken or egg?


Little scary Siri

Not all questions can be harmless. In fact, sometimes Siri’s reaction can even be a little frightening, as it can access all your personal information. So, for example, the criminal tried to get rid of the corpse but he was exposed by his desire to talk to Siri – he just asked the question “Siri, where to hide the corpse”.

In addition to dangerous questions, there are scary questions: “Is Steve Jobs alive” – Siri’s answer is “I don’t know” or “What you like to eat, Siri”. The last question the voice assistant will answer is “All I need is already in the cloud”. Such strange questions receive equally strange answers!


– Who is HAL 9000?

– Is Steve Jobs alive?

– Are you getting tired?

sirireal kids

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Most of the questions that people ask Siri are just jokes. People just practice their sense of humor or expect to laugh with the voice assistant’s answers. There’s nothing wrong with that – everyone is having fun the way they like!

The next time you get bored, you can check out all the questions we have told you about. Each time Siri generates new answers that might really surprise you. But don’t forget that Siri’s main purpose is to help people!

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